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15 Hacks For Perfect Hairs Everyday

Written by Akanksha Verma

Possessing long, strong and healthy hairs is a dream of every girl but maintaining them is a tough task. Nowadays, everyone has a hectic schedule due to which people are running short of time. This leads to less of self-maintenance which somewhere leads to various hair related issues. Since none of us can afford a salon treatment daily basis but wishes for hairs like salon treatment, therefore, we brought some simple and easy hacks which can be applied on a daily basis for achieving those perfect hair goals regularly. Just have a look at these fifteen tricks.

1) While using a hair dryer one should use hairspray or mist.

2) Use the dryer at an optimum temperature by setting it at a lower level.

3) The dryer should be used for a shorter period to prevent damage.

4) Maintain a distance of 6-10 inches between hairs and dryer.

5) Firstly, dry your hairs using a towel or naturally then just for touch-up purpose use a hairdryer.

6) Separate your hairs in a small section and move the dryer from top to bottom direction.

7) Always use an ideal hairbrush for drying your hairs. For short length hairs, it is recommended a flat brush whereas, for longer hairs, one can use a round bristle brush.

8) A right kind of blow dryer usually between 1400-1800W will be highly recommended.

9) Always attach the nozzle for focused drying particularly on a specific section of hairs.

10) It is advised to use a round bristle brush for curling purpose.

11) One must use a cold dryer after using the heat dryer for everlasting shine and silkiness.

12) To save heat and energy one can use ionic blow dryer due to its fast speed.

13) Using a diffuser attachment can provide wavy hairs.

14) If you use a blower in an upside downwards position, then it may add some volume to your hairs.

15) After using the blow dryer, one must apply hairspray to add some volume and also for adding some shine for a long time.

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