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7 Essential Ways In Which Vitamin E Is A Necessity

Written by Akanksha Verma

It is an unknown fact that vitamin E is one of the essential components of our skin and hair nourishment. From the beauty products we use till the parlor based treatment, vitamin E is a basic ingredient behind the entire picture. We have mentioned seven primary ways through which this essential component is used by us and how it helps in the growth and nourishment of our skin and hairs. Just have a look at these points.

1) Vitamin E based skin serum
• Take the liquid out from vitamin E capsules and apply it on your face.
• Leave it overnight.
• Use a sponge to clean your face.

2) Vitamin E based hair serum
• Take 2-3 vitamin E capsules and take out the liquid part.
• Apply the liquid either directly on the scalp or by mixing it with your regular oil.
• Use a sponge to absorb the excess of oil.

3) Vitamin E based vital supplements
• Use vitamin E supplement probably one in number on daily basis till fifteen days.
• This will nourish your skin as well as hairs by providing essential nutrients.

4) Vitamin E based skin creams
• Prepare a paste by mixing vitamin E in your daily skin cream.
• Apply it all over your face and leave it overnight.
• Clean your face by using a wet sponge.

5) Vitamin E based skin softener
• Apply the vitamin E oil over your knees, elbows in large amount.
• Try to absorb them with a gentle massage.
• Clean the excess oil by a sponge.

6) Vitamin E based lip glosses
• Apply the vitamin E balm on your dry or cracked lips.
• One can also mix it with the lip balms or glosses.
• This will nourish and soften your lips.

7) Vitamin E based anti-acne creams
Since vitamin E possess some antioxidant properties, it reduces the acne and pimples by direct application on the affected area. It also fades the scars or marks of pimples.

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