Crawford at February 20 , 1966 in DeKalb , Ill. , she is an American model , also an occasional actress . Entering the Elite agency contest at the age of seventeen, she quickly became famous, posing for major fashion magazines .

Like Claudia Schiffer , Naomi Campbell , Linda Evangelista or Christy Turlington , she is part of the great wave of supermodels of the 1990s , the Supermodels .

Cindy Crawford Biography

Cindy Crawford was born in 1966, under the name of Cynthia Ann , in Illinois, United States.

She is the daughter of Jennifer Sue and John Crawford .

She had a brother who died at a young age of leukemia, prompting Cindy to do extensive charity work related to the disease.

She graduated from DeKalb High School in 1984, being the valedictorian with the highest average. She won a scholarship to study chemical engineering at Northwestern University , which she attended for a quarter of its duration, dropping out to devote herself entirely to her modeling career.

She was discovered by chance by a journalistic photographer, who found her, at 16, at her summer job selling popcorn and took a picture of her. This photo, along with positive feedback from her, convinced her to try modeling.

After finishing his studies, she traveled to Chicago to appear in an Elite agency contest , in which he became a finalist and won. She worked for some time with photographer Victor Skrebneski in Chicago and then moved to Manhattan in 1986.

Celebrities work hard to keep their bodies in shape. They maintain their body structure through exercise and diet. Fans want to know the physical structure of their favorite celebrities. With your needs in mind, we want to discuss Cindy Crawford’s body structure in detail here.

Cindy Crawford’s height is 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 m) and her weight is 64 kg (141 lbs). The weight could have changed but we added the last one. Her hair color is brown and her eye color is brown.

-Dumbbells-64kg (141lbs)

-Heights-5 feet 9 inches (1.75 m)

-Hair color-Brown

-Eye color-Brown

-Body shape-Hourglass

-Body measurements-36-26-35 inches

-Waist size-26 inches

-Hips-35 inches

-Bra size-34b

-Dress size-6 (we)

“My 98-year-old grandmother is still giving her hairdresser a hard time because she has a very particular way that she likes to have her bangs cut,” Crawford said. She’ was asking him, ‘why does beauty still matter right now?’ And she said, ‘I feel better, I’m more confident.’ That is a sign for all of us.’

Cindy Crawford Career

Her trademark is the mole that he has laterally, on his upper lip. Although initially in her career, it was removed from the photos, over time it became an indisputable hallmark of his style.

Between the ’80s and ’90s, she was among the so-called Supermodels, who had exclusive places on magazine covers, catwalks and in different campaigns of famous designers.

She has been on the cover of magazines like Vogue , W , People , Harper’s Bazaar , ELLE , Cosmopolitan and Allure . Among the campaigns in which she participated are Versace , Escada , Revlon , Ink, Maybelline , Omega and Clairol .

In 1988, she became the first supermodel to pose nude for Playboy magazine . She would return 10 years later for a second appearance in the popular publication.

From 1989 to 1995, she was the host of the MTV show “House of Style . “

In the mid-’90s, he starred in a famous commercial for Pepsi and Pepsi Staff .

Cindy has not only triumphed on the catwalks with her famous videos to have a 10 body . Her mythical 1992 ad, drinking a can of Pepsi , is still a benchmark . She with her friend Jon Bon Jovi.

She starred in a torrid video clip of the song ‘Please come home for Christmas’. She has also been a designer: she launched a furniture collection in 2005 and four years later she presented her line of shoes for the firm 5th Avenue.5, he had his first role in the cinema, in “Caza Legal ” with William Baldwin and Salma Hayek . Her performance was poorly received by critics and the film was a box office flop.

Since then she has participated, with small roles, in films such as “ The Simian Line” (2000) with William Hurt and “ Bodyguards- Guardia del campo ”.

She has also appeared in several series such as “Frasier ” (1997), “ Third rock from the sun ” (1998), “54” (1998), and “According to Jim ” (2002).

In 2001, together with the Argentine top model Valeria Mazza , she starred in the image of a yogurt brand, as well as that of an appliance firm.

In 2002 she was named among the 50 most beautiful people in the world by People magazine and, in 2006, she was number 26 in Maxim magazine ‘s Hot 100 edition.

Cindy has also dabbled in the business world, creating Crawdaddy of Crawford Inc.

Among the company’s investments we can include parts of Planet Hollywood and a line of swimsuit calendars that never cease to amaze.

In 2005, she created a series of beauty products called Meaningful Beauty with Dr. Jean Louis Sebagh.

She covers more than 600 magazines from all over the world and makes the most of her hypermedia image with advertising ( Revlon ambassador and Pepsi , Citroën , Omega , H&M , Doeschnbar…) advertising model or actress , cinema and advertising. television . She hosts her own show on MTV and broadcasts stretching exercises on videotape and DVD. She supports charities (including the fight against leukemia ).

At the age of twenty-nine,s he made her film debut in an action film, Fair Game , directed by Andrew Sipes . The film, in which he opposite William Baldwin , however, was not commercially successful.

Later, she multiplied her activities, working for MTV or marketing cosmetics in her name or decoration products. 

Prince pays tribute in a song titled Cindy C.

Her videos to have a body 10 and her book Her Cindy Crawford Basic Face have achieved sales records in her country.

In 2016, Crawford decided to retire after more than thirty years dedicated to the catwalk and with a fortune estimated at nearly 100 million dollars.

Cindy Crawford Filmography
  • Videos:
    • Cindy Crawford: Shape Your Body Workout (video de fitness , 1992).
    • Cindy Crawford: The Next Challenge Workout (video de fitness , 1993).
    • Blossoming, blossoming, blossoming (documentary, 1995).
    • The catwalk (documentary, 1995).
    • Cindy Crawford: A New Dimension (video de fitness , 2000).
    • The Secret World of… Supermodels (documentary, 1998).
    • Beautopia (documental, 1998)
    • Video musical de Bad Blood de Taylor Swift (2015): directora
  • Film and Television:
    • The Secret of My Success (Movie, 1987): Cameo .
    • Fair Game (film, 1995): Kate McQueen .
    • Frasier (TV Series, 1997): Dorothy (voice), Season 5 Episode 3: Halloween .
    • 54 (1998): a VIP customer .
    • Sesame Street: Elmopalooza! (TV Series, 1998): Herself, appearance on the special 30th anniversary episode of 1 Sesame Street which aired in the US only on February 20, 1998.
    • Bodyguard (2000): Herself.
    • The Simian Line  (en) (2000) Sandra .
    • Wizards of Waverly Place (TV Series, 2008-2009): Bibi Rockford (Season 2, Episode 13)
    • Cougar Town 6×10: Herself, Tom’s patient.

Cindy Crawford Net Worth

Likewise, for that year, Forbes calculated that she was the highest paid model on the planet, with annual earnings of $6.5 million, with Claudia Schiffer in second place with $5.3 million.

The net worth of her is $225 million approx in 2021.

Cindy Crawford Personal Life

In the 1990s, she married actor Richard Gere. Wishing to vary her activities, she embarked on the cinema alongside the actor William Baldwin, with whom she will live an adventure. 

In 1995, and for eight months, she had an affair with another Hollywood celebrity, Val Kilmer.

It is in the district of Beverly Hills that Cindy Crawford lives, peacefully surrounded by her husband Rande Gerber and her children, Presley Walker and Kaia Gerber. Although far from the rhinestones and sequins of the catwalks, Cindy Crawford continues to support charities, in particular her association against leukemia.

Crawford’s daughter is already entering by following in her mother’s footsteps as a model. The 18-year-old bears a striking resemblance to her flashy mother, especially when she was young. It’s no wonder Gerber was an almost immediate success in the modeling world, not only because of her famous mother, but also because she clearly has what it takes to be a model.

Crawford shared some of the advice she gave her daughter when she first started.

“I just went with her in her first fashion season and I think the only advice I gave her was that you can only get five or six hours of sleep a night or two nights in a row,” Crawford. shared with The Cut. ‘It’s cumulative: take the time to catch up on sleep and have time alone.’

I love this world of fashion and all the experiences I’ve had as a model, but sometimes it’s just people touching you all day. You need time when nobody touches you. You have to take off your makeup, put on sweatpants and get away from the fabulous world of fashion for a minute or two.’

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