Darian was born December 6, 2000 and she  is a Mexican social media star who rose to fame on TikTok. She is a part of the creative ensemble Privé Crew and before rising to fame she worked at an energy company and a law office.

Age-20 years

Occupation-social media star



Darian Rojas Biography

Darian’s full name is Darian Fernanda Rojas Crawston. She was born on December 6, 1996 in Mexicali, Mexico. 

Her cousin is fellow TikTok star Marian Krawstor .Darian Rojas moved from Mexicali to CDMX to study Architecture, although she later changed his mind. “I made it to the sixth semester and I realized that I didn’t see myself as an architect, so I went to study Marketing,” she shared on his YouTube channel.

  • Her height is 5’4” or 162 centimeters.
  • She weighs 50 kilograms or 118 pounds.
  • She posted her first TikTok video in March of 2020. 
  • Her travel and adventure content has earned him more than millions of followers on his darianrojasc page. Instagram. 
  • Her full name is Darian Fernanda Rojas Crawston. 
  • She is the cousin of fellow TikTok star Marian Krawstor.
  • In April 2020, he became a member of the Privé Crew along with fellow TikTokers Orson Padilla, Ralf Morales, and Libardo Isaza.
  • She had worked at a law firm and an electrical company before focusing on social media.
  • She was chosen Challenger of the Year at the 2020 Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico
  • Her left forearm has the phrase “Everything is Mental” tattooed on it.
  • She is a fitness and fashion enthusiast and wants to participate in Motocross.
  • She is in a relationship with TikTok star JeanCarlo León.
  • She is a great animal lover.

Darian Rojas Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of approximately $500,000 . She generates her income through advertising revenue and sponsorships. She is expected to earn up to $32,000 per sponsored post.

Darian Rojas Career

Before becoming a TikTok star, Darian worked at a law firm and an electrical company . In March 2020, she posted first TikTok video.

In a short time, she became very popular on all social networks and is ranked as a Top 50 most followed TikToker.

She won the Challenger of the Year award at the 2020 Premios Kids’ Choice México . 

In April 2020, she became a member of the Privé Crew alongside fellow TikTokers Orson Padilla, Ralf Morales, Libardo Isaza, Naim Darrechi and JeanCarlo León. 

Darian Rojas Social Networks 

She is from Mexico, and therefore all of her content is in Spanish. 

Like other network stars, his beginnings were on Instagram, a platform on which he currently has more than 6 million followers . In her early days, her content barely reached a few likes. However, once she became known on TikTok, her numbers increased rapidly, so that she currently achieves millions of likes on each post.

At her young age, she has become one of the most famous tiktokers in Mexico. On Instagram,she is known for her travel, restaurant, fashion, and lifestyle photos of her. She has even advertised for big brands.

She used to stream Twitch but stopped for unknown reasons. Throughout her Twitch career, Darian surpassed 50,000 followers on Ella’s “darishla” Twitch.

In February 2011, She joined Twitter . As of 2022, she has gathered more than 1.2 million followers and more than 5,000 tweets. She is still very active and sometimes even tweets several times a day.

On July 7, 2020, She created her “DARISHLA” YouTube channel. She amassed over 1.4 million subscribers and over 41 million views. 

On February 14, she posted her first YouTube video of herself, “THE WORLD’S LARGEST PREPARED CHIPS | Darián Rojas” , where she fills a swimming pool with Cheetos. This video gained over 2.7 million views and over 200,000 likes. 

On February 22, 2021, Darian posted her most popular video of hers, “BUYING EVERYTHING MATI TOUCHES (BRED ME BANKRUPTTED) | Darián Rojas” , where she goes shopping at a pet store with her dog. 

This video gained almost 5 million viewsand nearly 300,000 likes. She regularly posts a few videos a month, and you can expect anything from a vlog to a prank video.

She is also very popular on Instagram , where she has almost 8 million followers . She posts anything from high quality modeling photos to everyday life photos of her. Her posts get between 500,000 and 1.5 million likes.

She is also active on Facebook , with more than 500,000 followers and more than 120,000 likes. This platform mainly serves Instagram and TikTok reposts.

On March 15, 2020, she created his TikTok channel. As of 2022, she has gained over 30 million followers and over 1.1 million likes. She is currently ranked 40th with the most followers. TikToker, 100,000 behind Mia Khalifa.

Many of her fans have brought up the similarities between her style and that of renowned artist Billie Eilish.

It was in March 2020 that the now network star decided to try her luck on TikTok , where she quickly gained recognition. And it is that, in just a few months, her account already exceeds a million followers, also having a large number of likes.

It is worth mentioning that her popularity grew thanks to her numerous collaborations, viral dance videos and lip syncs. She was also noted for her challenges and vlogs about travel, fashion, and video games.

Since May 2020, he has been part of the Privé Crew team, a creative tiktok group made up of JeanCarlo León and Libardo Isaza (also members of the safari team), Orson Padilla, Ralf Morales and Naim Darrechi . They generally upload content to both their private accounts and the Privé account, doing challenges, duets, and other skits.

Currently, the group has a two-season series, a mix between Elite and RBD, exclusively on TikTok.

Mexico City is the place of coexistence of these six influencers and for those who ask, Ralf Morales ‘ apartment was for a time everyone’s residence, but in June these boys moved to a larger and more comfortable house.

Jean and Libardo moved to Mexico in 2019 when they started to be very successful in this country. Both have been nominated for the MIAW and the Tu Awards, so it is not surprising that they sought Aztec lands to succeed.

For his part, Naim crossed the entire world to join this Team, since he moved from his native Palma in Spain to become a star in Mexico due to the number of followers he has had there. But they are not the only ones who have had to move, because Darian is from Baja California and Orson from Guadalajara, both left their states to join this adventure.

In April, these influencers took the creation of clips on TikTok a step further, as these tiktokers decided to create their own web series on the platform. 

Privé Crew is an action-thriller youth miniseries with a very “Elite” vibe, in it these 6 tiktokers represent high school kids who want to have a good time, but who see their lives altered by a mysterious character.

Privé Crew can be seen on the @privecrew TikTok account and currently has 40 chapters with more than 3 million views each. In it we can see these boys become spies and even bad boys who seek revenge for what the “godfather” is doing to them. It is a really exciting production that has more than 2 million fans hooked to find out which of the characters has a dark secret.

Although Team Privé is a family of influencers with many collaborations, the characters in the series have little to do with influencers. In this Ralf is the leader of the gang, Naim the bad boy, Libardo the boy genius, Jean the womanizer, Darian the rude girl and Orson the new member who must solve a great mystery.

In this story Darian and Jean have an affair that ends in a big fight, a trip to the police station and a revenge against a neighbor that ends with Jean very badly injured. But I can’t tell you more because you have to see for yourself how these 6 tiktokers involve you in their story.

Since this Team began in May 2020, there have been many rumors of romance. The fandom dreams of seeing Darian and Naim together and there has even been a lot of fuss about Naim having a relationship with Diana Larume

What few knew is that there is an implicit rule between these influencers and that is that “There will be no romance between them”.

This rule was confessed by Naim in one of his Instagram live, when he clarified that Darian and he are the best friends. It can be established that this is given by the romances that existed in the other Teams when Jean had a relationship with Nicole at the Zafari House or Naim’s own relationship with Angela Marmol, which resulted in the disintegration of their teams.

Darian Rojas Private Life

Very little is thought about his family and his own relationship.

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