Luis Fernando Flores, better known in the video world as Fernanfloo , is a Salvadoran YouTuber.

  • Where is Fernanfloo from? -The Savior
  • How old is Fernanfloo? -27 years
  • How tall is Germán Fernanfloo? -1.85cm
  • When is Fernanfloo’s birthday? -July 07
  • What is the zodiac sign the Fernanfloo? -Cancer

Fernanfloo Biography

He was born on July 7, 1993.

He is 1.85 meters tall, he is considered very tall. His favorite YouTuber is Dross Rotzank and he loves anime. He has two dogs, one named Curly and the other Party, his favorite food is hamburgers.

He has said that many people say that he is a mentally challenged individual, but that he prefers the phrase “person with very peculiar behavior“, but this is obviously a joke on his part.

He is one of the most famous influencers in Latin America.

He really likes to watch action movies and one of his favorite sagas is the Iron Man trilogy; Although he has two dogs, the one that appears the most in his videos is called curly and is of the French breed, he does not like the Chihuahua at all and one of his idols is Chuck Norris.

He has been practicing basketball since he was six years old. Very little is known about his family, but his older brother appears in many of his videos and he is  the one who helps his brother to record .

Similarly, he has a pet named  Curry  that also appears in the logo design of his channel. One of his greatest inspirations to start on the internet was the Venezuelan writer and youtuber ,  whom he admires for the originality, permanence and quality of his work.

He has self-identified as asexual. He is agnostic.

He dropped out of school so he could become a full-time YouTuber . Once he started vlogging on YouTube, he had just entered college and made the decision to drop out to be on the platform full time. 

Once he had made the decision, his family did not agree at all, however, with everything he has achieved to date, he now has his full support. Don’t forget that he wants to stop being a YouTuber when he turns 30.

His favorite color is green, and he is also very fascinated by bananas , which in his region are known as bananas. 

It has a height of 1.86 cm. He even has his own personal game called FernanflooHe also has 2 dogs at home , one is called Curly, who has appeared in some of his videos; and the other is called Party, who is a little less well known.

Fernanfloo Career

He started his career on YouTube at the age of 18 and is currently 23 years old.

He has a very curious way of acting in his videos, which in turn is what makes them more attractive to his subscribers, since he always acts in a crazy and joking way, saying meaningless phrases, even he himself admits that he does not know what what he says sometimes.

Since he was a child, he has liked video games, being the Nintendo 64, his favorite console from when he was little, he does not believe in God but he is part of a religion called “Gokuists” despite the fact that this religion is not recognized.

Apart from being successful on YouTube, he also has quite a considerable amount on the other social networks of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

He himself made a biography in which he says he was born in a town called “Villa Carajo” in which he was born in the year and date hell. 

The first word he heard was damn, a word he hasn’t stopped saying since he started making videos for his channel, he also says that when he moved to El Salvador his hero Chuck Norris saved him and while there he met his brother which looks a lot like him.

Regarding the information found on his channel, he claims to be someone very peculiar when talking about his behavior, but that many people think he has mental problems. 

On his channel you can find videos about games like Happy Wheels, Grand Theft Auto V, Gato Bros, Handless Millionair, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, among others.

Finally, despite being one of the newest YouTubers to upload videos, he is the one who receives the most visits per day, being the Latino with the most income on YouTube.

His rap (stylized as Rap de Fernanfloo ) is a song in the rap genre created by Salvadoran BambielR4.

He is the YouTuber with more than 40M subscribers , affirms that he is NOT going to leave YouTube , at least for the moment. … he is dedicated to managing things in his financial environment with his brother, and when he has free time he dedicates it to him , that is, to his YouTube channel About him.

He is dedicated to managing things in his financial environment with his brother, and when he has free time he dedicates it to him , that is, to his YouTube channel .

During a period of more than four months (from December 2017 to April 2018),  he uploaded very few videos to his YouTube channel , in order to give his career a break. 

This truce served him to prepare and publish on April 6, 2018 a video entitled  “It’s over” , and with which he let his followers knowthat great changes would come both for the channel and for himself.

On May 10 of that same year, he decided to create a second channel on YouTube  which he called Fernan . 

In it, he dedicated himself to uploading the already edited Fortnite games , with the most interesting and fun excerpts from those available on his Twitch profile . This secondary channel managed to reach, in less than a year, more than 3 million subscribers.

In addition to his videos, he has also had the opportunity to participate as an actor, in one of the sketches of the well-known Ecuadorian channel Conexió

The content that he offers us is characterized by its comedy in which he describes it as something illogical and contrary to the rules that comedy may have to make people laugh.

Some time later, with the success he already had as a YouTuber, in 2015, he had the great idea of ​​launching his own application that would be called “Fernanfloo” as his main channel. 

Everyone was surprised when in the first week of launch of the PP it had a little more than 2 million downloads worldwide. What was the app about? It was about an arcade game where hecame out in an animated version of him. To date, this application has exceeded 10 million downloads.

Many stars that we meet on the internet, tend to gain their fame very quickly, this was not the case with Fernan since everything he owns was not won from one moment to the next. 

His triumph is the result of hard and constant work. According to reports, he spent numerous hours on videos and games. After spending fifteen hours in a Call of Duty game, he once had a paralyzed face that he had to stop for a while. 

This was because he went to great lengths to give his subscribers videos daily or every 2-3 days. Although he went through a bad time when his face was paralyzed, today all that effort has given him results such as fame and wealth obtained.

Fernanfloo Net Worth

A Youtuber who loves video games and the color green. He has over 25 million subscribers and earns between $31,700 and $507,000 a month.

The exact number of his earnings is not known, it can be averaged that he earns about 1,000 dollars of income for every million views ; In other words, for each video uploaded that has an average of 1.5 million views, he would be earning approximately $3,000 in income.

Thanks to the YouTube platform, he has been able to generate thousands of dollars in revenue. This is due to its popularity not only in Latin America but also throughout the world. His net worth is estimated to be around 7 million US dollars.

Fernanfloo Private Life

The famous tiktoker was seen holding hands with Adriana Hasbún‘s brother-in-law. A few months ago the young woman was romantically linked to the Salvadoran youtuber.

Between heaven and earth there is nothing hidden”, says a very popular saying. Those words make sense in endless situations, especially now with the use of the internet. 

And it is that through cyberspace, especially social networks, countless realities have been discovered that were kept hidden from the view of others.

The video has caused quite an uproar on TikTok for various reasons. One of them is because a few months ago Paola was romantically linked to him . 

Many followers of the Salvadoran crack assured that they were boyfriends; however, it later became known that they were just friends, some said they were cousins.

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