Here Is What Elsa Would Look Like If She Gets The Chance To Control Elements Other Than Ice

Written by Rashi Garg

We all believe in something that occurs new for us, and hence we always try to find out the truth regarding it. Among us all, many people even say that it is the power of someone that it is happening or also we can say that it is the magic regardless of thinking that how did that magic occurred and from where it comes from or is there is someone hidden behind all the agenda?


But does that make a difference? Let us today talk about the clothes and the looks which were based upon the powers of magical girls. Her clothes and everything that she has is all due to the magic.

Anyhow if we think that the girl has the power of fire rather than the ice then what did she look like? Ok, then let us feel of the Winx Club but which is without the wings. Then tell are you ready to visit the new world which is magical and beautiful for you all. Are you prepared to see it? Ok, let us visit it.

Stella – Light

Here we will bring you to meet our princess Stella who is well famous in the light of manipulation. Many people are afraid of the dark places, and hence they do not visit them. It might also give the holographic projections to you. In the same case, Stella brings the light in your life and hence she can help you out to overcome your fear. She is your friend. She can be our fighter if she can be able to create the light blasts.

Aqua – Water

Aqua and Elsa could have some troubles getting along with you. Many people consider that she could keep freezing all the Aqua’s hard work. Aqua helps us with controlling all the ocean currents, and hence Aqua helps in protecting our lives. Well, we can even say that by acting as the lifesaver many would prefer to go for learning the magic which she does for us. One would love to meet her and learn the new things from her. She can save a full ship of people or something else.

Phoenix – Fire

Well, if we talk of the girls who cannot get along, then Phoenix would be quite a good instigator of the few fights between everyone there. She is the best for those girls. But can you blame those girls for that? It is not the fault of her that will keep her melting Elsa’s ice and hence turning the Aqua’s water into the steam. Well, what more can we say about Phoenix? She is becoming the power of fire on the top of everything.

Flora – Earth

Flora is the mistress for controlling the earth, and I think she is managing all others. She is on the top level of being sarcastic such that she acts as stubborn than all other girls present on the earth. But all these things of her nature will never ruin her power of being loyal, lovely, and the honest person. We may or may not base her personality from the Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Free – Air

Free is the most chilling person in the group of all princesses with magical power. Well, we can even say that the name which we have given to them is the relaxed one and hence could fly around without caring for the world beyond the windchill. I think the name best suits her for being free to mind and independent to enjoy the life to the fullest.

But the main problem is these are the Disney characters which are not real. If there might be some of the magical princesses like them, then we will much happy to find them. Our earth is in need of such people. We also want to enjoy the magical life and possess some of the powers like that. Well, many people believe that they will exist in the future and hence we can enjoy too with them. We hope that as if they said, everything can go with it.

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