Here’s What The Moles On Your Body Say About Your Personality

Written by Neha

In Hindi, moles are called Til. They are of different size, different colors; some are small some are big. Moles are the clues to your destiny. And almost every human being has a mole on their body.  These moles are small back colored spots on your skin and sometimes are attractive also. Some people say it tells us something about our destiny. Some say It tells about our past birth. Moles make a unique identification. All the people believe differently all around the world. People have different superstitious believes that the position of a mole could reveal about your fortune life, character, love, health. Each mole on the different part of the body had a different meaning. Moles can appear anywhere, on the face, on cheeks, on arms, on the neck, on hand, on legs etc.

Let’s see what according to an astrologer, moles on your body tells about your personality and their future life, about your success.

1 Mole on your hand.

According to astrologers, the person who had a mole on their left hand are spendthrift. It is difficult for them to save money. Whatever the money they have they will send that money. That person is also dishonest and cannot be trusted easily. They are very cunning people. But they are very responsible and intelligent people. The mole on the outer side of the hand is very cunning people. And the person who had a mole on the inner side of the hand that represents their bad luck. They have to face many obstacles in their life from their success to their marriage. Mole on the right had signified they are a calculative person. They will always take the calculative risk in their life.

2.Mole on the forehead

Those people who have a mole on their Forehead are very active people. They have so much patience, and they deal with all the problems with patience. They have an apparent vision in their life, what they want to become, what they want in their life. They know very clearly for what they are struggling in their life. They are intelligent people. They also possess leadership qualities. They love to read different books.

3.Mole on the nose.

Life is complicated for those who have a mole on their nose. It is said that those who have a mole on their nose they tend to have bad luck. They travel a lot and never stays in a place. They lost their temper very fast on small things and had no patience. Sometimes the personal relationship of these people also suffered. This mole also indicates poverty and depression.

4.Mole on the cheek

The person who had a mole on their cheeks are a fortunate person. They are compassionate, soft-spoken people. But they have a lot of courage to do or to achieve something in their life. If the person has a mole on the right side, then they are a compassionate, soft-spoken person. But if they got more on the left side, then they are an introvert type of person.

5. Mole on the lips.

Mole on the upper lips looks very attractive and beautiful but The person who had a mole on their lips They are facing some health issues. They are weak and mostly underweight. They eat too much, but due to their health issues, they remain underweight. If you have a mole on the lower lip it represents you are a food lover, you are a foody person. They love to lead a luxurious life.

6.Mole on the chin

Mole on the chin looks very cute and add cuteness to their personality. The person who had the mole on their chin is very brilliant and intelligent person. They had the very strong willpower to do something or to achieve something in their life. They always think logically in their life. They are having very good luck, and sometimes that is the reason you get to name and fame very easily.

7.Mole on the feet

The person who has a mole on their right feet are blessed with a healthy family and life. But a mole on the left side signifies they are facing some financial crises in their family. But the people who had a mole on their feet they love traveling as they are born to travel only. They want to go on the world tour to explore different things.

8.Mole on your chest

Mole on the chest means a person is extremely Romantic and sensitive. Life is like a fairy tale for these persons. They handle all the difficult situation without any tension. They love having fun with friends and family, But they are also lazy.

9.Mole on your shoulder

If the people have a mole on their shoulder, they have the toughest life, but they still arise after facing many challenges in their life. They have good health and have the courage to do anything; they dare to complete any task. They are an extrovert type of person, they have a friendly nature and adjust themselves in any environment. They are not the reliable type of person and even not responsible.

10. Mole On your ear.

If you are blessed with a mole on the ear, it signifies that you are a very creative person. They are always busy to think differently. They are very innovative persons. They have very good handwriting, drawing. Mostly they became an artist. They love to show their talent to the world. They are intelligent also and always thinks logically. They have a smiling face and lives a stress-free life.

11.Mole on eyelids

Mole on eyelid means the slow and steady arrival of money. A person having a mole on eyelid will always think of himself. They will never think about the benefits of others. These people only take advantages of others.  These are the very selfish type of person. They are very rude and cunning person. This mole also predicts an early marriage for women, however with not so good results. Such marriage might end in divorce if not dealt maturely. They have to deal with many difficult situations in their life.

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