How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner For Beginners

Written by Neha

Eyeliner adds a waaoo to our eyes. Many people think that to use liquid eyeliner is a very difficult task but the truth is that if you have the right tools with you, it will be effortless for everyone to apply liquid eyeliner perfectly. For this one need to have a steady hand and a little bit of patience otherwise one wrong move will add a scary thing to your face which we do not want.


This article tells you the step by step guide to teach you the perfect way to apply liquid winged eyeliner as eyeliner adds a bold dimension to our makeup look that no other product can achieve.

So there are seven steps will which perfect you to get bold, perfect winged eyeliner.

1 Choose your eyeliner

Firstly you have to choose the eyeliner.  To choose the liner firstly, you must be aware of 2 types of eyeliner. The liquid eyeliner is of two kinds, one is a dipped brush, and the other is felt tip. If you want a pencil like eyeliner then felt a tip is the better option for you. But if you wish to brush eyeliner, then you can use dip brush eyeliner. Choose the right eyeliner in which you are comfortable.

2. Prime your eyelids.

Firstly clean your eyes and  Apply some primer before applying eyeliner to your eyes. Otherwise, this will make horror to your eyes, so it is essential to prep your eyes keep your eye makeup insured. Use a liquid or cream based eyeliner that will help you to get glassy eyes. If you do not use a primer that will smudge your eyeliner and eyeshadow and makes your eyes to look scary and untidy.


3. Rest your elbow on the table.

Many women hesitate, and they have lack of confidence because of lack of the steady hand. But we have one solution for this. Rest your elbow on a table and hand on your cheek. This will help you to use your eyeliner perfectly without smudging it.

4.Sketch your eyeliner with the pencil

As you are the beginner to use liquid eyeliner first use pencil eyeliner so that you can apply liquid eyeliner perfectly winged. Make a rough sketch by using your pencil liner and decide according to your face cut and eyes which type of liner you want to apply… Then draw the rough sketch like if you’re going to apply cat eye or winged liner make a sketch of that along the border of your upper lash. Ensure that this rough line is evenly spaced so that you can fill the liquid liner perfectly.


5. Look down

Now you are ready to apply liquid eyeliner. Start applying liquid liner with some patience. Dip a liner brush into the bottle ensure that your brush is proper and in good condition. Look down and apply the liquid eyeliner on the rough line made by you.

6. Apply liner.

Using short strokes to apply liner this will give a basic outline of your liner. Start from middle to end and make a tail. The tail should be created at the outer edge of your eyelid. Now draw a small line extending upwards on your upper lash line. Draw a small triangle from the end of the line with the upper lash line and fill in space. Make sure you have an equal liner on both the eyes. To keep your liner from dripping down your face, apply waterproof pencil on the lower lash line.



7. Use Q-tips to rectify your mistakes

If you have made mistakes then not to worry, use Q tips to correct your errors. Just dip Qtip in water or apply some moisturiser on a q tip and remove the excess liner this will not leave the mark of a liner.

7. Curl your lashes

Curl your lashes as this will make your eyes to look more beautiful. After curling, your eyelashes apply mascara which will give you volume and makes your eyelids to look long.

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