How To Lighten Dark Lips Into Pink

Written by Neha

Who in this world does not want pink and beautiful lips? Everyone wants …

Main reasons for dark lips are exposed to sunlight, hormonal imbalance, deficiency of water, dead skin cells etc. Sometimes people are hiding their dark lips and feels uncomfortable. Rather than feeling uncomfortable in front of someone use these home remedies to achieve pink lips and flaunt your red and beautiful pink lips.

What is the best part of our face? Our beautiful lips. Delicious rosy pink lips make our face beautiful. There are some natural as well as chemical ways to make lips rosy and pink.

Some natural ways :

1. By exfoliating with sugar or scrub

Wet your lips with water and scrub off your lips gently with a soft brush or by using hands .we can use sugar also for exfoliating as this will also help in removing dead skin cells. Apply a bit of scrub on your lips or little bit sugar and rub for 3-4 minutes. Now wash your lips with warm or cold water and let it dry. Now apply little balm on your lips. This will remove dead skin cells from your lips and give you pink and rosy lips.

2.Reduce coffee intake

Rosy pink lips are considered attractive in almost every part of the world. These dark lips are caused by an excess of caffeine in your body. So try to reduce your intake of caffeine as excess will cause many problems to your skin and lips.

3. apply aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel which is rich in vitamin E, also known as beauty vitamin can also help us to achieve red and pink lips. Gently massage aloe vera gel on your lips. This will help with blood circulation and nourish and hydrate your lips. You will see the results in a week.

4. Pomegranate juice

Another best remedy is pomegranate juice which is mostly available in our kitchen. The vitamin A present in pomegranate helps us in blood circulation. Also, it has natural bleaching properties which will remove the dead skin and lighten the dark lips. Apply pomegranate juice daily on your lips, and you will get red rosy lips within a week for which you are craving for.

5. Beetroot juice.

How to lighten dark lips naturally at home by using beetroots:

Take a fresh beetroot to wash it with water.

Cut it into pieces and extract juice from it.

Before going to sleep, apply this juice on your lips

leave it overnight and wash your face with fresh water.

Continue to use this remedies on black and dark lips.

6. Rose Water

By using rosewater on lips, we can get red and pink lips. Rose water act as a natural astringent. It not only soothes skin but also helps in achieving pinky lips. It balances the Ph level of the lips and removes dead skin cells.

7. Use lip balm

Use lip balm which is having spf 15 . As our skin is affected by the ultraviolet rays of the skin like skin our lips are also affected which makes our lips darker. To get rid of this tan and protect our delicate and soft lips we should always use a lip balm at least having the SPF value of more than 15.

8. Try not to use dark shade lipsticks

Try not to use dark colour lipstick. Use only those lipstick which is comfortable. Dark lip shade makes our lips darker and stains lips badly.

9. Drink at least eight glass of water.

Drink an at least 8-9 glass of water daily. Daily one warm glass of water in the morning. As this will flush off in toxic waste from our body and makes your skin and lips glow naturally.


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