On January 12, 1954, Howard Allan Stern, known worldwide as Howard Stern, was born in Jackson Heights, New York, United States.

Compliance :January 12, 1954

Age :67 years

Place of birth :Queens, New York, United States

Zodiac sign :Capricorn

Height :6 feet 5 inches (196 cm)

Occupation :Radio host, actor, producer

Years of activity :1975-present

Net worth :$600 million

Marriage(s) :Alison Berns, Beth Ostrosky

Howard Stern Biography

His parents were Ray and Ben, of European origin . Shortly after his birth, his family moved to Long Island.

In the year 1959, he already shows a great interest in radio stations, influenced above all by his father, Ben, who had a recording studio and contacts in different stations.

Thanks to his father, he was able to learn the dubbing voice of some cartoons of which he was a true fan, as was the case with Larry Storch.

Meanwhile, he was training at the Washington-Rose school , although he left when he was in the sixth grade.

In 1969, the Stern family moved again, this time to Rockville, where Honrad finished his basic education.

In the year 1973, he gets his first contract as an announcer. He would be at the WTBU , where his main job was reading news and organizing some interviews.

In the year 1974, he enrolls in the School of Communication, obtaining a diploma in the year 1975.

In the year 1976, he enrolls in the University of Boston, where he obtains a degree in Communications.

Howard Stern Body Measurement

When it comes to Howard Stern’s body measurements, he is of normal height and healthy body weight. His hair is black and curly, and he has green eyes. He also has curly, black, medium-length hair. 

Because the radio host maintains a high level of secrecy about his personal life, no additional information is available about his height, weight and physical measurements. 

His fair skin and white beard, on the other hand, are undeniable facts about him.

Howard Stern Social Networks

He only has two social media accounts: one on Twitter and one on Facebook. 

He has earned 1.5 million followers on Twitter , and more than a million followers on Facebook, according to his profile. And of course, his social media platforms are full of posts about his professional endeavors.

Howard Stern Career

After he got out of college, he started calling different stations, and WRNW, which he had previously worked with, rehires him, filling in for shifts around Christmas time. Little by little he begins to climb the steps in his career, earning at first 96 dollars and later going on to 250.

In 1979 he was hired at the WCCC radio station in Hartford, where he spent two years. In the year 1981, the WWWW rock chain listens to one of his tapes and hires him as the new voice of the station, offering him the morning time slot.

He stayed on that station until they changed the format from rock to country, something which upset Stern, leaving the chain a short time later. He doesn’t have a hard time getting a new job for him, and he does it in Washington on WNBC, where he got the morning slot with Robin Quivers.

In a very short time, the program that he made made the network gain audience, which caused him to renew his contract for 5 years, earning 1 million dollars a year . 

He had already established himself as one of the best radio DJs at the time. In 1982, he is suspended from his job for making comments of an obscene and religious nature on the show.

In the year 1984, the television announcer David Letterman interviews him on his program, achieving a great increase in the audience index.

In 1985, Quivers and Stern are fired from the station, arguing that it was because of ” different points of view “.

The Infinity Broadcasting chain signs him in that same year, for approximately half of what he was earning. Here, his mission was to perform his show in the mornings. Since 1990, the FCC ( Federal Communications Commission ) has fined Stern’s program a total of $2.5 million.

In 1992, he spoke to listeners in New York and Los Angeles at the same time, making his program ” The Howard Stern Show ” the most listened to, maintaining this audience and percentage for 7 years.

It gained wide recognition when it was nationally syndicated on radio between 1986 and 2005. The show has been an exclusive to Sirius XM, a subscription satellite radio service since 2006. Other prominent staff members include its co-host and news anchor Robin Quivers, writer Fred Norris , and executive producer Gary Dell’Abate .

The show was created in 1979 when Stern landed his first morning shift at the WCCC in Hartford, Connecticut, four years into his professional radio career.

In 1985 the show began a successful 20-year run on WXRK in New York City, where it aired in a total of 60 markets in the United States and Canada, drawing an audience of 20 million listeners at its peak. Following his contract with Sirius in 2004, the show left terrestrial radio in December 2005 .

Since 1994, the show has been taped and broadcast on various networks, including E! (1994-2005), CBS (1998-2001), and HowardTV (2005-13), an on-demand digital cable service. SiriusXM released a “360” app in 2018 available to subscribers where video clips of the show can be viewed .

In 1993, he was advanced a million dollars with the aim that he write a book, to which he gave the title ” Private Lives “, and which sold 225,000 copies.

In 1994, Stern tries to enter politics and runs for Governor of New York. 

In his program, he expresses his intentions to reinstate capital punishment and stagger the toll to boost the flow of automobiles and he got 2 thirds of the votes, that is, 287 of the 387, thus winning the first round of the elections. 

But, as a result of his refusal to disclose his personal financial information ( under the Ethics in Government Act of 1987 ), his candidacy was withdrawn.

In the year 1995, he writes his second book, “ Miss America”, managing to sell 33,000 copies only during the same day it went on sale, and some 1.39 million copies in the rest of the year, becoming a best-seller in New York.

In 1996, the filming of the film Private Lives begins, based on his first book.In the year 1999, he separates from Alison.In 2004 Stern signs with the Sirius Satellite Radio network, for a total of 5 years.

In 2006, CBS Radio files a lawsuit against him, his agent, and Sirius for illicit enrichment. 

An agreement would be reached a few months later, with the Sirius network paying CBS $2 million.

In 2011 Sirius renews his contract, but a few months later he and his agent file a lawsuit against the chain, alleging that there had been a breach in the agreed payment of bonuses that he had been promised, for having obtained raise the audience of the chain.

In sentencing, Judge Barbara Kapnick rejected the claim and ruled in favor of Sirius, prohibiting Stern and his agent from carrying out similar actions. 

Howard Stern Net Worth

He is good at what he does. Not only has he earned a name as an iconic radio personality, but he has also earned an A-list celebrity status. The current net worth of him is estimated at $620 million.

His massive fortune is expected to even grow in the coming years, given that his 8-figure contract with Sirius XM was renewed in 2015 for another 5 years. The 5-year deal will see he earn a whopping $100 million per year!

Thanks to that juicy contract, he led the pack of top-earning radio hosts in 2016, with an enviable $85 million. He was also ranked seventh on the list of highest-paid celebrities in the world for 2017. According to Forbes, he had grossed a whopping $90 million between June 2016 and June 2017 alone.

The self-proclaimed King of all media is also expected to delve into digital media startups including a mobile app and live streaming, all of which are expected to bring in more money.

Megabucks come with mega luxury andhe is no exception to that. Even though he topped Mr. Blackwell ‘s Worst Dress List in 1995, his taste in real estate is pretty remarkable.

In 2013, him and his wife Beth Ostrosky purchased a 31,900-square-foot mansion in Palm Beach Florida for $52 million. He seems to have a knack for home remodeling, as the five-bedroom beachfront home has undergone several major renovations since he bought it in 2013.

The neighborhood in which Stern’s mansion is located has been nicknamed “Billionaires Row” as it is also home to the waterfront homes of fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger and radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

Howard Stern Personal Life

A radio personality is married and his wife, Alison Berns, was his girlfriend at ‘Boston University’ when they were both students there. It was on June 4, 1978, that they exchanged vows at the Ohabei Shalom Temple, located in Brookline, Massachusetts. 

Emily, Debra and Ashley are the names of the couple’s three daughters, who were born as a result of their union. Due to the demands of his job, he made the decision in October 1999 to live separately in an apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

After that, he and his wife reached an amicable divorce settlement in 2001. The same period saw him in relationships with Angie Everhart and Robin Givens, among others. 

The following year, he began dating Beth Ostrosky, a TV host and model whom he later married in October 2008.

Unfortunately, he became addicted to cannabis, quaaludes, and LSD, and was forced to quit.

He suffer from obsession irresistible compulsive disorder as a result. Fortunately, his mother took him for a transcendental meditation session, which was beneficial.

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