Incredible Carves By An Artist Onto The Tip Of Pencil

Written by Rashi Garg

Everything that we imagine in our dreams or draw in the form of an art piece is not easy to convert them into reality. We don’t know if that is ok or not but keep on doing them. Carving the imaginations into the real world is not much straightforward, but people who want to achieve something will perform some activity to make things right for them. Today, we are here to discuss some facts about the television show, Game Of Thrones. It is the most excellent show in the history of television.

The show and its stars rise to fame, and hence they accumulated a lot of popularity in the small interval of time. The fact is, it can be due to the number of points that we do not. The best one of it can be the art and craft that has inspired people to watch this show a lot. People love the crazy stories, and the theories of the stars are related to their history. The artist of the series is Salavat Fidai whose miniature Game Of Thrones sculptures took the World Wide Web by storm. But you would not believe us if we tell you that he uses his pencil for creating all these things.

Salavat’s work has gained a lot of popularity from the hit television show. You can correctly identify the signs of the Houses of Westeros, the dragon, the iron throne, the white walker, among many more others. We can surely say that the guy is evidently off the charts.

Without the further explaining, we want you to introduce with the best pencil sculptures. We hope you will enjoy them.

Here we introduce you to the signs of the Houses of the Westeros.

Well, what can be more incredible than the work that Salavat Fidai has shown us till date with the series of Game Of Thrones? I think the series proved to be the best platform for him to show his talent to the whole world. No matter what he earns but the thing that we can find is what he must be pleased to check out with the series.

We move to the next one to see the White Direwolf.

I know that carving out statues with the lead of the pencil in much tricky but the man has made it possible and hence he has set a benchmark for others too. Now people will have to be more conscious of breaking his record. The sculpture of White Direwolf is the proof that will leave your mouth open for once.

Here is King Pin from the series Game Of Thrones.

The sharpness of the pin is what the artist can only predict. Even if we sharp our pencil with the sharpener then also we cannot get the same shape as he has given while sculpting King Pin. And the hand over the pin shows that of the King of the Throne. Well, we cannot even think of producing it as he has done the great work.

Here is the long sword which an Oathkeeper widely uses it.

What more we can say if someone can do such incredible work. Even he has not missed any small single point of the lead of the pencil to give the shape to it. If one will see, then he will say that it is a sword although it is the lead of the pencil. There is not a bit mistake in sculpting a sword.

Here we come to see the Iron Throne. Fidai claims that the Iron Throne alone took him for the three tries in the span of full three weeks to finish it out.

As the series creator wants, Fidai had worked his best out of his artwork. No worries how long it took for him to carve out the Iron Throne, the work which he has done is perfect with no missing of any corner. He has finally completed his work.

Here we introduce you to the Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon.

Nobody can say that these dragons are not the real one. The work is fantastically done by him.


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