Janet Damita Jo Jackson was born May 16, 1966 and she is an American singer, songwriter, actress and dancer.

Janet Jackson Biography

She is the sister of Michael Jackson.

Janet Damita Jo Jackson was born on May 16, 1966, in Gary, Indiana, the youngest of ten children, the daughter of Katherine Esther (born Scruse) and Joseph Walter Jackson. 

The Jacksons were lower-middle class and devout Jehovah’s Witnesses, although Janet would later abstain from organized religion.  At a young age, her brothers began performing as the Jackson 5 in the Chicago-Gary area.

Janet Jackson Documentary

To celebrate 40 years since Janet Jackson ‘s debut album , a new documentary explores the life and career of one of music’s biggest female artists. 

On June 23 and 24, Lifetime will premiere this four-episode production in Latin America in which she herself talks about her most intimate facets as a woman, sister, mother and singer, in addition to reviewing family situations and the traumas she suffered in last.

The documentary has been produced by Workerbee and filmed over the course of three years, during which time exclusive access to never-before-seen archive footage and home videos of Janet’s childhood and adolescence was gained. Additionally, interviews with stars such as Samuel L. Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, and Mariah Carey were included .

Janet Jackson Career

In March 1969, the group was signing a record deal with Motown and soon had their first number one hit. The family then moved to the Encino neighborhood of Los Angeles. 

She had initially wanted to become a horse racing jockey or entertainment lawyer, with plans to support herself in acting. Despite this, she was expected to pursue a career in entertainment and considered the idea of ​​her own after recording herself in the studio. 

At age seven, she performed at the MGM Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.  A biography revealed that her father, Joseph Jackson, was emotionally withdrawn and told her to address him only by her first name when she was a child.  She began performing on the variety show The Jacksons in 1976. 

In 1977, she was selected to have a leading role as Penny Gordon Woods in the sitcom Good Times .  She later starred in A New Kind of Family and later landed a recurring role on Diff’rent Strokes , playing Charlene Duprey from seasons three to six. 

She also played the role of Cleo Hewitt during the fourth season of Fame, but expressed indifference to the series, largely due to the emotional stress of her secret marriage to R&B singer James DeBarge

She later addressed her time on the show in an interview with Anderson Cooper, revealing that the cast occasionally played pranks on her, but she spoke fondly of them. 

When she was sixteen, his father and manager Joseph Jackson arranged a contract for him with A&M Records.  Her debut album, Janet Jackson , was released in 1982. It was produced by Angela Winbush, René Moore, Bobby Watson of Rufus and Leon Sylvers III, and supervised by her father Joseph de Ella. 

It reached No. 63 on the Billboard 200 and No. 6 on the publication’s R&B Albums chart, receiving little promotion. 

The album appeared on the 1983 Billboard Top Black Albums chart, while Jackson herself was the highest-ranking female vocalist on the Billboard Year-End Black Album Artists chart. 

Her second album, Dream Street , was released two years later. Dream Street peaked at number 147 on the Billboard 200 and number 19 on the R&B albums chart.  The lead single “Don’t Stand Another Chance” reached No. 9 on Billboard ‘s R&B singles chart. Both albums consisted primarily of bubblegum pop music. 

After her second album, she ended business matters with his family, commenting “I just wanted to get out of the house, to get away from my father, which was one of the hardest things I ever had to do.” 

Attempting a third album, she teamed up with producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. They set out to achieve crossover pop appeal, while also creating a strong foundation within the urban market. 

Within six weeks, Jackson and the duo created their third studio album, Control , released in February 1986.  The album reached number 1 on the Billboard charts.200 and was certified five times platinum for the recording. Industry Association of America (RIAA), selling over ten million copies worldwide. 

Control was declared “remarkably edgy and mature” for a teen act, also considered “an alternative to the sentimental ballad” that permeated radio, comparing Jackson to Donna Summer’s position of “unwilling to accept novelty status and take your own steps to rise above it.” 

The album was spawning five top-five singles: “What Have You Done For Me Lately?“, “Nasty”, “When I Think About You”, “Control”, and “Let’s Wait a Minute” and a top 15 hit with “The Pleasure Principle”. “When I Think of You” became her first number one hit on the Hot 100

Controlit received six Billboard Awards, including “Best Pop Artist Singles”, and three Grammy nominations, most notably for Album of the Year. It also won four American Music Awards out of twelve nominations, an unbreakable record. 

At this point, she was “shedding the experience of being a girl in Jackson’s shadow”, becoming “an artist in her own right”.

The album’s lyrical content included several empowering themes, inspired by a sexual harassment incident, with her recalling “the danger came when a couple of guys started stalking me on the street and instead of running to Jimmy or Terry I seeking protection. I took a stand. I pushed them back. That’s how songs like ‘Nasty’ and ‘What Have You Done for Me Lately’ were born, out of a sense of self-defense.”

Her innovative fusion of dance-pop and industrial music with hints of hip-hop and R&B influenced the development of the new jack swing genre by bridging the gap between the latter two styles. 

The accompanying music videos filmed for the album’s singles became popular on MTV, and landed a then-unknown Paula Abdul a recording contract for her choreography work with Jackson. 

Billboard stated that “Jackson’s accessible sound and spectacularly choreographed videos were irresistible to MTV and helped the channel evolve from rock programming to a broader, beat-driven musical mix.” 

She drew inspiration for her music videos and performances from musicals she saw in her youth, and was heavily influenced by the choreography of Fred Astaire and Michael Kidd, among others. 

Throughout her career, she has worked with numerous professional choreographers and made them stand out, including Tina Landon, Paula Abdul, and Michael Kidd. 

Veronica Chambers stated, “Her impact on pop music is undeniable and far-reaching,” adding, “A quick glance at the Billboard chart reveals a host of chosen artists in the mold of Janet Jackson.” Chambers noted numerous videos that “feature not only Ms. Jackson’s dancers, but also choreography and sets much like those she has used.”

Janet Jackson Discography

Studio albums

  • Janet Jackson (1982)
  • Dream Street (1984)
  • Control (1986)
  • Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 (1989)
  • Janet (1993)
  • The Velvet Rope (1997)
  • All for you (2001)
  • Damita Jo (2004)
  • 20 years (2006)
  • Discipline (2008)
  • Unbreakable (2015)
Janet Jackson Filmography
  • Good times (1977-1979)
  • Different strokes (1980-1984)
  • Fama (1984-1985)
  • Poetic Justice (1993)
  • Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000)
  • Why did I get married? (2007)
  • Why did I get married too? (2010)
  • For Colored Girls (2010)

Janet Jackson Concert Tours
  • Rhythm Nation World Tour (1990)
  • Janet World tour (1993-1995)
  • On the Velvet Rope tour (1998-1999)
  • Everything for you tour (2001-2002)
  • Gira Rock Witchu (2008)
  • Number Ones, Up Close and Personal World Tour (2011)
  • Unbreakable World Tour (2015-2016)
  • Gira State of the World (2017-2019)
  • Janet Jackson: A Special Rhythm Nation 30th Anniversary Celebration (2019)

Janet Jackson Son

From 2002 to 2009, she dated music producer, rapper, and songwriter Jermaine Dupri. In 2010, she met Qatari businessman Wissam Al Mana and began dating him soon after. The couple became engaged and married privately in 2012. 

In 2016, she was announcing that they were expecting their first child together. On January 3, 2017, she was giving birth to a son, Eissa Al Mana. In April 2017, it was announced that the couple had separated and were seeking a divorce. 

Janet Jackson Super Bowl

The backlash from the 2004 Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show controversy resulted in an industry blacklisting under Les Moonves, then CEO of CBS Corporation.She subsequently experienced reduced radio airplay, televised promotion, and sales figures from that point on. 

After parting ways with Virgin Records, she released his tenth studio album Discipline (2008), her first and only album on Island Records. 

In 2015, she was partnering with BMG Rights Management to launch her own record label, Rhythm Nation, and was releasing her eleventh studio album Unbreakable the same year. Since then, she was continuing to release music as an independent artist.

Janet Jackson Net Worth

She may have suffered the displeasure of an uncaring father, but she benefited from her talented genes. 

Her entertainment suited him perfectly, even though he may have forced her into show business. Her $190 million value was a reward for her life’s work and dedication.

Janet Jackson Spouse

At age 18, she eloped with singer James DeBarge in September 1984. The marriage was annulled in November 1985. 

On March 31, 1991, she married dancer, songwriter, and director René Elizondo Jr. The marriage was kept secret until the split was announced. In January 1999, the couple separated and divorced in 2000. 

Elizondo filed a lawsuit against her, estimated at between $10 and 25 million, which did not settle for three years.

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