Naomi Campbell was born in 1970, in England.As a child she dedicated herself to studying classical ballet with the permission of her mother, who traveled a lot but in any case was always aware of little Naomi .

Model Naomi Campbell is 178 cm tall and weighs 50 kg.

Naomi Campbell Biography

Her mother is Valerie Morris, a Jamaican-born dancer. Campbell has not met her father since she left her mother while she was pregnant. She took her last name from her stepfather. Although she was born in England, Campbell spent part of her childhood in Italy, where her mother worked as a dancer. She then lived with relatives in London while her mother traveled around Europe for her job. When she was 10 years old, Naomi Campbell became a student at the Italia Conti Academy of Theater Arts.

This talented girl, only 15 years old, was discovered by a representative of the Elite agency in Covent Garden (London).

Shortly after, she signed a contract with the same company, which terminated it shortly after due to his whims and rudeness.

But this has not been an obstacle to being able to continue her modeling career with the advantage of not having to take care of herself at all with diets and meals.

She wears a 40, has a rottweiler and listens to Lenny Kravitz. Despite her bad reputation,she has spent 15 years – half of her life – on the catwalks.

If being beautiful is an essential condition to be a top modelit is not enough to reach Campbell’s dimension. As resistant as a high-competition athlete, she lives glued to a mobile phone, she does not spend two days in a row in the same place, she puts up with time differences and short hours of sleep, luckily she loves to sleep on planes – just like a boxer accepts the blows, without betraying the fatigue.

Her life is a constant race against the clock to always be late. Her delays and rudeness have given her a reputation for capricious and unbearable, essential requirements to act as a true diva. “The media don’t dictate my life. They think they do, but it’s not true. I laugh at what they publish and I don’t believe what they say about me; they stay outside. But I don’t care because those who know me know that I’m not like that”.

Naomi is a model very committed to the problems of her time, she financially helps several international organizations, in addition to leading an association for the promotion of black models. “When you’re as lucky as I am in life, you have to give back a little of what you’ve gotten.” 

Campbell is aware that xenophobia, although hidden, still exists. “It has been in the United States where I have experienced true racism. In New York where he has established his residence for years – I can’t get any taxi, even if the taxi drivers are black. When they see a black girl they think they have to take me to the Bronx or to Harlem. Sometimes blacks are the most racist.”

Naomi Campbell Career

She was already recognized as “the black goddess of the catwalks” , and she has posed for the most prestigious couturiers, although her relationship with the Versace and Valentino families was very good.

She was the first black woman to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine in its French and British editions.

She also posed nude for Playboy magazine and in a series of erotic lesbian photos with Madonna for the singer’s book, titled “Sex” .

Not being able to believe what was happening, Naomi realized that she belonged to that generation of women who are not satisfied with succeeding in just one field, because as she saw the stage of supermodels finished where the media made it a boom and nothing else, Campbell went about his own business.

Together with the models Claudia Schiffer , Elle Macpherson and Christy Turlington , he opened a chain of restaurants called Fashion Café” , he also invested his money in real estate, played on Wall Street with the biggest, and has even tried his luck in the world of music.

That’s how she recorded her album,”Babywoman” in 1994, and continued with the cinema participating in twenty films and, finally, in literature he stood out writing two books, “Swan” and “Naomi” , of which 40 percent of the profits they went to the Somali Red Cross.

She continued to stand out and showing her supportive side of her, Naomi financially helped several international organizations, in addition to leading an association for the promotion of black models.

It has been more than 15 years since Naomi has not left the catwalks, for this career she has been highly criticized, and few voices have come out to defend her, including Donatella Versace .

In the year 1991, Campbell was selected by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World .

Later, in 2001, photographs were published in The Daily Mirror newspaper , showing Naomi Campbell leaving a London Narcotics Anonymous meeting.The following year, Ella Campbell sued the newspaper, citing a breach of confidentiality, while she was receiving drug treatment.

To this day, the super model continues her career on the catwalks and taking care of her business, while her whims and strong character continue to be the protagonists of various media scandals. 

Campbell has an eponymous perfume house that he established in 1999. Since then, he has released 25 fragrances for women under the Proctor & Gamble brand. The first was simply called ‘Naomi Campbell’ and was created by perfumer Ursula Wandel. Her most recent fragrance launches were ‘Glam Rouge’ and ‘Pret a Porter Absolute Velvet’, which were released in 2018.

Campbell has also appeared in multiple movies, television series, and documentaries. In total, she has appeared in 11 documentaries between 1991 and 2006. Her first television acting job was in 1978 when she played Snow White in ‘The Chiffy Kids’. Some of her most recent television work was playing the recurring role of Camilla Marks on ‘Empire’ for eight episodes between 2015 and 2016 and playing the recurring role of Rose Crane for five episodes of ‘Star’ between 2017 and 2019. The first role was play a singer in the 1991 film “Cool as Ice.” Some other movies she has appeared in include ‘Invasion of Privacy’, ‘Karma Aur Holi’, ‘Zoolander 2’ and ‘I Feel Pretty’. Most recently, she appeared as herself in the 2020 movie ‘Black Is King’.

Naomi Campbell Net Worth

According to statistics from, in 2022 Naomi Campbell net worth will grow to about 80 Million. This is a relatively high net worth compared to other celebrities.

According to the statistics , the exact and complete value of Naomi Campbell’s salary is not disclosed, but Naomi Campbell’s income in 2022 is (or was previously) such that Naomi Campbell’s net worth is around .

Naomi Campbell  Famous Boyfriends

For four years, she met with Russian businessmen Vladislav Doronin. The relationship took a steep turn, there was an engagement and everything was heading towards a wedding, but in 2013 they officially announced their breakup. At the moment, she is in a relationship with rapper Joseph Junior. Naomi Campbell does not have children, she has repeatedly stated that she loves them, but she cannot find a worthy candidate for the role of father.

The model called all her men husbands, although she could part with them immediately after her statement. Which of the black panther men was left behind? In the late 1980s, Naomi had an affair with boxer Mike Tyson. After him, in the early 90s, the model met with Robert De Niro, and then for several months with Eric Clapton. In 1994, Naomi was engaged to U2 bassist Adam Clayton, but the couple didn’t stay together for long.

The model’s first long relationship began with dancer Joaquín Cortez. But one day he surprised him with a man, the pilot of the airline “Iberia”. Naomi was severely depressed and even attempted suicide. Her beauty found solace in the arms of Formula 1 owner Flavio Briatore. The pair then converged, then broke up, and in the end Naomi herself put a stop to it, admitting that the man treated her like a trophy.

In 2002, Campbell fell in love with rapper P. Diddy and later with thug Tomi Lee, ex-husband of Pamela Anderson.

In 2004, Naomi met with millionaire musician Usher Matteo Mardzotto.

In 2008, before the start of a high-profile romance with Vlad Doronin, Naomi met with Brazilian billionaire Marcus Elios. In the spring of 2013, Naomi also ran away with Doronin, who left the family for the sake of the model after 22 years of marriage. This decision, by the way, was not cheap for Doronin: he gave the previous $ 10 million for divorce. But their five-year romance never ended with anything. Naomi did not take root on Russian soil, and the trunk with a Dolce & Gabbana wedding dress was left unpacked.

In 2015, Naomi, finally on her feet after breaking up with Doronin, went to work on the old. After meeting Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton, ex-fiancé of singer Nicole Scherzinger, Naomi quickly dragged him into her net.

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