Paris Hilton is the heir to the Hilton hotel empire . Top model, actress, designer, she is also a singer and DJ. 

After a successful debut album, she announced a few years later the release of a second opus carried in particular by the single “Come Alive” before going behind the decks in 2012.

Paris Hilton Net Worth

Paris Hilton ‘s current net worth is approximately $350 million.

According to Forbes magazine, Paris Hilton earned two million dollars in 2003-2004, 6.5 million in 2004-2005 and then seven million in 2005-2006.

Paris Hilton Biography

Paris Hilton, real name Paris Whitney Miller Hilton was born on February 17, 1981 in New York. She is the eldest of four children (she has a sister and two brothers).

Her to the Hilton hotel empire, her family’s fortune is estimated at $300 million. Paris Hilton grew up in Beverly Hills, an upscale neighborhood of Los Angeles.She studied at Buckley with her friend Nicole Richie and her sister Nicky , before returning to New York with her family. 

After a year in boarding school, she returned to New York. She left school without graduating from high school.Paris Hilton begins to make herself known in the media by a sad misadventure. In 2003, her ex-boyfriend broadcast a video of their sexual encounters.

According to sources, her weight is about 52 kg, and her height is about 173 cm. This blonde beauty has always distinguished herself in public with her actions and scandals, and she is also a big fan of breaking the law. 

The girl has been arrested several times for drunk driving and breaking traffic rules. She also paid numerous fines to the state and even managed to serve 23 days in prison.

According to the media, despite her sophisticated figure, she has too large legs – 42. And the girl also decided that she does not want to be buried after death in the traditional way . She wished to be frozen and then resurrected in the future. Paris has her own personal page on Instagram, where she constantly uploads new photos.

No matter what role the most famous socialite of the 21st century tries herself, she will be best remembered for her extraordinary looks. The maniacal love for pink things, tiaras and rhinestones has long made the young woman an icon of bad taste and vulgarity in Hollywood. Initially unhappy with her reflection in the mirror, Paris Whitney Hilton did her best to rekindle the situation.She was verry good friend with Kim Kardashian.

Paris Hilton Plastic Surgeries
  • Rhinoplasty.Looking at Paris Hilton before and after rhinoplasty, we see that this is exactly the case when it is impossible to hide the surgery.Before the operation, Paris Hilton’s nose stuck out like dried mycelium on her painted face.The hooked growth called the nose was so long and drooping that it caused many jokes and anecdotes.On the Instagram social network, thousands of followers of the main Hollywood moccasin eagerly awaited each time a new photo in order to “discover this nose”. The family tried to dissuade the prodigal daughter from plastic surgery in every possible way, but the girl was adamant. Paris Hilton’s nose after plastic surgery looks almost perfect, as the surgeons completely straightened its tip, shortened the back and carefully shaped the proportional wings. In front of the camera, the former heiress speaks passionately about the delights of immaculate beauty, because it is much more convenient to talk about it with a smooth and beautiful nose.
  • Mammal augmentation. Like all owners of a flat chest, Paris Hilton claimed before plastic surgery that she considered large breasts unattractive. On the first photos finding the slightest pimple, not to mention the sexual bulge, was difficult even with a magnifying glass. However, the lady wore open swimsuits instead of tops, low-cut dresses and sheer lace.
  • Lip plastic. If you look at photos of the glamorous heiress from a year ago, you will notice the natural volume of the lips. After touring Moscow nightclubs as a hip DJ, Paris’ lips grew by leaps and bounds. And it’s not that the girl took them out. Everything is much more prosaic, because according to experts plastic surgery fillers were introduced into the lips of the blonde, increasing the volume. Red lipstick often and abundantly covers noticeably fuller lips.

Paris Hilton Career

After some unfortunate legal troubles, and despite her success in music, Paris Hilton prefers to devote herself to her acting career and her business in fashion. In 2007, she collaborated with Antebi for a line of shoes, posed nude for Prosecco and launched her fourth perfume “Can Can” in 2007.

The subject of the documentary “Paris, Not France” presented at the Toronto Film Festival in 2008, Paris Hilton signed the same year for the reality TV series “Paris Hitlon, a friend for life” which will end in 2011. she who creates the credits music. She plays the following year in “Repo! The Genetic Opera”, a musical.

At the same time, she embarked on the creation of sunglasses. In 2010, she also lent her voice to the TV movie “The Dog Who Saves Christmas Vacation”. In addition to launching a new collection of perfumes, she is opening her third boutique offering several of her creations.

The next two years are devoted to fashion shows and his job as a designer. Paris Hilton is developing its own brand. In 2011, she also accepted a new reality TV series about her life, entitled “The world according to Paris“.Back to musicIn 2012, Paris Hilton made her debut as a DJ and released her new single “Last Night“, produced by Afrojack. The track is covered by Pitbull on his album “Global Warming”. The young woman then begins to officiate in a club behind the decks.

Still pursuing her fashion projects, she then had more than 44 stores in her name and around fifteen perfumes.

In 2013, Paris Hilton announced that she had signed to Cash Money Records and recorded the song “Good Time” with Lil Wayne. The title presented as the first extract from his next album ranks 18th in the Billboard ranking.

In the studio, Paris Hilton is surrounded by Snoop Dog, Flo Rida but also RedOne. In July 2014, she released “Come Alive“, her second single.

In November, she received the honorary trophy for Female Revelation of the Year at the NRJ DJ Music Awards taking place in Monaco.

Paris Hilton Filmography
  • 1992: Wishman
  • 2000: Sweetie Pie
  • 2001: Zoolander
  • 2002: Nine Lives
  • 2002: QIK2JDG
  • 2003: Wonderland
  • 2003: The Cat in the Hat
  • 2004: Win a date with Tad Hamilton!
  • 2004: The Hillz
  • 2004: Raising Helen
  • 2004: 1 night in paris
  • 2005: House of Wax
  • 2006: Bottoms Up
  • 2006: Lampoon This!
  • 2007: Stories USA
  • 2008: America the beautiful
  • 2008: Paris, not France
  • 2008: The hottie and the nottie
  • 2008: Repo! The Genetic Opera
  • 2008: An American Song
  • 2010: Teenage Paparazzo
  • 2013: The Bling Ring
  • 2018: The American Granny

Paris Hilton Scandals

All her life, the scandalous socialite was haunted by sex scandals. Every new “one and only” gentleman sought to put themselves on Paris Hilton’s intimate photos and video network.

  • The young man Paris, riding with his partner on a yacht, pushed back her bra completely, exposing, then still tiny, breasts.
  • In 2000, the chocolate blonde was dating Rick Salomon, widely known for his rocky relationship with the “silicone icon.” With her light hand, candid photos and homemade sex videos with her participation came to the Internet. If you watch the video, you can clearly see the face of Paris, 18, and a man, similar in figure to Rick, 37, doing whatever he wants in bed with a girl.
  • Tom Sizemore, like his predecessor, posted an XXX video in which Paris Hilton makes love with enthusiasm.

In 2016, journalists noted the rounded belly of Paris and immediately considered such freedom of the always fit woman as pregnancy. The queen of glamor isn’t giving straight comments, but fans are hoping the star settles down soon.

In the meantime, she is jealously occupied with her appearance and… eternal life . It became known that in 2007, Paris Hilton signed an agreement with a cryology clinic, according to which after death the woman’s body would be frozen. Apparently, plastic surgery is necessary so that even in the freezer, Paris’ body looks attractive.

Paris Hilton Private Life

Despite the fortune, which is in the millions, her attractive appearance and the hype around the name of Paris Hilton, the personal life of the 34-year-old beauty is not going well. She announced her engagement several times, but they never ended in marriage.

Unsuccessful romances with Jason Shaw, Nick Carter, Paris Latsis, Stavras Niarchos and Benji Madden came to nothing. Perhaps cloudless bliss was hampered by repeated run-ins with the law (Paris was arrested and prosecuted for drunk driving and other public order offences)

Paris Rick Salomon really let Paris down (now he is married for the second time to Pamela Anderson, but it seems that this blonde has already “bumped” him again).He compiled a home video recorded during an affair with Hilton in 2000 and posted it under the catchy title “One Night in Paris.”

It happened four years after their separation.The girl did not expect such a deception and sued the offender, but the case did not come to her – the parties came to a common denominator in 2005. True, later the socialite complained that the money promised by Solomon did not wait.

At one point during the Hollywood night, it was rumored that Paris would be led down the aisle by nightclub owner Cy Waits. 

Their relationship set something of a record – the couple had been together for more than a year. But Sai did not want to participate in the next reality show – “The World Through the Eyes of Paris” (it meant being filmed almost around the clock, not everyone can stand that). And Paris’ heart was broken – once again.

For a while, the young model River Viiperi consoled the girl. They looked happy, but who knows what really happened when the pair were left alone.

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