Marco Antonio Morales de la Peña, who is better known only as Ralf, is a popular Tiktoker and Youtuber who has stood out thanks to his tag, challenge and dance videos. 

Occupation-Colonel of the Ikari Warriors.

Hobbies-collect knives

Favorite food-Chewing gum

Special abilities-Firearms

Ralf Morales Biography

He is a tiktoker who since 2014 had aspirations to start conquering social networks. Yes, he always knew that he wanted to dedicate himself to vlogging and sharing with the public ! However, as every path is one of effort and discipline, he achieved resounding success with the arrival of TikTok.

He is currently associated with the most famous tiktokers of the moment and is a star that covers more and more spaces.

He is the only boy in a spread-out family of women: He has three sisters. He was born in Coahuila, more specifically in Saltillo, and had a quiet childhood. 

Already in his teens he knew well what he wanted: he was made to be part of social networks. However, the idea stuck but he didn’t know how to execute it until the arrival of in 2016.

He is currently 22 years old. She was born in the generation of the end of the last millennium… Yes, in 1999!

His height is approximately 1.75 cm and weighs 71 kg.

On July 4 of each year, the birth of this handsome tiktoker is celebrated.

Although he is known by everyone as “Ralf”, his real name is Marco Antonio Morales de Peña.

He grew up in Saltillo, Coahuila and currently lives in Mexico City for his personal and group projects with the guys on the team.

He has not made his phone number public, since he only communicates with family and friends through that channel.

He loves the camera and the camera loves him! He loves editorial photos, which is why his entire @ralf Instagram is full of amazing shots. See her best 6 photos here.

Although he uses his YouTube channel and Instagram a lot, TikTok is the app where he displays all his talent. That is why we have not been able to miss the 3 best tiktoks of this handsome and talented tiktoker.

It can be easily achieved by putting @ralf in the search engine . It is a verified account so it will not take you long to get it.

  • He really likes to dress in black and white colors.
  • He prefers to make others happy before himself.
  • He has a set of more than 16 flat caps, and most of the time he wears one of them.
  • He likes freestyle.
  • Although he loves going to the movies, he also likes extreme activities.
  • His favorite artist is J Balvin.
  • He considers that he would never get a piercing .
  • He likes to live alone.
  • At some point, he would like to be a singer.
  • He has shaved his head.
  • He wishes he had his own family.
  • His favorite color is red.

Ralf Morales Career

His career dates back to 2016, when the platform was called However, he decided to leave it, as he wanted to try his luck by dedicating himself to his YouTube channel. 

Later, at the beginning of 2017, he returned again, this time to the renewed TikTok. Although at first it took him a while to get views, thanks to his perseverance he has seen his audience grow in an unparalleled way.

He began creating lip sync and dance videos, content that made him very popular on the platform. By 2018 with the switch to TikTok he was already a star of short clips. 

Approximately for this year he also managed to achieve the success he always dreamed of on YouTube with videos like “Reacting to TikToks from my haters”, or “100 layers of resistol on my face”.

His forte is creative videos, transitions and special effects. He is the tiktoker of the Privé group that gets the most views in his videos due to the originality of what he produces.

Ralf shows how talented he is for transitions and how well he masters audio and video tools.

He has been in different collaborations with fellow influencers like Samara Montero, Ilika Cruz, Domelipa, Dany Gutiérrez and Xime Ponch. He was also part of the Pivé team, which was made up of JeanCarlo León , Orson Padilla, Darian Rojas, Naim Darrechi and Libardo Isaza .

Project that helped him boost his numbers on various social networks. In August 2021, the influencer announced through his Instagram account that he would make his debut as an actor in the Netflix feature film ‘Anonymous‘ Along with fellow Mexican influencer Annie Cabello, an adaptation of the youth novel of the same name by writer Wendy Mora Reyes.

Beyond the fact that this story has its own debut, it also served as a first experience in acting for Ralf Morales, a young influencer for whom the platform opted for the leading role and who today stands out throughout Latin America and especially in Ecuador.

He got his part in “Anonymous” after spending a couple of years studying to be an actor. As he confessed in past interviews, before this project, he did more than 50 castings in which he was unsuccessful. 

However, he is proud to have started with a bang and has sought to nurture himself with the knowledge that the Netflix experience itself has been able to offer him.

Followed by more than 15.5 million subscribers , his notoriety led him to carry out advertising campaigns for the American Eagle brand . 

His role in Anonymous will be your first steps in a movie. « It’s magical and I think I share a lot with Annie (her co-star, editor’s note), we feel super happy and delighted to have this opportunity, since in addition to being in a movie, we continue to learn.”, Revealed the actor in training. In addition to him, some may recognize Estefi Merelles

Anonymous is a feature film starring Vale and Alex, two people who will create a link after a message sent by mistake. Through WhatsApp they will begin to tell each other their routine and little by little they will fall in love. 

However, neither of them suspects that they already know each other, that they are in the same school and that they do not love each other that much.

This romantic comedy with the stars of TikTok, the protagonist, will undoubtedly be a real success. « They are people that we discovered during the casting and with whom we worked for months on the project, we need to generate new talent and we have to look for them. ”, Defended the director in the choice of her influencers

“Aventure with Ralf” is the name of the next live streaming show where the TikToker will take an incredible journey through the Inbursa Aquarium.

He will offer a completely live show from the Inbursa Aquarium on August 2 in which he expresses that the approach with his public through social networks will be the most exciting, both for him and for his audience.

This show is unique, something that has not been seen before, the fact of being in an Aquarium and embarking on an adventure in here is something that excites me a lot, something innovative, we did not want to do the usual, we wanted to literally go into an adventure and build an escape room,” Ralf said at a press conference.

The 20-year-old YouTuber shared that his show will be a simulation of reality and his audience will be able to control it through the different applications that will be used in the event, as an example, he recalled the movie of the successful series Black Mirror, ” Bandersnatch.”

“We wanted to get out of the everyday, the idea was evolving and now this is like a video game that can be compared to the ‘Bandersnatch’ movie where you control the character of the movie, in this case they will control me through of an application,” he added.

This show consists of 5 levels, where he will be helped by his audience to escape from a room, inside the Aquarium he will live with sea creatures and will go through various challenges until he is freed.

The TikTok star expressed his nerves and fear of working with aquatic animals, since he had never experienced such an adventure before, explaining that the challenge is getting bigger but the emotion and love for his audience is worth the risk.

In the end, he remembered his beginnings in social networks and how he became known in them, since the TikTok platform was not always his first option.

“I started recording videos on YouTube at the beginning of 2014, I always wanted to be a youtuber and succeed there, but it didn’t happen, until 2016 when I started recording on another platform, but where I really made myself known was in 2017 through from Tik Tok,” he said.

The appointment is on August 2 through a streaming that will be broadcast from the Inbursa Aquarium in Mexico City, in addition, Ralf will offer a Meet & Greet before the show where he will speak with his fans and give them a preview of the show .

Ralf Morales Net Worth

He has a net worth of $1 million.

Ralf Morales Personal Life

In 2020, he had a very private relationship with tiktoker Amaranta. She commented that they had finished in October of that same year.

However, lately they have been seen in many videos together, so it is believed that there was a return. These guys prefer to keep their love life a secret so they haven’t said much publicly.

Much has been said about him having a thing with Domelipa , since at the end of 2019 they began to spend a lot of time together. However, nothing has ever been confirmed by both.

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