Ryan Reynolds,  born Ryan Rodney Reynolds, was born on 23 October 1976 in Vancouver,  where he graduated from Kitsilano Secondary School in 1994.


His acting debut took place during his high school years, in 1991 with the TV series Hillside, teen-drama where he plays the young Billy Simpson, struggling, like his peers, with adolescent problems. Reynolds will play in the series until the final season, which ended in 1993, when he was nominated for the Young Artist Awards for his interpretation of him. Back in his hometown, he enrolls at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, but abandons his studies to continue pursuing his dream in the world of cinema. 

Followed by extras in other TV series and participation in several minor films, such as Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996) – pilot of the homonymous series – where she plays the boy whose protagonist falls in love, and the sentimental comedy Coming Soon (1999). Also in 1999 he joined Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williamsin The Girls of the White House , but he still does not receive a major enough role to highlight it, until he is cast as the protagonist with Jerry O’Connell of Never Say Always (2002).

In the same year he received the lead role in the demented comedy Maial College (2002), in which Van Wilder, a college student who is more studying, is dedicated to organizing parties.It is the latter character who places him in the spotlight and consecrates him as a comic actor, in fact, other hilarious films are proposed, with which Reynolds manages to climb the peak of his career, also working with established stars, such as Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks in Impossible Marriage (2003). 

To break the series of comedies played by the Canadian actor in this period comes Blade: Trinity (2004), an action movie in which, in the role of Hannibal Kng, he joins Wesley Snipes and Jessica Biel in the hunt for vampires. Subsequently he continues to experiment with new genres and in 2005 he starred together with Melissa George in the remake Amityville Horror , for which she won a Teen Choice Award; follows the romantic comedy Just Friends (2005) and the thriller Smokin ‘Aces (2006). 

It is a golden age for Reynolds, who has now achieved his dream: he is, in fact, an established actor and the main parts that are assigned to him are nothing more than the confirmation of his skill.

 He plays three different characters in John August ‘s three-episode film The Nines (2007), and is always at the forefront of several dramatic comedies: Chaos Theory (2007), Certainly, Maybe (2008) and A Secret Between Us(2008). In 2009 he was nominated for a Gotham Award for his supporting role in Adventureland (2009) and in the same year he plays the role of Wade Wilson aka Deadpool in X-Men origins – Wolverine (2009), when since 2005 there was talk of a possible involvement of the actor in a cinecomic about the ironic mercenary.

Reynolds’ luck in recent years seems to be the figure of the superhero, in fact platinum-plated and with a bright red cape is Captain Excellet, an imaginary friend of the writer Richard Dunn in Paper Man (2009); but he does not end there, he also wears the emerald green lantern suit in the 2011 film of the same name, on the set of which he meets his future wife Blake Lively . 

While it did not have the success hoped for, Green Lantern allowed Reynolds to win a People’s Choice Award and be one of the few actors to have starred in a Marvel cinecomic and a DC one.

 In 2010 he received several nominations for his interpretation of him in Blackmail of Love with Sandra Bullock, including the Teen Choice Award for Best Actor in a Romantic Comedy and the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss with Bullock. In the same year he is in the claustrophobic Buried – Buried (2010), a Hispanic-American film in which only two actors, Reynolds and Ivana Miño appear , and which earned him a Saturn Award nomination. 

He returns to the light-hearted comedy of his beginnings with Cambio vita (2011), where he is the victim together with Jason Bateman of a magical exchange of bodies. This is followed by a series of action movies in which he joins Denzel Washington and Jeff Bridges and some thrillers as a protagonist, The Captive – Disappeared (2014) and The Voices (2014).

She plays a supporting role in Simon Curtis ‘ hit Woman in Gold (2015) with Helen Mirren , a drama about Holocaust survivor Maria Altmann, which receives positive reviews from critics and a good box office result.

 In 2016, after an endless development hell, the spin-off on Deadpool finally comes out, which, thanks also to the massive promotional campaign, had an excellent critical and financial response; the cinecomic set the record as the first Marvel film to be off-limits to minors and as an r-rated movie to gross a huge amount ($ 132.4 million) in the US in its opening weekend. 

Deadpool with its double value as superhero and comedian earned Reynolds the double nomination for the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Actor in an Action Movie and in a Comedy (the latter won), as well as the victory of a Saturn Award, a People’s Critics Choice Award and nominations for many other awards, including the Golden Globe. Strengthened by the success achieved, atLife – Don’t Cross the Line (2017), with Jake Gyllenhaal and Rebecca Ferguson . It is 2018 when he returns to wear the mask of Wade Wilson in Deadpool 2 , a sequel in which the Mercenary Chatty forms the X-Force to fight the cyborg Cable ( Josh Brolin ).

The actor also has a good experience with dubbing, his voice, in fact, has been lent to the character of: Guy, the nomadic boy who allows the tribe of primitive men to discover fire in The Croods (2013); Turbo, the super-fast snail who dreams of winning the Indianapolis 500 race in Turbo (2013). Reynolds’ vocal timbre will also be that of the electric Pikachu in Detective Pikachu (2019), the first live-action, based on the video game of the same name, released by the Pokémon series.

Ryan Reynold Net Worth

According to statistics from EmergeSocial.net, Ryan Reynolds’ net worth will increase to around 150 million in 2022. This is a relatively high net worth compared to other celebrities.

According to our statistics (updated on 08/17/2022), the exact and complete value of Ryan Reynolds’ salary is not disclosed, but Ryan Reynolds’ income in 2022 is (or was previously) so Ryan Reynolds’ net worth is about 150 Million.

A far cry from his childhood of earning just $150 a day, Ryan Reynolds’ current net worth is estimated at $75 million . In 2017 (a year after the release of the first Deadpool movie), he earned $21.5 million and made Forbes’ list of highest-paid actors overall.

In addition to acting, Reynolds also earns money from Aviation American Gin, a liquor brand in which he took a stake in last year. Additionally, he has been the brand ambassador of the Swiss luxury watch company Piaget since 2016.

With a huge net worth, it’s no surprise that Ryan Reynolds can afford to spend money on a variety of things that most average people can’t. For example, he loves motorcycles and has a whole collection of them. He even prefers motorcycles to cars.

Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively (who has a net worth of $16 million) also bought a $2.35 million New York home. The estate is nearly 5,000 square feet and is in a quiet little town an hour from Manhattan with Martha Stewart as a close neighbor.

Ryan Reynolds relationships

Ryan Reynolds has almost always preferred actresses

Melissa Joan Hart . At 19, Ryan Reynolds starred in the TV movie Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (which served as a pilot for the series) and the current went very well with his partner. At the end of filming, Ryan offered a nice watch to Melissa, she thanked him by kissing him full on the mouth, without saying a word. “His lips were wonderful, he also had big hands and broad shoulders, and I felt like he was swallowing me up,” recalls the actress. But since Melissa Joan Hart already had a boyfriend at the time, they didn’t go any further. Regrets ? A little: “He was nice, adorable and he would probably have made a great boyfriend. Maybe I should have tried my luck…”

Traylor Howard . Between 1998 and 1999, Ryan Reynolds dated Traylor Howard, his co-star on the sitcom A Roof For Three . The actress consoled herself for their breakup with… George Clooney .

Kristen Johnson . Freshly separated from Traylor, Ryan Reynolds dated the heroine of Third Planet After the Sun for a few months.

Rachel Leigh Cook. In 2001, Ryan Reynolds fell in love with actress Rachael Leigh Cook, whom he met at a party. Ready to do anything to seduce her, the actor did not hesitate to shake up his schedule to go to London where she was to shoot the comedy Comb. If Ryan got his way, their relationship didn’t last more than a few months. No photo of the couple is circulating…

Alanis Morissette . Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morissette met in 2002 and they separated in February 2007. Between the actor and the singer, things were very serious, since they were even engaged in 2004. This rupture inspired to Alanis her album Flavors of Entanglement, a “cathartic” exercise , she confided when it was released.

Scarlett Johansson . Single for barely two months, Ryan Reynolds fell in love with Scarlett Johansson . The two actors got engaged in May 2008 and married four months later. For months, they faced breakup rumors, and in December 2010, the couple announced their separation. Very discreet during their three and a half years of relationship, their official public appearances can be counted… on one finger!

Blake Lively. Having met on the set of Green Lantern and married since 2012, Blake and Ryan are now the parents of three daughters : James, born in 2014, Inez, in 2016 and Betty, born in September 2019.

Together, on Instagram, they have more than 75 million followers, with whom they share snaps and little insights about their daily life.

In a recent interview, revealing the secret of their happy marriage to fans, Ryan Reynolds talked about what to make his marriage to Blake Lively a successful one, highlighting how they’ve grown together since they met.

The Deadpool actor said the key ingredient to a happy marriage is being good friends first.

Proof of this are all the posts and photos that both publish in mockery of the other. 

According to Reynolds, falling in love is great, but liking each other (even in everyday life) is something different. 

Ryan Reynolds said that both he and Blake Lively have always liked each other and decided to grow together, learn from each other.

The former Gossip Girl actress also confirmed this , revealing that according to her, the secret to a long and happy marriage is to never take yourself seriously. 

In an old interview with Vogue , Lively spoke of her relationship with Ryan Reynolds as a partnership: ” Everything we do in life, we do it togheter.

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