Sean Penn was born on August 17, 1960 in Santa Monica, California. Son of actors, Sean Penn tries to work in television but it is in the cinema that he obtains his first fees. 

“I survived a lot of anger. I replaced them with love. Life is just one long healing.”

Sean Penn Biography

Son of director and comedian Leo Penn and actress Eileen Ryan , Sean Penn, older brother of Chris Penn , trained at the Group Repertory Theater in Los Angeles. He approaches comedy and directing, and devotes himself to theatre. 

After a few television appearances, the comedian landed a role in Harold Becker ‘s Taps in 1981, a film which also revealed Tom Cruise . Not abandoning the theater for all that, he accumulates leading roles, playing under the direction of John Schlesinger ( Le Jeu du faucon ) or Louis Malle ( Crackers, which has remained unpublished in France).

Sean Penn Career

In 1986, he married Madonna who gave him the counterpart in the police comedy Shanghai surprise (1986). The commercial and critical failure of the film did not prevent him from establishing himself in Hollywood

He plays the son of Christopher Walken in Like a Rabid Dog (1985) and illustrates himself as a new police recruit in Colors by Dennis Hopper . 

A strong, rebellious temperament allows him to compose the “violent” (he is a rapist American soldier in Outrages and the condemned man in The Last March ) or the magnificent losers ( She’s so lovelywith his second wife Robin Wright Penn ). 

Cynical and manipulative, the characters he portrays belong as much to film noir ( L’Impasse , U-Turn, here begins hell ), to thrillers ( The Game ), as to war films ( La Ligne rouge ) .Recognized and consecrated actor (Interpretation Prize at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival), he also leads a career as a filmmaker

In 1991, he directed his first feature film, The Indian Runner , for which he also wrote the screenplay. For his second film, Crossing guard , he directs Jack Nicholsonas a vengeful and desperate family man. 

He reunited with the latter for the needs of The Pledge , a detective drama adapted from a novel by Friedrich Dürrenmatt and presented in official competition at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival. direction of Clint Eastwood in Mystic river (2003), for which he won the Oscar for best actor in 2004.

Opposite Kevin Bacon and Tim Robbins , he plays a bereaved father on the verge of committing irreparable harm. Deliberately away from Hollywood cinema and major studios, the actor flourishes in independent productions like 21 grams(2004) by Alejandro González Inárritu and The Assassination of Richard Nixon (id.), where he gives director Niels Mueller a chance . 

He first teamed up with Sydney Pollack in 2005 for the political thriller The Interpreter alongside the prolific Nicole Kidman .He returns behind the camera in 2007 and allows Emile Hirsch to obtain his first very big role thanks to Into The Wild , a tragic epic in the midst of the indomitable landscapes of the United States. 

He then takes on the poignant role of Harvey Milk  in the biopic by Gus Van Santof the American politician, activist for the civil rights of homosexuals assassinated in 1978 in San Francisco. The actor then finds Terrence Malick for Tree of Life (2011), a metaphysical work in which he interprets a character in full existential wandering.

Also in 2011, he portrayed a fallen rockstar with a rather extravagant look in This Must Be the Place , presented as Tree of Life at the Cannes Film Festival.Subsequently, he played ruthless mob boss Mickey Cohen, who rules Los Angeles in  Gangster Squad  (2013), before joining the cast of The Dream Life of Walter Mitty , Ben Stiller ‘s new fantasy. 

In 2015, he immersed himself in action cinema with Pierre Morel  ‘s Gunman . A genre he is trying out for the first time but which nevertheless remains in tune with the actor’s political and humanist ideas, since the film deals with the many pressures exerted by the great Western powers on developing countries. 

That same year, French cinema paid tribute to him by awarding him an honorary César for his entire prestigious career.

He conducted a long interview, published in Rolling Stones magazine in 2016, with Joaquin Guzman alias “El Chapo”, during his run in the middle of the Mexican jungle.

Sean Penn Filmography

2022-Licorice PizzaRole: Jack Holden
2021-Flag DayRole: John VogelDirector
2015-The Last FaceDirector
2015-GunmanRole: Jim Terrier
2013-The Secret Life of Walter MittyRole: Sean O’Connell
2012-Gangster SquadRole: Mickey Cohen
2011-The Tree of Life, the tree of lifeRole: Jack
2011-This Must Be the PlaceRole: Cheyenne
2010-Fair GameRole: Joseph Wilson
2008-Into The WildDirector
2008-Harvey MilkRole: Harvey Milk
2004-The InterpreterRole: Tobin Keller
2004-The Assassination of Richard NixonRole: Samuel J. Bicke
2004-The King’s Fools

2003-Mystic River
2003-21 gramsRole: Paul Rivers
2002-11’09”01 September 11Director
2002-hollywood sunrise
2001-It’s all about love
2000-The PledgeDirector
2000-It only takes one night
2000-Before the night
2000-The weight of waterRole: Thomas Janes
1999-Agreements & disagreements
1998-The Red lineRole: Sergeant Welsh
1997-She’s so LovelyRole: Eddie Quinn
1997-The GameRole: Conrad Van Orton
1997-U-turn, here begins hellRole: Bobby Cooper
1996-The Last WalkRole: Matthew Poncelet
1995-Crossing GuardDirector
1994-The ImpasseRole: Kleinfeld
1991-The Indian RunnerDirector
1991-The Angels of the NightRole: Terry Noonan
1990-OutragesRole: Tony Meserve
1989-We are not angels
1986-like a mad dogRole: Brad Whitewood Jr.
1986-Shanghai Surprise
1985-The Falcon Game
1984-Spring Harvest
1984-Premeditated burglaryRole: Dillard
1983-bad boys
Sean Penn Awards

He is one of the most nominated and awarded actors of the years 1990-2000. In 1996, he received the Golden Globe and the Oscar for best actor for his role in the film The Last Walk. 

The Cannes Film Festival awarded him the prize for best actor for his role in the film So Lovely in 1997. He also received two Oscars for best actor for the film Mystic River in 2004 and Harvey Milk in 2009.

He is a great American actor. Very committed, he participates in many humanitarian actions and ardently defends the ecological cause.

Sean Penn Net Worth

As of 2021, Sean Penn’s net worth is estimated at $70 million.

Sean Penn Private Life

His personal life, however, has been surrounded by controversy with turbulent episodes . He has been married three times and has separated as many, the last one, this month, when his wife, Leila George, filed for divorce.

George and he had been dating since 2016 and although their relationship has been dotted with ups and downs, last year, confinement brought them together so much that they decided to say ‘yes, I do’ in a ceremony officiated by a councilor through the platform digital Zoom, due to restrictions.

As witnesses, the two sons of the actor, Dylan and Hopper, and the brother of the Australian actress.Now, it seems thatthey have run out of love and, despite the fact that none of them have made statements, it has transpired that the interpreter filed the divorce requestin Los Angeles court last Friday.

This will be the third for Penn who was remarried to another actress, Robin Wright, between 1996 and 2010, in what has been his longest marriage. Their relationship had started long before. In fact, the two children they have in common, Dylan (1991) and Hopper (1993) attended their parents’ wedding . 

Both have inherited the talent of their parents and Penn has not hesitated to turn them into protagonists of the feature films that he himself directs, as has happened in the recent ‘The day of the flag’, where the three coincide on the big screen.

Wright and Penn met on the set of ‘The Irish Clan’ in 1990. During their 20 years as a couple there were public and private fights, infidelities and a divorce that the actress described as “devastating”.

Over time, the actor explained what for him was the reason for the separation from her: “What happened is that she and I did not share the same ethical views on raising children, not even in adulthood.” These differences led them to be two distant exes, with little relationship for years, although over time they smoothed out rough edges.

“There has always been drama in my life with Sean, always,” said the protagonist of ‘Forest Gump’. “He’s extreme — that’s the word I would use with him in every way. I think it’s in his blood,” she said. 

A description that is quite close to the one that his first wife, Madonna, made of the winner of two Oscars, whom she described as “wild” . The singer and the actor were married in 1985 and were together until 1989 in a tumultuous marriage with addictions and violence as protagonists from day one. 

On August 16, 1985, his wedding day, Penn held a pistol and fired into the air to intimidate the paparazzi who were trying to photograph them from helicopters. In the sand, a message addressed to the photographers: “

During that time, the ‘Mystic River’ star was arrested six times for violence and subsequently admitted for treatment. At the time, Madonna still believed that he would “come out of prison a better person.

However, the story would get worse with complaints of mistreatment that were not ratified and terrible confrontations due to his jealousy of the pop diva’s friendships with both men and women. 

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