He is an American computer scientist, inventor, programmer and founder of Apple. In partnership with his friend Steve Jobs, Wozniak invented the Apple I computer.

Steve Wozniak Biography

The entrepreneur was born on August 11, 1950 in San José, California.

He loved electronics from an early age, his father being an engineer. Wozniak since childhood was very interested in building electronic equipment from scratch, but he was never a brilliant student during his student life.

Passionate about electronics since childhood, he had a decisive encounter, in high school, with Mr McCollum, his electronics teacher.

He said he had taught me everything he knew and that I risked becoming unbearable if I was bored. The company was called Sylvania. That’s where I learned to program a computer.”

“As a teenager, my shyness sank me. It was a terrible shock. Apart from my scientific projects, which always earned me the recognition of teachers and adults in general, I felt abandoned. I was incapable to identify with the other teenagers.”

“Even their way of expressing themselves seemed strange to me, as if we no longer spoke the same language. Anyway, I was too afraid to open my mouth, too afraid to say no. anything. This shyness has never left me.”

“Some of my current friends are able to talk to anyone. They are comfortable and have no trouble getting to know each other. They know how to chat about everything and nothing. For me, it’s impossible.”

“If I manage to speak in public today, it’s because I have thirty years of experience and I have acquired techniques to make my task easier.My thing is to make everyone laugh, or to build an electronic device that will get other people talking to me.”

Hired for a year at Tenet, he had the opportunity to build his first computer, before continuing his studies at Berkeley.

“I had told one of the executives of Tenet that I had fun drawing and redesigning computers of well-known brands, but that I had never built one, for lack of parts.  The executive from Tenet immediately replied that he could get us some.”

It was at the house of Bill Fernandez, another friend who lived in the neighborhood, that we assembled, piece by piece, this little computer that I designed on paper. Bill helped me with a lot of things, like welding.

We worked in his garage, then we took our bikes to the local supermarket to buy cans of Cream Soda, a soft drink we loved.Then we went back to work on the machine with our drinks close at hand. That’s why people started calling the computer the Cream Soda Computer. 

Deep down, I felt that this device didn’t matter, after all. He wasn’t doing anything useful. We couldn’t play games or solve math problems. He had too little memory. The only thing that mattered was that I had finally been able to build a real computer. My very first.

He and Steve Jobs met through a mutual friend at the University of California, Berkeley.The jobs at that time were in high school.

He then quit his job at Hewlett-Packard and partnered to form Apple Computer on April 1, 1976.

In his biography, he dismantles the famous legend of the garage: “It was Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, two students from Stanford University who graduated in 1934, who founded Hewlett-Packard in a garage in 1939.”

Many people confuse this garage story with Apple’s. Which is not true. The garage is HP. In the case of Apple, I worked in my apartment and Steve at his parents‘. It’s only at the final stage of assembly that we worked on in Steve’s garage.”

Steve Wozniak Career

Almost everyone is familiar with the American multinational technology company “Apple”. Apple is one of the Big Four technology companies in the world along with Amazon, Google and Facebook, and the company’s quarterly revenue for 2019 is $64 billion. 

Now, when we talk about Apple, we all remember the company’s former chairman ‘Steve Jobs’. Steve Jobs co-founded Apple with “Steve Wozniak”.

They first founded their company with “Ronald Wayne” as “Apple Computers” in 1976 and brought some of the first personal computers to market . In addition, he himself developed the following model.

He and Jobs began working in a family garage to create an easy-to-use alternative to computers that was introduced by many International Business Machines at the time. 

He was in charge of product invention and Jobs was in charge of all marketing activities. Shortly after founding the company, Wozniak created “Apple I”. With his knowledge of electronics and Jobs’ marketing skills, the two were well prepared to do business together. 

He went on to design the “Apple II” as part of the company’s series of personal computers. Finally, in 1983, Apple had a market value of $985 million.

However, in 1985, he terminated his employment with Apple.

In February 1981, he was involved in an accident when he crashed his private plane while taking off from Santa Cruz Sky Park

The accident left him with numerous injuries and amnesia, and he also took a long time to recover. 

After recovering from the accident, he started a new company, responsible for the first programmable universal remote control called ‘CL 9’. Similarly, in 1990, he partnered with Mitchell Kapor and established the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization that provides legal assistance to hackers facing criminal charges. 

He also founded ‘Wheels of Zeus (WoZ) in 2002, which aims to develop wireless GPS technology.

His life is definitely an inspiration to many and finally a movie called ‘Jobs’ has arrived. It was released in 2013. The film starred actor “Ashton Kutcher” as co-founder of Apple Jobs and actor “Josh Gad” as Wozniak. 

Contrary to the critics’ prediction that the film is very good, the film was filled with negative reviews. Additionally, he himself gave the film a negative review on Gizmodo’s website, writing, “I felt bad for a lot of people I know well who were misrepresented in their interactions with Jobs and the company. Wozniak has also appeared on the reality show “Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List” and ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” (Season 8).

He helped found the Electronic Frontier Foundation in 1990 and also served on its board of directors. Also, after he left Apple, he provided all the money and on-site tech support for his school district’s technology program in Los Gastos.

A nonprofit student production that is owned by one of his friend’s sons has him as the subject in Camp Woz: The Admirable Madness of Philanthropy .

He was endorsed by Mattress Firm to release one of its high-tech products in 2017. He also recently accepted endorsement from Chinese phone maker Xiaomi.

Steve Wozniak Achievements

He is one of the pioneers of the microcomputing industry. He developed a real passion for electronics, mathematics and physical sciences in general.

At only eleven years old, he manages to build an amateur radio. At thirteen, the little genius has already been elected president of his school’s electronics club.

In 1970, Steve Wozniak succeeded in creating his first computer which he would call Cream Soda Computer .

In the same year, his path crossed that of his classmate Steve Jobs , and together the two men founded Apple, which later became one of the most important companies producing consumer electronics equipment, personal computers and computer software. .

He succeeded in designing the first Apple computers (including Apple I, Apple II, Apple III, Lisa various peripherals…).

Steve Wozniak Net Worth

The computer scientist has a total net worth of $100 million. 

His main source of income includes his work as a computer scientist and entrepreneur. He uses social media platforms to keep people informed about his plans. 

He is accessible on Twitter under the name “stevewoz”, with 627 followers. He also has a website called ‘woz’.

Considering his net worth, he naturally owns several vehicles. His main ride is a white Tesla Model X, who also owns a Prius, a Hummer H2 and a 1980 Datsun 350z.

His worth $100 million in 2019. His net worth can be compared to Manny Khoshbin, Shahid Khan, and Steve Stoute.

His main income comes from his work at Apple, an active employee for ten years (1975-1985). It was 1976 when Wozniak invented the Apple 2 computer, the first graphical interface-based computer system.

This marked a turning point for Apple and brought them into the pioneers of the PC market. He is still a ceremonial employee at Apple and earns $120,000 a year in salary. He also owns a few Apple shares in his name.

He currently lives in Los Gastos, California, having recently sold his mansion for $3.9 million in 2015.

He also owned an airplane, the Beechcraft Bonanza, which he acquired right after his pilot’s license in 1981, but an accident left him gone for good.

Steve Wozniak Personal Life

He has been married four times. He first married Alice Robertson in 1976 but divorced in 1980.

After her he married Candice Clark in 1981 and divorced shortly after 6 years in 1987. After ten years he married Suzanne Mulkern and they separated in 2004.

He currently lives with his fourth wife, Janet Hill whom he married in 2008. Since then, the couple have been together.

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