Tricks To Fast Cleaning Of Houses By The Maids Of Five-Star Hotels

Written by Rashi Garg

Well, the ladies are especially worried about the cleaning purpose of their homes. It is because they always think that the person visiting their home should feel as if they have entered heaven and should feel relaxed such that they should even praise for it. Well, we all know that the cleaning takes a lot of efforts and time such that we cannot make it out through our busy schedules.

In the busy world, we hardly get time for ourselves to take care of our health then think how we will pay attention to the cleaning? We must learn about these intricacies. Well, we should know the right and best hacks for cleaning our home such that you will feel relaxed after you come back home from work. Cleaned house spread the positive vibes all around, and hence it will also keep a check on your mood for doing certain things. Your home will not seem less than the five-star hotels. Here the maids will tell you the true meaning of keeping your house clean.

Maids always carry some things with them for the cleaning purpose.

Maids always carry one small plastic box with them and hence they can put their essentials in that box like those products that may come in handy like those detergents, brushes, dusters, and much more. I think you must carry those things along with you if you also live in such a big house. Take a box and put everything inside that box. Hence when you feel something dirty, then you can clean it by using the products in your bag. It will save your time and extra energy that you have to put whenever you need to bring a cloth or the duster for cleaning.


The primary thing with the help of which you can fight against the dust is the adequately cleaned piece of cloth. Also, the microfibre is the far best material to resist the dust particles. You generally use the old used towels for these cleaning purposes, but I think you must forget about using them even. They will also cause the more dirt on the surface where you want to clean. But there can be the shortage of other towels then have you ever thought that what can you use in place of them? Instead of a sheet, you can go for the old cloth and make sure that the fabric is of natural cotton fibre.

Do not rub the things and the surfaces you want to clean.

You must not rub the surfaces instead of that you should wait for 15 minutes. It is the golden rule when you think of cleaning something which includes tiles, ceramics, and even plastic. Also, for the bathroom tiles, you must not rush for scrubbing them immediately after you have applied the cleanser on them. At least you should wait for ten to fifteen minutes, and with that, the things will get done in the given time. This way of cleaning will not take many efforts of yours.

Wash the floor in the right manner.

It is true that you should learn the skills and the knowledge so that you can wash the floors entirely. The first method is to vacuum. In this method, you need to sweep the floor with the help of the broom. And then only you should wash the brush in the direction from the far away corner to the door. You will get the best results.

Get rid of everything that may come in your ways.

It is the technique that the professional maids follow always. The very first is to remove everything that you need to remove. They gather it in the laundry and take with them. It helps you to remove the souvenirs and jewelry in one place, and also pack out the disposable cosmetics. Clean the wipes from the entire shelf surface, tables, and the cabinets.

Remove the dust out of the curtains.

Curtains carry a lot of dust. And hence you need to clean them with the help of unique cleanser and shake out them in a while. Your house may be with the way less dusty. Now you can clean your home and also beat up the curtain with the help of a small towel to get rid of dust.

Tricks instead of the household chemicals

The primary chemical used by the maids is vinegar. It is an acid and acid is best for cleaning purposes. If you use it correctly, then you can clean almost everything and need not worry for extra attention and energy in cleaning.


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