Victoria Caroline Beckham, popularly known as “Posh Spice”, is a former member of the biggest English girl band, “Spice Girls”. 

Although her music career with the ‘Spice Girls‘ gave her successful image a boost, it is her own hard work as a businesswoman and fashion designer that has made her the 52nd richest woman in Britain, one of the 100 women strongest in history. 

Victoria Beckham Biography

Victoria Beckham was born in 1974 in Goffs Oak, Hertfordshire, England.

The daughter of Anthony and Jacqueline Adams , she was raised in a prosperous area thanks to the success of the family business.

She has two siblings named Louise and Christian .

She attended St. Mary’s High School . Victoria remembers her school days as a loner, being constantly discriminated against and teased because of her family’s wealth.

After seeing the musical “ Fame ”, she decided she wanted to be famous and that’s when her parents enrolled her in Jason Theater School .

At age 17, she attended Laine Theater Arts College , where she studied dance and modeling. She was also a member of a band called “Persuasion” .

Beckham , then known as Victoria Adams , joined the group “ Spice Girls ”, initially called “ Touch ”.

Victoria Beckham Career

The search for members for the group came out in the publication “ The Stage ”, which called for outgoing, ambitious girls capable of singing and dancing.

Her first single “ Wannabe ” reached number one in the UK and the United States, followed by 8 other top positions for songs from her albums “ Spice ”, “ Spiceworld ” and “ Forever ”.

Victoria was named after the nickname Posh Spice . The band was one of the most successful of the ’90s, selling more than 55 million albums worldwide.

After releasing their album “ Forever ”, which was much less successful than their previous ones, the band stopped recording and broke up. It was then that Victoria tried to develop a solo career.

Each member of the group was hired by the firm Tesco , for which they were paid one million pounds sterling each.

In 2000, Victoria released her first solo album called “ Out of your mind ”. Her debut charted at number two in the UK, following Ellis Bextor , and her first performance was in London’s Hyde Park, at a charity event hosted by Prince Charles .

Her next album was signed by Virgin Records , and her first single was called “ Not such an Innocent girl ” , which was released in 2001. She was again competing for position with Kylie Minogue . Finally, she debuted at number 6.

The album was called “ Victoria Beckham ” and reached number 10 on the UK album chart. She only managed to sell 50,000 copies.

The second single to be released from that album was 2002’s “ A Mind of Its Own ”, which managed to sell 56,500 copies.

Although she denied rumors that her record company might drop her, her relationship with Virgin Records ended shortly after she announced her second pregnancy. It was said that the end of her contract had been by mutual agreement.

In 2002, Victoria was signed by Telstar Records and she spent most of that year recording songs in a pop style but decided not to release the album because she was not satisfied with the results.

Later, she began working with producer Damon Dash to produce a more urban style of music, influenced by Hip Hop and RnB. In 2003, they released the single ” It’s that simple ” with MOP but it was harshly criticized.

Her first single with Telstar Records was released in 2003 and was called ” Let Your Head Go / This Groove “ , reaching number 3 in England.

While she was the only Spice Girl to fail to place one of her songs at number one on the charts, she was the only one to have all of her solo albums rank in the top 10.

With the UK media describing his solo career as a flop, his hip hop album ” Come Together ” was not released and Telstar ‘s plans with Beckham were cancelled.

Victoria has dedicated herself to various facets of the artistic world and show business.

It has become an international icon in style and fashion. She made her debut in a Maria Grachvogel show at London Fashion Week in 2000.

In her television career, Victoria has filmed 5 documentaries. The first was launched in 2001 and was called “ Victoria’s Secret ” , a program that was only broadcast in England.

The second reality TV show was called “ Being Victoria Beckham ” and was released in 2002. It featured the star at the release of her first solo album and in some photo shoots and interviews.

The third was “ The Real Beckhams ” , which aired in 2003 and focused on the Beckhams ‘ move to Madrid when her husband David Beckham was transferred to the Spanish football team Real Madrid .

She has also been a British ambassador for Dolce and Gabbana and was the face of Rocawear in 2003.

Victoria designed a limited edition of clothing for Rock & Republic , called VB Rocks , in 2004.

The fourth television documentary was titled “ Full Length & Fabulous: The Beckhams’ 2006 World Cup Party ”, which showed the Beckham family making preparations to throw a party for The 2006 World Cup, which would raise funds for charity.

She released her autobiography titled Learning to Fly . The book reached the top spot in the best sellers four weeks after its release and was the third best-selling book in the non-fiction category that year.

Her second book was That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything In Between , released in 2006.

It contained advice on fashion, style and beauty given by Victoria . It became another best seller and the rights to it have been sold to various countries.

In 2006, she was also a catwalk model for Roberto Cavalli at Milan Fashion Week and was for a time exclusively dressed by him for the red carpet and other events.

In 2007, the fifth of her documentaries, called “ Victoria Beckham Coming to America ” , aired on NBC . The program was massacred by American critics, although it reached third place among the most watched in its time slot.

In 2007, she appeared as herself in an episode of the ABC series ” Ugly Betty .”

That same year, the Spice Girls announced their intention to tour to launch their comeback. Their Gratest Hits album was released in 2007 and the tour began in November of that year.

Director Bob Smeaton has directed an official documentary about the return, to be titled ” Spice Girls: Giving you everything “.

In that year, she launched her line of sunglasses called Eyewear and her own brand of jeans, in which she works as an artistic designer. The jeans line is called dvb Style and was launched in the same month as a unisex fragrance called Intimately Beckham .

Victoria has also produced her own line of accessories and jewelry, in collaboration with the Japanese firm Samantha Tabaza .

During 2007 she won the British Glamor Magazine Woman of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year awards .

In that year, she launched his dvb Denim collection line and her line of glasses in the United States.Also during 2007, she launched the Intimately Beckham Night fragrance and debuted his V-Sculpt cosmetic line .

For 2008, it has been announced that she will be the face of Marc Jacobs and that she will dedicate herself to launching a line of jeans for men within her dvb Style brand .

Her policy against the use of animal skins is well known, having declared herself in favor of all the campaigns carried out by the organization PETA.

Victoria Beckham Net Worth

According to Marca Victoria Beckham has a net worth of 450 million dollars in 2022.

David and Victoria are not billionaires individually, but together they are.

A report by the Mirror from 2019 states that his global fortune, including all companies and profits from endorsements, amounted to $1 billion (£700 million).

They are said to own a number of properties, including a West London platform and a Cotswolds lodge.

Victoria Beckham Husband And Kids

David and Victoria Beckham are one of those celebrity couples who have been together so long that they can’t help but say their names together.

David has said that he knew Victoria was the one for him the first time he saw her, and that was before he even met her.

While watching a Spice Girls video, the soccer stud pointed to Posh Spice and told his friend that he was going to marry her. After they finally met in 1997, he said that it really was ‘ completely love at first sight ‘.

The two announced their engagement the following year and were married on July 4, 1999.

The Beckhams have four children together.

Their oldest son, Brooklyn, was born on March 4, 1999. They welcomed their second son, Romeo, on September 1, 2002, and another son, Cruz, three years later on February 20, 2005 and a girl.

Although his father was a famous footballer, the boys have decided not to follow in their father’s footsteps.

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