Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell , or simply Billie Eilish as she is called in the artistic field, is a singer who performs various musical genres and subgenres such as electronica, electropop, indie, pop, indie pop and synth pop. 

She was born on December 18, 2001 in Los Angeles, California, United States, and became known at just 14 years after releasing her first single, “Ocean Eyes” .

Billie Eilish Biography

She was raised in Highland Park, Los Angeles, California, United States, within a family belonging to the entertainment world; her mother, Maggie Baird, is an actress and composer, and wrote and starred in a film released in 2013, Life Inside Out” , where her son and her husband also participated. 

Her father, Patrick O’Connell, is a prominent actor who participated in works such as “Iron Man” and “The West Wing” ; and he represented Claus Hugo Strandberg for the video game Hitman.

Born four years before Billie, Finneas O’Connell, known as Finneas, in addition to being an older brother, has also been a co-writer and producer of several of the singer’s hits. 

Within the artistic and musical activities that he performs, she composes and sings for the band The Slightlys, to which he belongs. Finneas has won various awards and recognitions in Los Angeles.

Even though her dream of being a dancer was dashed by a fracture she had long before she attempted to act professionally, she continued to work hard and tirelessly to reach a new goal: to be a well-known singer. 

When she was 15 years old, she already knew how to function well on stage and had gained greater skill in music editing with her brother Finneas, who produced and composed part of her songs. Similarly, her mother fully collaborated with her and instructed her in the technique of composition.

Billie Eilish Career

The opportunity to sing came unexpectedly to her, despite the fact that she wanted to be a dancer, when she belonged to the “Los Angeles Children’s Choir” in her hometown, where she actively participated and sang her first musical notes.

During that stage, a range of possibilities opened up to her, since her initial approach to her music stimulated her to continue investigating and she began to work on her own; attitude of hers that she was enhanced by the full support that she received from her family.

In this way, her success for this young musical promise was quite certain because she, together with her mother and brother, learned to play the guitar, the ukulele and the keyboard; in addition to perfecting her vocal technique. 

So, independently, she began to edit her first productions aimed at creating her own style. Her musical career formally began in mid-2014, when she was twelve years old. 

A year later she released her debut single Ocean Eyes , contained on an EP of her own; After several remixes, the piece reached number 12 on Shazam and Sound of 2018.

With that song -initially intended for her brother Finneas’s band- the young performer was placed on the main music charts in the world; In addition, the corresponding video clip had a well-cared aesthetic that resulted in excellent acceptance by critics and the public.

She promoted “Ocean Eyes”from home, through the SoundCloud platform. The song immediately became popular and only on Spotify reached more than 48 million views.

On her YouTube channel, the artist posted two videos: a dance performance and the official video clip of the song.

Before her success with “Ocean Eyes” , Eilish had released three songs with her brother Finneas, titled Fingers Crossed” , “Six Feet Under” and “Ella She Ella’s Broken” ; without major impact.

Billie Eilish Music Genre

The musical genres that this talented singer has cultivated are varied, electronic, indie, pop and synth pop, they are only those that have prevailed since the beginning of her musical career. 

With which she became known in the artistic field , until it was considered on several occasions by specialized critics as “musical promise”; but she has also experimented with other subgenres and rhythms such as indie pop and electropop. 

Her style fits within the definition of an iconoclast, and her music has drawn comparisons, among other artists, to pop singer Dua Lipa ; also, in terms of interpretive style and musical rhythm, with that of Lana del Rey .

However, one constant of hers characterizes her and is reflected in each of her songs, it is the ability to express herself with a simple and transparent message, through which she has achieved a great connection with the public.Indeed, the lyrics of his songs are mostly about love and heartbreak. 

In the same way they express other emotions, feelings and discomforts such as discomfort, resignation, acceptance, the inevitability of some facts or events of human life and life in general.

She manages to capture her romantic spirit in her compositions and manages to interpret them, thanks to the tone of her voice and the melodious songs, to generate a very special atmosphere during her presentations; the public appreciates it to the fullest and he is enthusiastic and empathic with her message. 

In short, her prominent voice allows him to express difficult and complicated situations, but also the simplicity and authenticity of some experiences; In the end, the message is that life is worth living, it deserves to be lived and fully enjoyed despite the obstacles.

It is also important to say that this young singer listens to music from various groups and artists, whom she recognizes as inspiring that have contributed to her musical career, and helped her achieve her own style; among others Daniel Caesar, Drake , Frank Sinatra , Linkin Park , My Chemical Romance , The Creator and The Killers .

She became famous in 2016, after the release of her first single, “Ocean Eyes” , produced by Billie herself in conjunction with her brother.

Until February 2018, the respective video had more than one million views on YouTube; while on the Spotify streaming platform the song received a similar number of views.

Later, during that same year, Billie released the official video clip of the song, along with another video that was released at the end of that 2018; In the video clip, she can be seen dancing while she performs “Ocean Eyes” . 

Previously, in 2015, the young singer had the opportunity to cover “Thinkin’ Bout You” by singer Frank Ocean, so the triumph with “Ocean Eyes” , especially in 2018, had begun to take shape before.

She released her next production, “Six Feet Under” , in 2016; year in which she reissued “Ocean Eyes” , but this time with Darkroom and Interscope Records, she again achieved great critical reception. 

One of the music experts, Chris DeVille, from the Stereogum team, stated that the song “…is pure pop; a ballad about the desire for reconciliation with an ex. I can imagine it becoming a big hit.” In 2017 the young singer decided to release a fourth remix of “Ocean Eyes” on her EP .

Billie Eilish Personal Life

The singer has stated that she is very good at writing the scores for her songs, but she leaves the lyrics for last because, she says, it is the most difficult part. 

She has also commented that every song should sound good from any point of view, whether it is a version or transformed to be adapted to another musical rhythm

She has made it clear that the production and post-production process is very important, although she claims that it is not the only thing that directly affects the success of a song because “… all the parts of a song are important,” said the artist.

She defines herself as self-demanding because she likes to do her job well, she also puts pressure on herself to achieve the desired results; she is a very critical person and even more so when it comes to her own compositions. 

At the same time, she has revealed that she has among her songs some that are totally opposite to her, such as “Copycat” which is about a person who seeks to be like Billie; and “Idon’t wanna be you any more” , which refers to Billie seeing herself in a mirror and asks not to be that person she sees in her reflection.

In relation to her personality, the young woman has proven to be a very serious person when the occasion warrants it. 

However, her essence has been discovered through her Instagram account, where she has shared about her likes and her life, and she has proven to be unique.

Billie Eilish Net Worth

Her net worth is $30 million according to sources. She is one of the most famous American singers and songwriters and has huge popularity all over the world. 

In 2016, she began to gain a following on Sound Cloud and eventually signed with Inters Cope Records. Ella’s 2019 single “Bad Guy,” which topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart, catapulted her to mainstream recognition.

Her wealth is gradually increasing and she is earning a lot of money from her songs and her social media.

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