Cher was born on May 20, 1946 and she is an American singer, actress and television personality. 

Cher Biography

She was born Cherilyn Sarkisian in El Centro, California, on May 20, 1946.  Her father, John Sarkisian, was an Armenian-American truck driver with drug and gambling addiction problems; her mother, Georgia Holt (born Jackie Jean Crouch), was an occasional model and supporting actress who claims Irish, English, German, and Cherokee ancestry. 

Her father was rarely home when she was a baby,  and her parents divorced her when Cher was ten months old.  Her mother later married actor John Southall, with whom she had another daughter, Georganne, Cher’s half-sister.

Now living in Los Angeles,her mother got her start in acting while working as a waitress. She changed her name to Georgia Holt and played minor roles in movies and television. Holt also landed acting roles for her daughters as extras on such television shows as The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet . 

Her mother’s relationship with Southall ended when she was nine years old, but she regards him as her father and remembers him as a “kind-hearted man who became belligerent when she drank too much”. 

Holt remarried and divorced several more times, moving her family across the country (including New York, Texas, and California).cher-biography.jpg

They often had little money, and Cher recounted having to use rubber bands to hold her shoes together.  At one point, her mother left Cher in an orphanage for several weeks.  Although they met every day, they both found the experience traumatic.

How old is Cher

She is 73 years old.

Cher Career

She is one of the best singers of all time.

At 16, she dropped out of school, left her mother’s house, and moved to Los Angeles with a friend. 

She took acting classes and worked to support herself, dancing in small clubs along Hollywood’s Sunset Strip and introducing herself to artists, managers and agents.

According to Berman, “she didn’t wanted to hesitate to approach anyone she thought could help her take a break, make a new connection, or land an audition.”

She has employed various musical styles, including folk rock, pop rock, power balladas, disco, new wave music, rock music, punk rock, arena rock, and hip hop; She  said she has done this to “stay relevant and do work that strikes a chord.” 

Her music has primarily dealt with themes of angst, independence, and women’s self-empowerment; in doing so, she became “a heartbroken symbol of a strong but determinedly single woman”, according to Judy Wieder of Out magazine . cher-career.jpg

Phill Mader, from Goldmine Magazine, credited her “almost flawless” song selection as what made her a famous rock singer; While several of her early songs were written or sung with Sonny Bono, most of her solo hits, which outnumbered Sonny and Cher’s hits, were composed by independent songwriters, selected by Cher. 

Robert Hilburn of the Los Angeles Times writes, “There were many great records by female singers in the early days of rock… None, however, reflected as much of the authority and dominance that we associate with rock ‘n’ roll today like early key hits.” 

Some of her early songs deal with topics rarely addressed in American popular music, such as divorce, prostitution, unintended and underage pregnancy, and racism.

According to Joe Viglione, the 1972 single “The Way of Love” is about a woman that is expressing her love for another woman or about a woman that is saying au revoir to a gay man she loved” (“What will you do/ When he sets you free / Like you / He said goodbye to me”). cher-singing-the-way-of-love.jpg

Her ability to carry masculine and feminine ranges allowed her to sing solo on androgynous and gender-neutral songs. 

She has a contralto voice, described by author Nicholas E. Tawa as “bold, deep, and with a spacious vibrato”.  Ann Powers of The New York Times called her “a quintessential rock voice: impure, quirky, a good vehicle for projecting personality.”

Bruce Eder of AllMusic wrote that the “tremendous intensity and passion” of Cher’s voice coupled with “her ability to fuse that projection with her own acting chops” can provide “an incredibly powerful experience for the listener. “

The Guardian ‘s Laura Snapes described her voice as “miraculous, capable of conveying vulnerability, Paul Simpson, in his book The Rough Guide to Cult Pop, posits that “Cher is the possessor of one of pop’s gruffest, most distinctive voices who can work wonders with the right material.” Directed by the right producer.” 

In addition, she addresses the credibility of her vocal performances: “she spits out the words … with such conviction that one would think she is delivering an eternal truth about the human condition.”

Sonny And Cher

She herself met performer Sonny Bono in November 1962 when he was working for record producer Phil Spector. Her friend moved away and she accepted Sonny’s offer to be her housekeeper.sonny-and-cher.jpg

Sonny introduced her to Spector, who used her as a backup singer on many recordings, including the Ronettes’ “Be My Baby” and the Righteous Brothers’ “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin”

Spector produced her first single, “Ringo, I Love You”, which Cher recorded under the name Bonnie Jo Mason. The song was rejected by many radio station programmers because they thought Cher’s deep contralto voice was a man’s voice; therefore, they believed he was a homosexual man singing a love song dedicated to Beatles drummer Ringo Starr

She and Sonny became close friends, eventual lovers, and performed their own unofficial wedding ceremony in a hotel room in Tijuana, Mexico, on October 27, 1964.

Although Sonny had wanted to cast Cher as a solo artist, she encouraged him to perform with her because she suffered from stage fright, and he began joining her on stage, singing the harmonies. 

Cher disguised her nervousness by looking at Sonny; she later commented that she sang to people through him. In late 1964, they emerged as a duo called Caesar & Cleo, releasing the poorly received singles “Do You Wanna Dance?“, “Love Is Strange“, and “Let the Good Times Roll“. sonny-and-cher-in-do-you-wanna-dance.jpg

She was signing with Liberty Records’ Imperial imprint at the end of 1964, and Sonny was becoming her producer. The single “Dream Baby“, released under the name “Cherilyn”, received airplay in Los Angeles.  Imperial encouraged her to work with him on her second solo single for the label, a cover of Bob Dylan’s “All I Really Want to Do“. 

It reached number 15 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1965. Meanwhile, the Byrds had released their own version of the same song. As the singles chart competition between Cher and the Byrds began, the group’s record label began promoting the B-side of the Byrds’ single.

Roger McGuinn of the Byrds was commenting, “We loved Cher’s version. We didn’t want to bother each other. So we turned our record around.” 

Her debut album, All I Really Want to Do (1965), reached number 16 on the Billboard 200;  AllMusic’s Tim Sendra later described it as “one of the strongest folk-pop records of the era”.

Cher Net Worth

The singers estimated net worth is $305 million.cher-net-worth-1.jpg

Cher Private Life

Beginning in 1990, she served as a donor and as the National President and Honorary Spokesperson for the Children’s Craniofacial Association, whose mission is “to empower and give hope to children with facial disfigurements and their families.” 

Her annual Family Retreat is held each June to provide craniofacial patients, their siblings, and parents the opportunity to interact with others who have been through similar experiences. She supports and promotes the Get A-Head Charitable Trust, whose goal is to improve the quality of life for people with head and neck conditions. 

She is a donor, fundraiser, and international spokesperson for Keep a Child Alive, an organization that seeks to accelerate action to combat the AIDS pandemic, including providing antiretroviral drugs to children and their families with HIV/AIDS.

In 1996, she was hosting the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) Benefit alongside Elizabeth Taylor at the Cannes Film Festival

In 2015, she was receiving the amfAR Inspiration Award for “her will and her ability to use her fame for the greater good” and for being “one of the great champions in the fight against AIDS “. cher-private-life.jpg

In 2007, she became the main sponsor of the Peace Village School (PVS) in Ukunda, Kenya, which “provides nutritious food, health care, education, and extracurricular activities for more than 300 orphaned and vulnerable children, ages 2 to 13.” “.

Their support enabled the school to acquire land and build permanent housing and school facilities, and in partnership with Malaria No More and other organizations piloted an effort to eliminate malaria mortality and morbidity for children, their caregivers and the surrounding community.

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