Daniel LaBelle was born on August 12, 1987 in Wisconsin, which means he is 34 years old. However, nothing is known about his father and his mother; however, he has a sister and a brother.

  • The zodiac sign of Daniel is Leo. 
  • Her height is 5’9 ”or 175cm.
  • It weighs 68 kilograms or 150 lbs

Daniel LaBelle Biography

He studied digital media at John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

As a child, he drew and then became a serious long-distance runner. He’s also amassed over 12 million subscribers on YouTube and posted many of his classic quick videos.

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Favorite food-Pizza

Favorite color-blue black

Favorite actor-Will Smith, Tom Cruz

Favourite place-Parish, Maldives

Daniel LaBelle is a YouTuber known for his comedy parody on social media. On YouTube, he calls himself Daniel LaBelle and has 11.3 million subscribers. He joined YouTube on March 11, 2009 and uploaded the first video in 2010 titled “Kleenex Commercial”.

The most viewed video on his channel is “Home Alone in a Rush”, it has been viewed over 309 million times, and some of his other most viewed videos are “Home Burglar Vs. Home Owner”, “Moves You Can Use with your siblings to make your home life more efficient,” and many more.

His footage mostly consists of him engaging in fun physical activities. These movies are usually short, lasting no more than two minutes. On Instagram, he goes by daniellabelle1 and has 2.1 million followers with 306 posts, and his bio says “Fitness Comedian”.

Through the company’s many web-based media channels, Daniel LaBelle earns money as a product affiliate. Daniel LaBelle earns money by promoting the business or things on social networks, and receives a fee for each transaction. Daniel LaBelle also makes money from brand deals.

Daniel has his own Amazon store page where you can buy his favorite books, the grooming products he uses, and the technology he uses.

It also sells merchandise which is usually for a limited time.

He likes to travel and has been to many places, including Mexico.

Love non-verbal communication.

Some comedians he was inspired by are Rowan Atkinson, Curly Howard, Lou Costello and Jim Carrey.

Daniel is known for making his own genre of comedy very unique. He often creates videos with non-verbal comedies.

He completed his studies at an unknown school and then took a course in digital media at John Brown University, Arkansas.

He was a professional wedding and brand photographer who later became popular in Tiktok.

Its content mainly consists of him doing physical activity in a comic sense. These videos are generally short and cannot be more than two minutes long.

Subsequently, Daniel released another video, “So Long, Farewell-lip-sync”.

Daniel took a 5 year hiatus to release his next video, “Frozen’s” For the First Time in Forever “in lip sync”, which has garnered over 2.1 million views.

Another five years later, Daniel finally got a regular upload schedule when he released “When Trying to Pose Young Children for a Picture” which garnered over 6.4 million views.

On December 7, 2021, Daniel LaBelle released his most popular YouTube video, “Home Alone in a Rush”, which garnered over 232.4 million views and over 12 million likes.

Daniel uses his second channel to share behind-the-scenes videos and all his “mix-ups” before getting his final clip.

He earns between 200,000 and 800,000 likes on any of his Instagram posts.

Daniel is currently the 75th most followed TikTokehm, just 150,000 behind Jacob Sartorius.

Daniel LaBelle Net Worth

As of 2022, Daniel LaBelle has an estimated  net worth  of approximately  $ 3.5 million . He earns his income through various advertising revenues and sponsorships. Daniel is expected to reach as high as  $ 42,000  per sponsored social media post. 

It also sells  merchandise  which is usually for a  limited time .

Daniel LaBelle Career

He used Celine Dion ‘s song “My Heart Will Go On” in a comedy video on TikTok in 2020.

He started his TikTok career by posting funny comic videos. After regularly posting funny videos, his videos of him started gaining views and eventually he became famous. He currently has over 25 million followers and 550 million total likes on Tiktok videos.

Daniel LaBelle launched his  YouTube  channel on  11th March 2009  and started uploading on the same day. However, Daniel has only posted  three YouTube videos  on his channel for over ten years. 

It started uploading regularly on  23rd January 2020 . with his first video,  “When Trying to Pose Children for a Picture” , a short comic video. As she uploaded videos like these, she began to gain some recognition, amassing millions of views across many of these types of videos.

Its content mainly consists of him doing  physical activity in a comic sense . These videos are generally short and cannot be more than two minutes long. 

Daniel is arguably the most successful  non-verbal comedian  on social media platforms.

On September 16, 2021, Daniel created his second YouTube channel,  “Daniel LaBelle Plus” . As of 2022, this channel has gained ground  221,000 subscribers  and over 63.2 million views. Daniel uses this channel to share behind-the-scenes videos and all his “misunderstandings” before getting his final clip.

In January 2012, Daniel created his  Twitter  account. He has gained nearly  3,000 followers  and mostly interacted with fans of him.

Daniel LaBelle is also very popular  on Instagram , where he finished  2 million followers . He often posts photos of his daily life and funny  Instagram reels . He earns anywhere  from 200,000 to 800,000  likes on any of his posts about him. Daniel can get up to  2 million likes  if some of his Instagram reels go  viral .

On July 14, 2020, Daniel created his  TikTok  account. As of 2022, Daniel has gained over  25.1 million followers  and over 550.6 million likes. Daniel is currently  the 75th most watched TikToker , just 150,000 behind Jacob Sartorius. He’s not your usual dancing teenager and really stands out for his unique comic style.

Daniel LaBelle Private Life

Daniel LaBelle is a married person, his wife’s name is Bailey LaBelle and they also share a son, James David LaBelle on December 28, 2021. His brother Caleb was featured on their TikTok account.

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