Larry Page (March 26, 1973) businessman and founder of Google. His baptismal name is Lawrence Edward Page. He was born in East Lansing, Michigan, United States. Page created with the help of Sergei Brin the most famous search engine in the world today, Google.

Larry Page Net Worth

The 5 foot 11 1/4 inch tall internet guru is definitely one of the richest and richest inventors in the world. 

He moved from his previous ranking by Forbes as the 12th richest person in the world with his previous earnings pegged at $48.8 billion in the first half of 2018 to the 9th richest person in the world in December 2018 with his net worth largely estimated at $51.3 billion in its entirety.

Larry Page Biography

His parents, Gloria Page and Carl V. Page, were university professors, his mother was a professor of programming at the University of Michigan and his father a professor of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of North Carolina and the University of North Carolina. University of Michigan.

His father made an important contribution as a pioneer and authority in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Now, as a child, Page attended a Montessori school in Lansing. 

His passion for computers and information technology was inherited from his parents, and at the age of twelve he was already creating various technological inventions. He read several books about Nikola Tesla , the idol of his youth. 

Following the advice of his parents, he attended East Lansing High School. Upon graduating with honors, he entered Michigan State University to study Computer Engineering.

He earned his first degree in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Michigan graduating with honors in his field. His exploits at the University of Michigan include creating inkjet printers from Lego bricks, ink cartridge mechanism, he even presented plans to the school for the use of Podcars.

Immediately after graduation, he proceeded to Stanford University where he earned a Master of Science in Computer Science and also earned a Ph.D. from the same Stanford University without submitting his master’s thesis, a rule that has been maintained at the school ever since for aspiring students.

Subsequently, he did a Ph.D. in Computer Science at Stanford University. Here he met Brin , who was pursuing graduate studies on a National Science Foundation fellowship. 

Brin is a computer and internet entrepreneur born on August 21, 1973, to parents of Russian Jewish origin in Moscow. Like Page, he didn’t stray far from his parents’ careers. His father was a math professor at the University of Maryland, while his mother did a lot of the research work at the Goddard Space Flight Center for NASA. He had all of his educational activities in Maryland after the family left Russia for the United States.

Perhaps, one can safely say that fate and destinybrought together like minds Sergey Brin and Larry Page at Stanford University, where their association began in 1995 as friends. The pair joined forces and formed Google Incorporated in 1998 after their college days. 

The company was born out of the need to obtain real-time ranking/relevant material or results entered on the internet in the ‘Backrub’ project which, after much funding from loved ones and faculty members, in addition to intensive research and Scientific research finally gave rise to the PageRank algorithm of the web crawler that organizes search results according to their relevance.

Larry Page is a naturally creative and innovative internet personality and guru. American inventor founded Google, one of the fastest and most recognized search engines in the world. He took the professional line of the family from him and made a huge success of creating a brand that is sure to remain a history book for centuries to come.

Page is also credited for creating PageRank (an algorithm named after him), he is also the CEO of Alphabet Incorporated. His contributions to the world order on the Internet have earned him and his fellow founder Sergey Brin various awards and honorary academic titles such as a communication award known as the Marconi Foundation Award in 2004, another King Philip of Austria Communication Award in 2008, Fellow of American Arts and Science. Page also received an honorary degree from her Alma Mataa – University of Michigan.

Still a testament to his major contributions to the internet world, he was voted one of the most powerful people of 2015 and arrived with Italian citizenship from Agrigento in August 2017. The list goes on and on, but here’s a look at his beginnings.

Larry Page Career

His great motivation was the inefficiency and multiple errors of the existing search engines at that time. It is said that Page was a great help to Brin because his intelligence and also his great business skills led to the creation of what is now Google. 

In short, Page was responsible for the high speed of Google. By 1995 Brin and Page were very good friends and shared their taste for computers and both were very motivated to develop their internet browser. His question was how to download the entire web. His intention, then, was to organize world information and make it universally accessible and useful.

They held several meetings with brilliant people in the field, and they met Andy Bechtolsheim, an investor at Sun Microsystems. They decided to pitch their idea, also did a quick demo, and without a second thought, got Bechtolsheim to write them a check for $100,000 to get them started on the project. Although with this amount they only managed to start the project, the enthusiastic young people began to get other financial support and various sources of income.

Consequently, Brin and Page managed to get two of the most important venture capital firms in the United States: Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Sequoia Capital, to agree to finance their idea. They then raised $25 million. 

The project kept going. At first they thought of the word googol to baptize their search engine, a term invented by the mathematician Edward Kasner to name the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. They later changed their name to Google. We should mention that Yahoo! played an essential role in driving Google.

Yahoo! collaborated by encouraging the creation of their own search engine, the couple of colleagues began to offer the possibility of searching through that engine on their popular portal. By 2003, Google swept the daily searches, with about 112 million, compared to Yahoo!, which only supported about 42 million. 

Page showed himself to be a leader, since he generated important results and demonstrated his ambitious ideas. For this reason, Page was CEO of Google until 2001. The reason is that Page became less involved in the day-to-day management of the company.

Something really innovative was that Google allowed cyberusers to easily locate images, newsgroups and searches using the subject directory tool of the Open Directory, an international project of volunteers who catalog web pages by hand. 

After a few years, thanks to the popularity of Google, the colleagues received a Webby, an award. By 2011, Larry decided to reclaim the title of CEO. He reshuffled the company’s top management, launching Google+, Chromebook, Google Glass and other services. Page continued to lead Google until 2015, until he became the CEO of parent company Alphabet.

Larry also dedicates some of his wealth to other causes such as Planetary Resources, which aims to mine asteroids; Tesla; and Twigtale, a children’s book personalization startup. He also invested in the Carl Victor Page Memorial Foundation in honor of his father.

He has also invested a lot of money in “Zee.Aero”, a highly innovative aircraft company. Page is also an investor in Kitty Hawk, the company recently built a one-person electric plane. Larry was named “Global Leader of Tomorrow” at the World Economic ForumHe is on the National Advisory Committee (NAC) for the University of Michigan School of Engineering, the creators of Google received the Marconi Award in 2004. He is currently the President of Products for Google Inc.

Larry Page Private Life

In 2007, Larry organized his personal life. His wife was Lucinda Southward, who graduated from Stanford. His specialty is biometric computing. Lawrence Edward and Lucinda have been married for over ten years. Page’s chosen one is engaged in charity work. She is involved in projects to help South Africa.

All of Lucinda’s ventures are actively supported by her husband. The family has two children. Possessor of outstanding intelligence and ingenuity, the entrepreneur is a fan of roller hockey and kitesurfing. He is busy searching for alternative energy sources, collaborating with developers of electric vehicles, constantly improving his knowledge, striving for new discoveries.

Due to the appearance of problems with his vocal cords, Page began to finance the Voice Health Institute, which is dedicated to research to overcome voice problems.

Larry Page is one of the twenty richest people in the world according to Forbes. Paige, who became the founder of modern search engines, did not limit herself to just this contribution. His life is not based on the principle of “success at any cost.”

Since childhood, the invention has become the main dream. I wanted to help all users with effective searches. As a result, the businessman-programmer himself reached incredible financial heights without leaving the rating lists for several years.

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