Brian Hugh Warner was born in Canton, Ohio, 1969 and he is an American rock singer. His stage name is also that of the band that the eccentric vocalist created in 1989.

“I have never wanted to feel locked into my own character. That is why I have sought to do things outside of music. I don’t want to be the person that others expect me to be.”

Marilyn Manson Biography

Educated at Heritage Christian School and Glen Oak Public School, he later studied journalism and drama at Broward Community College. 

At eighteen, when the family moved to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, he began the particular pilgrimage that took him from New Orleans to California and there to reside in the house of Manson’s most famous victim, the actress Sharon Tate.

Manson had drunk since adolescence from sources as full of provocation as Kiss , David Bowie , Black Sabbath, Adam Ant, Ronnie James Dio, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden , Motley Crue, Alice Cooper or AC/DC. 

At that time, although he dreamed of becoming a televangelist, his satanic and provocative look and his mastery of various instruments (drums, guitar, flute, clarinet) pointed to any appropriate vehicle of expression, and a metal band seemed the most appropriate. 

Marilyn Manson Career

This is how groups like Satan on Fire, Manson & Twiggy or Mrs. Scabtree went down in history until he founded (with Daisy Berkowitz as the main vocalist) Marilyn Manson, the group that brought him to fame. 

In 1989, Warner adopted the name Marilyn Manson and, along with Daisy Berkowitz, Madonna Wayne Gacy, and Olivia Newton Bundy (all male despite their female stage names, formed from the fusion of a famous star’s first name and a psychopath) decided to create, with the support of a drum machine, the group Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids.

From the beginning, their sexually ambiguous aesthetic, which connected them to their glam rock idols, was their main hallmark. 

That and, logically, a music arising from his passion for artists as diverse as David Bowie, Bauhaus, Black Sabbath or Nine Inch Nails. That is to say, a hybrid of after-punk, glam, heavy metal in its satanic aspect and industrial rock, all served with carefully provocative texts and staging.

In 1990, Gidget Gein replaced Olivia Newton Bundy, who joined the Collapsed Lung, and in 1991, Sara Lee Lucas replaced the drum machine and started as the group’s drummer. 

Shortening their name to Marilyn Manson, in 1993, with their popularity on the rise, they were signed to the Nothing label, thanks to Manson’s friendship with label boss Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. 

It was Reznor himself who produced Marilyn Manson’s first LP in 1994, Portrait of an American Family , in which bassist Twiggy Ramírez had already replaced Gidget Gein, who was expelled from the group for his heroin addiction.

In 1995 Ginger Fish took the place of Sara Lee Lucas, who had previously been expelled from the group, and Marilyn Manson’s second album, Smells Like Children , was released, which was really a rehash of covers and remixes. 

The following year, guitarist Zim Zum filled the position vacated by Daisy Berkowitz, and the group’s third effort, Antichrist Superstar , was released .

In 1997, after Twiggy and Marilyn appeared in David Lynch ‘s film Lost Highway , a mix mini-LP was released, Remix and repent , and in 1998 Mechanical Animals was released , an album in which the production passed out of hands from Trent Reznor to those of Michael Beinhorn, a member of Material and producer of Hole or Red Hot Chili Peppers, with which the group’s sound evolved from industrial rock to a style closer to glam rock.

After the release of the album, Zim Zum left the group and scandals and controversies continued. 

They broke off their relations with Hole in the middle of a stormy American tour and, after being accused of the suicide of several teenagers, they were accused of having been instigators of the mass murder that two young Americans perpetrated in a school in the town of Littleton (Colorado).

For his father, Hugh Warner, a car salesman of German and Polish descent and proud of his son’s career, Brian Warner is just Manson. 

His mother, on the other hand, does not live in peace. The singer’s antichrist fame gives her demonic visions, and she persists in calling him Brian. 

His designation as honorable reverend of the Church of Satan blurs a profile that encloses, among his most visible edges, an inveterate reader who writes stories and poems, draws, paints, and adorns his bachelorhood with the attractive actress Rose McGowan .

Marilyn Manson Major Works 

He is best known for his album ‘Antichrist Superstar‘, which was a rock opera concept album with controversial songs. 

The album went platinum in both the United States and Canada, selling well in other countries as well. The album established Marilyn Manson as a popular rock star.

Marilyn Manson Awards and Achievements 

He won the ‘MTV Video Music Award’ for ‘Best Cinematography in a Video‘ for his ‘The Dope Show’ music video in 1999. In 2000, he won the ‘Metal Edge Readers‘ Choice Award’ for ‘Best Performer. Male of the Year.’

Marilyn Manson Philanthropy

He has supported various charitable causes throughout his career. In 2002, he worked with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help a fan who had been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. 

16-year-old Andrew Baines from Tennessee was invited into the band’s recording studio to record backing vocals for their next album, The Golden Age of Grotesque . 

He said on his website: “Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with Andrew, who reminded me that the things I create are only completed by those who enjoy them. I just want to simply say, thank you Andrew for sharing such an important wish with me.”

He contributed to Oxfam’s “Rumble in the Jumble” event in 2013, which raised money to help victims of domestic and sexual abuse in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

He has supported various organizations, such as Music for Life and Little Kids Rock, which provide access to musical instruments and education for children from low-income families.

He has also worked with Project Nightlight, a group that encourages children and teens to speak out against physical and sexual abuse. 

In 2019, he performed alongside Cyndi Lauper at her annual ‘Home for the Holidays’ benefit concert, with all proceeds being donated to Lauper’s True Colors United, which “works to develop solutions for homeless youth that are centered on unique LGBTQ experiences.

Marilyn Manson Accusations Of Abuse

Several of Manson’s ex-girlfriends began communicating with each other in September 2020, primarily through an Instagram profile originally set up to “expose” Manson’s then-girlfriend – and current wife – Lindsay Usich as “crazy  possessive.”

In a letter dated January 21, 2021, California State Senator Susan Rubio wrote to the Director of the FBI and the United States Attorney General, asking them to investigate allegations that several women had made against Manson.

On February 1, ex-fiancée Evan Rachel Wood accused him of abuse. On Instagram and in a statement to Vanity Fair, she claimed that he had been emotionally, physically, and sexually abusive during their relationship more than a decade earlier.

Following Wood’s accusations, several other women made various accusations against Manson on Instagram. A former assistant claimed that he witnessed Manson verbally abusing Usich. 

Obviously, my art and life have long been magnets for controversy, but these recent claims about me are horrible distortions of reality. My intimate relationships have always been completely consensual with like-minded partners.

Regardless of how, and why, others now choose to misrepresent the past, that is the truth. 

In the aftermath of the allegations, Manson was fired for distributing record label Loma Vista Recordings, his talent agency Creative Artists,  and his manager Tony Ciulla.

He was also removed from future episodes of the television series American Gods and Creepshow , in which he was scheduled to appear. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed on February 19, 2021 that they were investigating Manson due to allegations of domestic violence. 

Former girlfriend Esmé Bianco filed a lawsuit against Manson and his former manager on April 30, accusing Manson of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, and also accusing Manson and his former manager of a violation of human trafficking laws. 

Manson’s legal representative said the claims “are demonstrably false,” and that the lawsuit was filed only after Manson refused to be extorted by Bianco and her attorney, while a Ciulla Management representative said the claim “was not only without legal merit but also offensive and absurd.

We look forward to formally challenging these entirely frivolous allegations.

Marilyn Manson Net Worth

His net worth is $5 millions.

Marilyn Manson Private Life

He was engaged to actress Rose McGowan. However, they broke off their engagement. 

He married Dita Von Teese in November 2004 after dating for four years. The marriage did not last long as Dita filed for divorce in 2006.

Manson’s alcoholism and infidelity were cited as reasons for the separation. He was also romantically involved with Evan Rachel Wood and Lindsay Usich.

He is the godfather of Jonny’s Depp daughter, Lily-Rose Depp.

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