Born on August 29, 1958, in Gary, Indiana, United States, Michael Joseph Jackson was the seventh of nine children born to Joseph and Katherine Jackson .

American singer, top pop star of the eighties. An excellent dancer and vocalist, endowed with an undoubted appeal to his countless fans around the world, Michael Jackson also showed a special talent for business related to the world of music and entertainment. 

His private life was a constant source of news -not always positive- reflected in profusion of headlines in magazines and other general information publications.

Michael Jackson Net Worth

He was a composer together with Lionel Richie of the song ‘ We Are the World ‘ (1985), a theme that was performed by a group of more than forty famous singers; all the profits obtained from the sales of the album and the video were donated to organizations in charge of the fight against hunger.

Michael Jackson took over the publishing rights to the songs of the Beatles , for which he paid 40 million dollars and for which he lost the friendship of Paul McCartney.

Michael Jackson was worth an estimated $236 million when he died, while he was over $400 million in debt. His assets were worth far more, with the IRS valuing his estate at $1.3 billion after his death.

Michael Jackson Biography

At the end of 2008, and after many media outlets speculated that Michael Jackson was suffering from a genetic disease and urgently needed a lung transplant, the artist’s official spokesman sent a statement outright denying such information.

Rumors about his state of health were continuous during 2008 and early 2009 (it was said that he had a bacterium that was destroying his skin and lung cancer), however, representatives and those responsible for his last tour This It Is, which was never celebrated due to his sudden death, denied each of them. But the eccentricities and public appearances of him, although few, continued to raise comments.

However, the sudden announcement of a farewell tour made Michael shut up many mouths. After several potholes in his career, in 2009, the king of pop promised, in a massive press conference, to come back strong. With the same one with which he wielded a microphone when he barely rose from the ground. 

Michael announced that he was preparing a tour of about 50 concerts at the O2 Arena, in London, where he planned to say goodbye in style to the stage playing the songs that his fans wanted.

Michael got down to work to give his fans what he knew how to do best, sing and dance. Jackson rehearsed choreography and prepared a show that promised to leave everyone speechless. Following closely his rehearsals were his children with whom he enjoyed the time that work left him free. 

However, an intoxication of the anesthetic propofol in combination with other medications supplied by his personal measure Conrad Murray ended his life on June 25, 2009, leaving half the last great performance of his life.His sudden death shocked the world, and in every corner of the planet someone cried the death of the king of pop.

His funeral, held on July 6, 2009 at the Staples Center stadium, became a tribute to his music, a gathering of friends and a massive goodbye. There were his children, his parents, his brothers and all those who at some point in his life shared a few minutes with Michael.

And after an exhaustive autopsy and just over two months after his sudden death, on September 3, 2009, the body of the king of pop was buried in the Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale, Los Angeles.

The funeral, of an intimate nature and guarded by strong security measures, was attended by around a hundred people, among whom were the closest relatives and friends of the king of pop, including Corey Feldman, Brooke Shields, Lisa Marie Presley, Mila Kunis, Chris Tucker, Steve Wonder, Elizabeth Taylor, and Diana Ross.

His funeral was presided over by the artist’s gold-plated coffin and ‘guarded’ by two great images of the king of pop and during the ceremony Michael’s music was the soundtrack.


At that time, the media continually launched numerous rumors such as: he sleeps in an oxygen chamber, he wants to buy the remains of the “elephant man”, he hates being black and turns white, etc.

He joined his brothers again on a six-month tour, after the Jacksons released Victory (1984). In that same year and during the production of a Pepsi commercial he suffered burns and his hair burned after an explosion.

Michael Jackson Career

He began his career as an 11-year-old boy alongside his brothers in the Jackson Five , with whom he released hit songs like I Want You Back and ABC . However, already at the age of five he had shown an incredible talent for song at a school Christmas function . 

The pressure of sales, fame, disputes with his brothers, traveling companions in the Jackson Five, everything formed an indissoluble part of a childhood that culminated when at the age of twelve he was already considered a world star.

As an anecdotal fact of what the Jackson Five were , and then him alone, some chilling sales figures that many established musicians would like for themselves: the five Jackson brothers sold, while performing together under the patronage of Diana Ross, more than one hundred million copies.

World fame came to him with his solo career, which began in 1979 with the album Off The Wall , which included hits such as Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough and Rock With You . His second album, 1982’s Thriller , is the best-selling album in history. His subsequent works – Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991) and History (1995) – also achieved million-seller sales worldwide.With a unique style and personality, Michael Jackson is an icon in the history of music that has influenced many artists of later generations.

Enigmatic, ambiguous, mysterious with his big quirks and touches of generosity, Jackson won 13 Grammy Awards and sold over 750 million records . He also stood out for his charitable work for him, helping a multitude of charitable causes through his foundation, especially those related to childhood. 

Fame brought him the adoration of the public and his style, always original and groundbreaking (he has become obsessed with cosmetic surgery), set a trend, while Neverland, his enormous ranch, became a symbol and place of pilgrimage for his loyal fans, just like Graceland was for Elvis fans.

Michael Jackson Discography
-Got to Be There (1972)
-Ben (1972)
-Music and Me (1973)
-Forever, Michael (1975)
-Off the Wall (1979)
-Thriller (1982)
-Bad (1987)
-Dangerous (1991)
-HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I (1995)
-Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix (1997)
-Invincible (2001)
-This Is It (2009)
-Michael (2010)
Michael Jackson Tours
-Bad World Tour (1987–89)
-Dangerous World Tour (1992–93)
-HIStory World Tour (1996–97)
Michael Jackson Filmography
-The Wizard, 1986
-Captain EO, 1988
– Moonwalker, 1997
– Ghosts, 2002
– Men in Black I, I2004
– Miss Cast Away and the Island Girls, 2009
– Michael Jackson’s This Is It
Jackson sold more than 750 million records worldwide throughout his career; he won a total of 13 Grammy Awards, 23 American Music Awards, and the video for his song From Him, Billie Jean , was the first by a black artist to air on MTV. His total lifetime earnings are estimated at $500 million.
He was nicknamed “The King of Pop” and in 1991 signed a contract with Sony for 65 million dollars. Previously, the album Bad (1987) was a best-seller, as was Dangerous (1992) and the single ‘ Remember the Time ‘ (1992) which was followed by History-Past, Present and Future – (1995) and Blood on the dance-floor (1997).

Michael Jackson Private Life

In 1993, Jackson secretly married Lisa Marie Presley in the Dominican Republic ., only daughter of Elvis Presley. This link caused public opinion to be divided into two: that of those who saw the union as a publicity stunt to make Michael go back to being the star he always was; and that of his followers who found in this marriage a beautiful love story that linked the king of pop with the king of rock.

The couple broke up two years later on friendly terms. In 1997, the singer married again, this time to nurse Deborah Jeanne Rowe, with whom he had his two oldest children: Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. (also called “Prince”), and Paris Michael Katherine Jackson. They divorced in 1999, with Rowe awarding Jackson full custody of the children.His third son, Prince Michael Jackson II, was born in 2002 without the artist revealing the identity of the child’s mother, although it was said that he had used a surrogate mother.

Sexual Abuse

In 1994, he agreed to pay a sum of 23 million dollars to the family of a teenager who accused him of sexual abuse, according to Court TV , a channel specializing in court cases. According to the court document, the transfer of this sum should not be considered as evidence that Jackson misbehaved towards the young man. 

The document adds that the singer agreed to pay solely to prevent these accusations from disturbing the evolution of his career.In February 2003, the report ‘ Living with Michael Jackson’, in which the singer admitted to sleeping with children. So, those close to the musician were frightened by the consequences that he could have and tried to avoid them. “The fact that he rationalized his behavior on television was the beginning of his downfall.”

In July 2004, he was accused by prosecutors at a hearing in the Court of Santa María (California, west), of building his estate ‘ Neverland ‘ (‘Never Land’), to seduce, kidnap and sexually abuse children. 

The judge decided to postpone the beginning of the process to January 31, 2005. On June 13, 2005, Michael Jackson was found not guilty by the jury in the trial for alleged sexual abuse of a minor. 

The verdict vindicated the pop music star, who insisted that he was the victim of a scam led by the family that accused him and a prosecutor with a desire for revenge. In March 2006, US authorities ordered the closure of the ranch.

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