She is an American model with 25 million Instagram followers who has signed a contract with IMG Models since 2014.

She was voted “Model of the Year” for the 2016 Awards of the Year. She hails from a family known to be on the trail starting with his mother, sister and brother.



Eye colour-Blues / Greens

Hair color-Dark Browns

Bella Hadid Biography

Bella Hadid was born in 1996 in the family of an American millionaire, Palestinian of nationality Mohamed Hadid (his fortune in 2017 was estimated at 200 million dollars). As for the mother, she is from South Holland, her maiden name is Yolanda van den Herik. In the past, by the way, she was also a model.

Bella has a brother, Anwar, an older sister, Gigi, as well as several other half-sisters from other father-mother marriages.

In 2012, Bella learned that she had chronic Lyme disease. The chronic disease also affected her mother and her brother. Although she suffered from a serious illness during all those years, her illness did not become public until October 2015.

It is very rare for the 24-year-old model to speak about her illness. Bella Hadid posted a slideshow of herself receiving intravenous treatment to her Instagram account. “Living with an autoimmune disease = always finding time for my IVs,” she captioned the series of photos.

Her mother, Yolanda, 57, and her brother Anwar, 21, also have the disease, transmitted by a tick bite. “Life is not always what it seems from the outside. The hardest part is being judged by how you look rather than how you feel.” 

In the fall of 2014, Bella moved to New York City and began her education in photography at the Person School of Design. Unfortunately, she had to drop out of school to pursue her modeling career. She had a desire to go back to school and become a professional photographer after completing her modeling contract. She also wanted to become an actress in the Hollywood industry.

Interestingly, as a teenager, Bella was quite shy and complex about her own appearance. In particular, the future model was worried about her excess weight. Bella’s main hobby at that time was equestrian sports. But when doctors diagnosed her with Lyme disease and she had to stop working out.

-Astrological sign-Balance

-Locality-United States

-Carrier start-1990


-Hobbies-Horse riding

-Favorite meal-Pizza

-Favorite actors-David Bowie

-Favorite singer-Prince

-Favorite song-Don’t Save Me (HAIM)

Bella Hadid’s Instagram recently blew up after the model made a huge statement about mental health awareness .

It was in reaction to Willow Smith‘s post about her own feelings of inadequacy. Bella said that she shares Willow’s feelings, that a lot of people fight for her self-esteem and that the young star shouldn’t feel alone in her fight.

The beautiful model admits to having struggled with depression and anxiety since childhood. Photos of her crying from Bella Hadid can be found along with her response, along with her statement:

It’s practically my daily life, every night. For a few years.”

Bella Hadid also said that she has experienced “enough breakdown and burnout” to realize that understanding your traumas, triggers and happiness can help you better manage your mental well-being.

She is proud to be Muslim. She stated this as an opposition to immigration policies. He also said her father was a successful American businessman and a good person. She thinks people shouldn’t be treated special because of their ethnicity. He also advocates for equality in marriage.

She was charged with DUI. He got 25 hours of community service. She was also forced to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Bella Hadid Plastic Surgeries

Since she never confirmed that she was under the knife, Bella Hadid’s cosmetic surgeries are speculative.

People think I’ve had all these surgeries or done this or that… I’m scared to get lip fillers. I wouldn’t want to get my face dirty.

Dr. Julian De Silva conducted facial mapping research on photos of Bella as teenagers. According to the report, she was missing the small nose, chiseled cheekbones, and catlike eyes that she has today. It also seems obvious that the fashion icon has recently had a facelift.

Some fans suspect that her inability to admit that she had reconstructive surgery amplified her so-called Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), which subsequently contributed to Bella Hadid’s meltdowns.

Bella Hadid Career

In 2014, Bella moved to New York. It was here that her modeling career began.

The first serious contract was offered to Bella by the agency ING Models in the same 2014.

In 2015, the novice model received the “Star Breakthrough” award from the authoritative portal Moreover, the winner in this case was chosen not by a professional jury, but by readers of glossy resources.

After such a bright debut, she began to be invited to expensive TV shows and music videos. During the year, she participated in four of these clips.

2016 became even more productive for the model. This year, Bella was noticed for her work at CHANEL events (with her sister Gigi Hadid), as well as being the face of famous brands such as Dior, Nike, Calvin Klein and Moschino.

Among other things, in 2016 she starred in a series of videos “Dior makeup with Bella Hadid” and in the short video “Privat”.

Her merits in that year were highly appreciated by professionals. She won Model of the Year at the First Annual Fashoin Los Angeles Awards. And the portal included her in its Top 50 Models of the World.

Another significant achievement of her during this period is the signing of a contract with Victoria’s Secret, a company specializing in the manufacture of lingerie. She take part in a number of  photos for the catalog and became the an angel. This  allowed her to appear at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in Paris. 

In 2017, she became the ambassador of the Italian fashion house Bvlgari and repeatedly presented jewelry under this brand. She was also the face of Bvlgari’s Goldea The Roman Night Eau de Parfum.

She also made glossy Vogue history as the model who appeared on a record number of covers in a month. She graced eight September issues.

In the same 2017, Forbes magazine placed Bella in ninth place in the ranking of the highest paid models. Her income for the year, according to the magazine, was equal to $6 million.

In 2018 and the first half of 2019, Bella  performed extensively for glossy magazines. One of her most recent highlights is a lingerie shoot on the beach for the June 2019 Spanish issue of Vogue.

She has participated in almost all the most prestigious fashion shows of recent times. For example, in February 2019, she could be seen on the catwalk as part of New York Fashion Week.

Bella Hadid Facts
  • Her middle name is Khair, after his grandmother on her father’s side.
  • She started competitive horse riding when she was 3 years old. She is a nationally ranked equestrian.
  • Before becoming a model, she worked in a smoothie restaurant.
  • She has participated in almost all the most prestigious fashion shows of recent times. For example, in February 2019, she could be seen on the catwalk as part of New York Fashion Week.
  • She loves sneakers. She bought sneakers worth $1,000 in October 2017.
  • And she owns a Bentley car worth over $180,000.
  • She was arrested for drunk driving. In July 2014, when she was just 17, Bella was pulled over on the Pacific Coast Freeway in Malibu, California. Bella was driving at 4 am. Angel County Patrol Car. Reports claim Bella blasted a .14, which is almost double the legal limit. To make matters worse, Bella was driving with a suspended license at the time.
  • Bella Hadid believes in being kind to everyone.

Bella Hadid Personal Life

In 2015, she had a boyfriend  Abel Tesfaye, performing under the pseudonym The Weeknd. They were first spotted together at California’s April Festival at Coachella.

Hadid later featured in The Weeknd‘s video for the song “In The Night”. In the fall of 2016, they decided to part. The reason was trivial: being too busy – they could not see each other often.

Also, the media credits her with having romances with singer Justin Bieber and Spanish model John Cortajarena.

In May 2018, it became known that her and The Weekend decided to be togheter again.

Bella Hadid Net Worth

The young and elegant girl  took advantage of numerous job opportunities in the world of modeling. She worked for dozens of big brands. 

The reason why she has been able to accumulate a lot of money for 2019 is her early start as a model. According to the latest figures, Bella has a net worth of $25 million

She owns a luxurious wardrobe, cars, and a house. The girl is only 23 years old in 2019. She will definitely continue to work on more modeling projects. Bella intends to appear on the big screen and debut in the Hollywood industry.

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