Britney Spears is a singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress from the United States. She is also known as the “princess of pop”. She held a 15-year record in the United States for the fastest-selling album by a female artist. She is very active on social media and has a huge fan base there. Her Instagram account has millions of followers. Explore Britney Spears Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Husband, Children, Body Measurements, Net worth, Family, Career and many more facts.

The beginnings of the young prodigy

Britney Spears was born in Kentwood, Louisiana on December 2, 1981. From an early age, she went to singing competitions in her region. At 8, she auditioned for Disney’s TV show, the Mickey Mouse Club. Too young, she is not selected, but her performance impresses and she decides to enroll in a dance and theater school in New York.


Child star grown up

Britney Spears is one of the icons of the Mickey Mouse Club alongside Justin Timberlake and Cristina Aguilera, among others, when she was only 11 years old. After a few solo attempts or in the group Innosense, she tries her luck with several record companies. After a few refusals, she signed her first contract in 1998 and released “…Baby One more Time”. Her candor mixed with her sexy attitude propels her to the top. This success is confirmed by the second album, “Oops!… I Did It Again”. Advertising contracts and tours abound. In 2001, “Britney” is still very well received.

The girl becomes a woman 

In 2001, Britney is no longer a little girl and intends to show it. She appears in a much sexier light on the cover of her third album. Soberly titled “Britney”, this album takes a more R&B turn, as evidenced by the single “I’m a Slave 4 U”. Despite this change of course, success is still there and more than 15 million copies are sold worldwide.

In 2002, she played in the film “Crossroads”, which will not spare critics. This will not prevent him from obtaining a small role shortly after in the third part of the adventures of Austin Powers. Britney also provides a title for the film’s soundtrack.


Place for provocations

That same year, Britney separated from Justin Timberlake and decided to take a break in the fall, at the end of his tour. A break that will not last long since at the beginning of 2003, she returns to the studio. In November, “In the Zone” is released. At the MTV Music Awards, Britney Spears kisses Madonna and Cristina Aguilera on the mouth and makes America tremble. A first provocation followed by more sexual hits like “Toxic” or “My Prerogative”. The title “Toxic”, named Best Dance Song at the 2004 Grammy Awards, as well as its very sexy clip allow the star to stay on top. In January 2004, Britney made headlines after marrying a childhood friend. A union contracted in Las Vegas following a rather drunken evening … and which will be canceled two days later! L’ The following year in 2005, the star married “for real” with Kevin Federline, one of her dancers, while releasing a first best of “Greatest Hits: My prerogative”. In 2007, Britney returned to the top of the charts with “Blackout”, then “Circus” in 2008, and “Femme fatale” in 2010. The public is still there and Britney seems to have calmed down in her personal life after many tumults. “Britney Jean” in 2013 was less successful than previous albums, but the singer moved to Las Vegas where she gave shows.


On September 14, 2005, Britney gave birth to her first child, Sean Preston. That same year, we find her in stores with the remix album “Be in the mix: The remixes”. For a few months, the singer remains in the shadows and devotes herself to her family life. On September 12, 2006, she gave birth to a second boy, Jayden James. 

But in early November 2006, Britney Spears filed for divorce from Kevin Federline in the Los Angeles court for “insurmountable disagreements”.

The star finally announces his great discographic return after three years of absence. It’s a very difficult time for the star, who has to deal with the breakdown of her marriage and continues to be harassed by the paparazzi. In February 2007, she was filmed shaving her head and eventually entered rehab. 

… and back to the light

In April, back on her feet, the star decides to go on an American mini-tour, where she performs her greatest hits.  

After the release of the first single “Gimme More” at the end of August, “Blackout” finally arrived in stores on October 30, 2007. The very electro and dance-oriented opus reached second place in the top album the week of its release in France, as to USA.

It also reached record downloads, and icing on the cake, this success is also critical. The second extract arrives in January 2008, it is “Piece of Me”, a title also very well received by the media.


The album of a whole career

At the end of September 2008, the singer released “Womanizer”, the first extract from her future new album, “Circus”, expected for the beginning of December. This first single from a more urban album would be, according to the person concerned, “the best and most successful of her career”. In any case, he signs a return to the top of the pop star.

For the occasion, the artist surrounded himself with prestigious producers such as Dr Luke, Danja (to whom we owe the hit “Gimme More”), Max Martin (who signed most of his hits), Bloodshy & Avant and Guy Sigsworth (who has worked with Madonna, Alanis Morissette and Bjork, among others). The release of the album coincides with Britney Spears’ 27th birthday on December 2, 2008.

After the release of the singles “Circus”, “If U Seek Amy” and “Radar”, the star embarked in 2009 on a huge world tour, “The Circus Starring: Britney Spears”, during which she gave nearly 100 concerts. .

Time to take stock… and a seventh album

A best-of retracing the artist’s 10-year career was released in November 2009. Entitled “The Singles Collection”, it also houses a new unpublished nugget produced by Max Martin, and called “3”. This title climbed directly to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 when it was released. 

In March 2011, Britney Spears released her seventh studio album, “Femme Fatale”, produced by Max Martin and Dr Luke, a very electro-oriented opus.

“Hold it Against Me”, the first single from this album, went directly to the top of sales in the United States. This is the fourth single No. 1 charts for Britney who also becomes the second artist in history to consecutively enter two singles directly to number one after Mariah Carey. 

On the strength of this success, Britney Spears released two other titles from this album, “Till The World Ends” and “I Wanna Go”, which also ranked at the top of the charts. In the summer of 2011, the superstar embarked on a world tour entitled “Femme Fatale Tour”, which ended in December after nearly 80 performances.


X Factor and the new album 

In May 2012, Britney Spears joined the jury for season 2 of The X Factor in the United States, alongside Simon Cowell, LA Reid and Demi Lovato. A role she takes very seriously, happy to discover new talents. 

In November, the star signs a featuring with entitled “Scream & Shout”. The piece between hip-hop and electro ranks No. 1 in several countries including France and Great Britain. 

During the summer of 2013, Britney Spears sang on the soundtrack of the animated film “The Smurfs 2”. With the title “Ooh La La”, the star sets out to conquer a younger audience.

After many months of work, she returns with a new single, “Work Bitch”, which hits stores on September 16. The sulphurous clip shows a Britney sexier than ever, back to the top of her vocal and physical abilities. The album is expected on December 3, 2013.

As of December 27, Britney Spears begins a two-year residency at Planet Hollywood Casino & Resort in Las Vegas. A few weeks after the opening of reservations, many dates are already sold out.

Her return as a duo

Since 2013, Britney Spears has held her residency in Las Vegas. His show was also voted the best show in town, and was renewed in 2015 for two more years, that is to say until 2017.

The star does not forget the way to the studios. She said in early 2015 that she was currently working on her new album, but didn’t want to rush things. 

But to make her fans wait before the release of her latest opus, Britney Spears released in mid-2015, a new single entitled “Pretty Girls”, in duet with Iggy Azalea. 

At the same time, the star focused on a new area: lingerie. At the end of 2014, she launched her own line of lingerie, “Intimate Britney”, which met with real success in the United States. To promote her brand, the singer does not hesitate to pose in front of photographers, wearing her own creations. 

On the private side, after an affair with David Lucado, she attended producer and director Charlie Ebersol from October 2014 to June 2015. 


The star of 2016, it’s her again! 

On the strength of its success in Las Vegas and its return to the front of the stage, Britney Spears released in May 2016 a game for phones and tablets “Britney Spears: American Dream”. 

Rumors of the release of a new album, supported by statements from the star, are becoming more and more pressing. On May 22, she performed at the Billboard Music Awards, where she performed a medley of her songs and received the Millenium Award, which rewards her for her entire career. 

She also participates in the single “Hands” alongside Jennifer Lopez, Pink, Selena Gomez or Gwen Stefani, which is released on July 6 and was written in memory of the victims of the Orlando shooting, which occurred on June 12. 

The first single from his ninth album, “Make Me”, a duet with G-Eazy, was finally released on July 14. At the beginning of August, she finally reveals the title and release date of her ninth studio album: “Glory” will be released on August 26, 2016. 

Britney Spears released from guardianship 

More music for the moment for Britney Spears, but a poignant legal battle. After 13 years of guardianship by her father, the American singer was finally declared free of her actions by the courts on September 29, 2021. This court verdict was rendered following the #FreeBritney movement, which mobilized thousands of fans around the world. The story of this legal battle can be found in the documentary Britney vs Spears , released on Netflix in September.

Finally freed from her tutelage, Britney Spears exposes herself again to the media world in 2021. She plans to write her memoirs in order to tell her fans everything about her success, but also about her thirteen years of deprivation of freedom. For this, the artist signs a 15 million dollar contract with a publishing house! At the beginning of 2022, the famous song “Toxic” by Britney Spears, released in 2004, is the subject of a mash-up with Ginuwine. “Toxic X Pony” is a huge hit on the TikTok music app.

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