He was an American singer and actor.

“Music can never be bad, whatever they say about rock’n roll.”

Elvis Presley Biography

Son of Vernon and Gladys Presley , who had a twin pregnancy , although, Jesse Aaron Presley , died at birth, so Elvis was growing up as an only child.

His father was workng a series of odd jobs, and in 1938 he was sentenced to three years in prison for forging a four-dollar check (he was spending less than a year behind bars).

His family was moving to Memphis , Tennessee in 1948, where he was graduating in 1953 from Humes High School becoming the first member of his family to earn a high school diploma.

He was asking his parents for a bicycle, but they were so poor that they could only buy him a $12.95 guitar. As a child he did not show a passion for studies, he only was showing interest in baseball and music . He was enjoying blues , country and soul .

Elvis Presley Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, when Elvis died, he was only worth $5 million. Factoring in inflation, that would be around $21 million now ($21,484,158.42 to be exact). Of course, $5 million and $21 million are not small sums, but since Elvis would earn $1 million per performance , he should have been worth much, much more at the time of his death.

His net worth was only $5 million in 1977 due to all of his expenses. He was living a lavish lifestyle, as the most successful person in music tends to do, and that lifestyle came with a hefty bill. 

The star would have hotel rooms remodeled to mimic the interior of Graceland while on tour, spent thousands of dollars updating his family’s home on the Graceland grounds, paid all the bills when he and his close group of friends (known as the ‘Memphis Mafia’) partied, and he had a collection of expensive Cadillac cars (which he eventually started selling near the end of his life).


In 1957, he shelled out $102,500 for one of the most famous residences in the world: Graceland , with eighteen rooms and a spectacular garden. During the 1960s, he got used to living off the bad movies of him installed on the clouds of success.

Elvis Presley Career

At the age of ten, he was singing for the first time in public in a regional contest in which he won second prize. He was earning his first dollars as a movie usher and truck driver for an electric company. He was 1.82 m tall.

In 1953 he was entering the recording studio of Sun Records , a modest local label, and he was recording his first album to give to his mother; she cost him four dollars. His influences were the country gospel music he was hearing at church and the music marathons he regularlywas  attending, as well as the black rhythm and blues music he was absorbing on historic Beale Street .

He was rehearsing alongside bassist Bill Black and guitarist Scotty Moore . In 1954 they was deciding to record two songs That’s All Right Mama and Blue Moon of Kentucky . Neither of them was achieving sufficient repercussion, but their diffusion was enough for Elvis to decide to quit his job and start a career as a professional musician .

The first album was followed by others and also live performances. The melodies were played by the trio were based on cowboy music. Possessor of a voice similar to that of African-American singers; For being white, the doors of the RCA Victor was record label were opened to him, which continues to hold the rights and royalties of the Elvis productions.

At the end of 1954 he had to appear before the judge accused of impregnating one of the founders of his first fan club , but he was found not guilty. Businessman Tom Parker convinced the singer and his mother to accept his services as agent and manager . 

He wasn’t finishing 1955 when the giant RCA he hired him for forty thousand dollars and organized a major advertising campaign around him.

Elvis Presley Songs

At the beginning of 1956 he was arriving in Nashville to work with musicians from the city and from that collaboration his first quality songs would be born, one of them Heartbreak Hotel would reach number one on the charts. 

The same year he was shooting his first film About him Love Me Tender  by Robert D. Webb , an exaltation of the melodic-erotic myth that Elvis, whom his fans called The Pelvis .

In 1958 he was going to the Federal Republic of Germany to perform military service and exploits the image of the patriot and exemplary son of his while new records of his was continuing to appear in America that broke all sales records. The young people was dancing to the rhythm of their songs: Im all Shook , Up , Tuti fruffi .

Elvis Presley In Las Vegas

In 1969 he will return to live, and his concerts were repeating year after year in Las Vegas in an idol worship show. In his later years, his health was deteriorating after years of rigorous diets and pills of all kinds; he at the same time wanted to be a champion of the fight against narcotics and even Nixon wanted to appoint him a special anti-narcotics agent . 

He needed to take twenty-five pills a day to stay on his feet.To go on stage, he would wear tight corsets that hide his obesity, but not before putting on diapers, since sometimes he lost control of his intestines.

Elvis Presley Can’t Help Falling In Love

Can’t Help Falling in Love is Blue Hawaii ‘s most famous song, but the history of this song goes back a couple of centuries, as it is based on a musical work from 1784 called La Romance du Chevrie. 

This is a theme by Jean Paul Égide Martini, a French composer of German origin known for being the author of the music for the wedding of Napoleon Bonaparte and Joséphine de Beauharnais. 

Martini created La romance du Chevrie from a poem by Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian collected in the novel Nouvelle Célestine and the theme, which has become a classic of the time, has survived to this day as Plaisir d’Amour. Doing the kind of rock and roll version of this song was not easy, the original tempo was too slow, requiring Presley to pause between each word of the lyrics.

In Blue Hawaii, he was singing this love song not to his girlfriend, but to his grandmother at her birthday party. When she opened the music box she had given him, Elvis sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love” as the music played. 

Since the song’s release, Presley has sung “Can’t Help Falling in Love” live hundreds of times. He performed it live during the taping of his 1968 special “Comeback” on NBC television. And with the start of their 1969 engagement in Las Vegas at the International Hotel. It should be noted that “Can’t Help Falling in Love” was the last song Elvis sang in public before his death in 1977.

It was the closing of his last concert at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis on June 26, 1977. Time passes and “Can’t Help Falling in Love” remains the most covered Elvis song. 

Among the dozens of other artists who was recording it are Keely Smith, Andy Williams, Al Martino, Bob Dylan, The Stylistics, Shirley Bassey, and U2. In addition to Blue Hawaii, the song has been featured in many other films, like Coyote Ugly and Disney’s Lilo and Stich .

Elvis Presley Private Life

During 1967, he has married Priscilla Beaulie and the following year they had their first daughter, Lisa Marie . On Christmas 1968 he was reappearing in a Christmas special and was screened again as a bestseller.

He was recording more than 600 songs, but none of them were his own. On the other hand, he didn’t  receive copyrights for the records he was recording before 1973, although they continued to sell millions of copies.

Elvis Presley Death

His last words were: Good night, precious, words that he was addressing to his aunt Delta, when she left a bag at his side in which he was keeping the tranquilizers. 

During the night of August 16, 1977, he couldn’t sleep, he got up and he was locking himself in the bathroom with his favorite pills and a book chosen at random from his extensive library of esoteric subjects. 

The next day, after a heart attack , he was appearing rigid on the bed and the coroner ruled a natural death .In the last few months, he was suffering from eye disorders and great nervous tension. 

He was forty-two years old, he was weighed one hundred kilograms, and they found fourteen types of dangerous drugs in his system. 

He was buried at Graceland. Three years later the presence of a large amount of barbiturates in his blood was revealed, his personal doctor was accused of being responsible for supplying him with these drugs..

He was nominated for 14 Grammy Awards , winning three and receiving one in the Lifetime Achievement category.

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