Jason Statham was born on July 26, 1967 and he is an British actor . He was born in Derbyshire, Matlock, England. 

Full name/Birth name-Jason Statham

Nickname-Jason Statham


Profession-English actor and film producer


Place of birth-Shire Brook, United Kingdom

Birthday date-26-Jul-67

Age as in 2022-55 years

Height-1.78 meters

Height in fee-t5 feet 10 inches

Heights in cm-178cm


Weight(s) in pounds-171 pounds

Dating history-Yes (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley)

Marital status-In a relationship


Son daughter-Yes (Jack Oscar Statham)

Jason Statham Biography

His mother Eileen Yates, dedicated to the dance, and his father Barry Statham, at first was a traveling salesman and then dedicated himself to singing in meeting spaces. His parents also dedicated themselves to mounting false auctions with which they swindled the spectators.

At the age of nine, he was surrounded by gangsters and con men. Over time he began to practice scam acts and he did very well, perhaps because of this ability he got his first role in the movies. 

His family moved to Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. There he met soccer player Vinnie Jones, who brought him closer to soccer. 

Therefore, he decided to join his primary school team. At the time, he dabbled in diving, was part of the British National Diving Team for twelve years, was an athlete in national competitions and was ranked number 12 in England.

Upon finishing high school, he enlisted in the Army, but discovered that this was not his path. 

Later, he left the Armed Forces to dedicate himself to martial arts, another of his passions since childhood, what he learned during this time was a point in favor for his future participation in action movies. 

In 1990 he represented the British National Team at the Commonwealth Games in springboarding.

As a means of subsistence Jason Statham went to the acts of false auctions, he sold fake perfumes and jewelry on the street; alternating it with street performances highly appreciated by pedestrians.

Jason Statham Interesting Data
  1. Jason Statham went to the same school with Vinnie Jones. Together they played soccer. Later, they starred together in the movie “Bonecrusher”.
  2. The network spread information that Jason performed at the Seoul Olympics. However, the actor denied this information. And the video of him jumping off a diving board into the water was taken from the Commonwealth Games.
  3. He has a photo with members of the Soviet dive team. The actor was photographed with the athletes when he participated in the Spring Swallows tournament.
  4. Jason wanted to play the main character in The Hitman. However, he failed to pass the screenings.
  5. He has no acting education. But this did not prevent him from becoming a popular and sought-after actor.
Jason Statham Public Image

A major expose of Adam Gabbatt in The Guardian , highlighted Statham’s character’s contributions to his film industry and niche as “tough and uncompromising”.Some critics point to his presence in a film as a “defining characteristic” that signals viewers’ content. The same exhibit commented: “you know what you get with a Jason Statham movie. He’ll punch people. He’ll crash cars.

He’ll do a lame American accent.” Statham’s impact on the action thriller genre has been seen by Gabbatt as a replacement for it undertaken by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Jean-Claude Van Damme during their headlining careers, primarily during the 1980s.

A Times Higher Education article reported that Manchester University Press commissioned an academic study looking at the impact Statham has had on the British and American film industries from his debut in 1998 to 2018.

According to the article, professors Steven Gerrard and Robert Shail are seeking to show “the changing face of British cinematic masculinity” in “one that encompasses cinema across a wide range of projects, but also uses cross-textual media in its production”.

Jason Statham Career

These activities were able to combine with some work as a model. He also tried his luck in the world of cinema, and that is how his first opportunity came with Guy Ritchie ‘s thriller , Lock & Stock , in 1998.

The director must have been so pleased with Statham’s good work that he called him for his next Snatch project . Pigs and Diamonds , an action film with hints of comedy, starring Brad Pitt , Benicio del Toro and Dennis Farina . Statham, in the role of ‘El Turco’, was dedicated to organizing prohibited boxing matches.Action and thrillers were beginning to be the genres that were best for this young Londoner, such as The One (2001), starring Jet Li ; although there was also room for the drama of Turn it up and the science fiction of Ghosts of Mars .

But Transporter , from 2002, was the movie where Jason Statham gained celebrity. Thanks to his body, which he keeps fit and muscular, he was able to star in the complicated action sequences. 

In the film he played Frank Martin, an expert driver who is dedicated to transporting goods, and is involved in a dangerous plot when he finds a young woman gagged in the trunk of his car. The film had a sequel in 2005, and now the third part of the saga is released in theaters.

In between, Jason Statham has not missed the opportunity to participate in The Italian Job (2003), a remake of the 1969 film of the same name, directed by F. Gary Gray , where he had the honor of sharing the screen with Charlize Theron , Edward Norton , Mark Wahlberg and Donald Sutherland .

After a brief appearance in Collateral (2004), Statham appeared in David R. Ellis ‘s Cellular and Revolver , again, the latter directed by Guy Ritchie, a vengeful ex-convict thriller.

Chaos (2006) and Cranck, poison in the blood (2006), also joined the long list of action films that the young actor made like churros, but he wanted to try his luck in 2005 with a romantic drama, London. 

And in 2007, he entered the epic and adventure arena with In the Name of the King , a film about armies, warriors, and wizards ofthe Middle Ages.In this film he shared shots with Leelee Sobieski , John Rhys-Davies , Claire Forlani and Ron Perlman . 

But action and punches were his thing, and it didn’t take him long to collaborate with Jet Li again in The Assassin , where he again showed off his stupendous physical form. 

He also did The Bank Job , a thriller for Roger Donaldson , director of The Test . He also got behind the wheel in Death Race , a fast-paced action film about drivers, with a powerful load of violence and speed.

At 36 years old, Jason Statham’s career is unstoppable and he is already preparing the sequel to Crank , in the post-production phase; and The Brazilian Job , with which he will repeat with his companions, but for this one we will have to wait until 2011.

Jason Statham Popular Media Influence

In the Ultimate Spider-Man comic series , that series’ version of the villainous Vulture was portrayed by artist Mark Bagley to resemble actor Statham, at the direction of writer Brian Michael Bendis.

In the Twenty One Pilots song “Pet Cheetah”, his name, Statham is mentioned in the lyrics. 

Jason Statham Awards And Nominations

2015-Best Comedy Actor Nominated

2015-Furious 7 Teen Choice Award

Jason Statham Stellar Moments

Here are some of the best moments from Jason Statham’s career:

  • Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels (1998)
  • Transporter (2002)
  • Mean Machine (2002)
  • The Italian Job (2003)
  • revolver (2005)
  • Crank (2006)
  • Expendables (2010)
3 Keys to Jason Statham’s Success
1. Decorate from within

Interior decoration should not be mocked. In fact, if you put your imagination to work and think about what reflects you, it’s easy.

He has some really cool pictures on the walls. His office shelves are filled with personal photos, and a framed trio of gun silhouettes hangs in his kitchen. He hangs whatever makes you feel most like yourself: if it’s framed, it’ll be classy.

2. If your house becomes a shrine, you will destroy the purpose of creating it. You have to go out and live well.

He surprisingly doesn’t have any fitness equipment at home, which is significant considering his line of work. He prefers to leave his house to get in shape. It’s one less thing to keep at home, and going to the gym allows him to interact with his co-workers.

3. Try to impress women – but not too much

You don’t want your house to turn off the ladies, of course. But at the same time, “I have always thought that it is awkward to strategically prepare some kind of situation with perfumed candles, a fire, special music on, etc.

Jason Statham Net Worth

Jason Statham’s net worth is $60 million.

Jason Statham Private Life

There are many rumors about Jason Statham’s personal life. There is nothing strange about an action hero being popular with girls.

For a long time, Jason was in a relationship with actress Kelly Brook. They broke up when the girl began an affair with a partner on the set, Billy Zane.

He hasn’t felt alone for a long time. He was originally in a relationship with Sophie Monk. Then there was a short-term romance with Alex Zosman.

In 2010, they met actress and model Rosie Huntington WhiteleyTogether they are in the current stage. The famous couple announced their engagement 6 years after they met. However, there has been no wedding yet.

In 2017, his girlfriend gave birth. The model shared this news on her Instagram page. The happy parents named their son Jack Oscar Statham.

A few months after the birth of the child, information appeared in the media about the wedding of the actors. However, Rosie denied the rumors and said that it was all a lie.

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