Steven Paul Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in Green Bay, California to Joanne Carole Schieble and Abdulfattah “John” Jandali, who, being still young university students, gave him up for adoption when he was still in infants; Steve is adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs, from Santa Clara Valley, also in California.

He was one of the biggest business men of the time.

Steve Jobs Biography 

He spent a happy childhood, together with his younger adoptive sister Mona and continued without any particular problems, denoting brilliant scientific skills in his school career; he graduated at the age of 17 (1972) at Homestead High School in Cupertino, a country that would become the headquarters of his future creature: Apple.

In the same year Steve Jobs enrolled at Reed College in Portland, especially to turn his attention to his main passion, computer science, but the academic path was not followed for a long time: after a semester he left university and started working at Atari as a videogames programmer, at least until he reaches the amount of money necessary to be able to leave for a trip to India.

Little is known about Steve Jobs’ donations. We know that he refused to participate in the “Giving” initiative – sponsored by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett – which asked the richest people in the world to donate at least half of their wealth to the neediest. However, according to the New York Times, he is said to have donated $ 150 million to the University of California San Francisco’s Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Steve Jobs Net Worth

Think that Steve Jobs was worth about 1 million dollars when he was only 23 years old. Two years later, when he was 25, his fortune was over $ 100 million. At the time of his disappearance on October 5, 2011, he had a net worth of approximately $ 10.8 billion .

Even though the entrepreneur amassed so much wealth and co-founded the most valuable company in the world, he was not at all interested in money or a lavish lifestyle. But he kept a simple everyday life, made up of little things.

Jobs, in fact, continued to live in his “normal” house in Palo Alto and never revealed what it was worth. He also always stressed that he never wanted to create Apple to make money . His main focus over the years has been to love the work and the products he invented, regardless of the money that came with it.

According to Times International Business, Apple’s historic leader has an incredible number of patents for hi-tech technologies and accessories: as many as 338 “patents”. He is also said to own a 2007 Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG worth about $ 130,000, and that his 5,700 sq ft home – 1930 Tudor style with seven bedrooms and four bathrooms – is estimated, according to CNBC, to be around at $ 2.3 million. Steve Jobs also owned a huge Spanish colonial house in Woodside with 14 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms and surrounded by six acres of forest. He then had it torn down, after a long legal battle, to build a smaller one. Not to mention the incoming earnings and stock from Apple and its other businesses.

Steve Jobs Career

On his return, in 1974, he involved his former high school friend and dear friend Steve Wozniak (with whom he was part of the Homebrew Computer Club) in the foundation of Apple Computer, a completely artisan company: with the “apple” the two move the first steps towards fame in the world of computing, thanks to their particularly advanced and stable microcomputer models, Apple II and Apple Macintosh; the initial cost is borne by selling some personal assets of the two founders, such as Jobs’s car and Wozniak’s scientific calculator.

But the way to fame often turns out not to be all flat and not even easy to travel: Wozniak has a plane crash in 1983, from which he is saved not without injuries, but chooses to leave Apple to live his life in another way; in the same year Jobs convinces John Sculley, president of Pepsi, to join him: this move will be fatal because following the failure of Apple III in 1985, Steve Jobs is ousted from the board of directors of Apple.

However, the programmer did not lose heart and founded Next Computer with the aim of creating a new technological revolution. In 1986 he bought Pixar from Lucas Films. Next does not work as the market would require, the company produces better computers than its competitors, but the excellence is canceled out by the higher costs of the machines, so much so that in 1993 Jobs is forced to close the hardware section of his creation. In another way Pixar moves, which is mainly involved in animation, churning out in 1995 ” Toy Story – The world of toys “.

” If Athens cries, Sparta does not laugh “, this is how we can translate the situation that is created in the meantime at Apple: the Mac OS, the operating system of Apple machines is obsolete, the management is therefore looking for a lean and innovative OS; at this juncture Steve Jobs makes the figure of the lion, managing to get Next Computer to be absorbed by Apple, which makes its financial losses return and Steve Jobs returns with the role of CEO (Chief Executive Officer). Jobs returns, without salary, and replaces Gil Amelio, fired for his bad results: he brings with him NextStep, or the operating system that soon goes down in history as Mac OS X.

While Mac OS X is still in the pipeline, Jobs introduces the Imac, the innovative All-in-one computer , which saves the American company from bankruptcy; Apple soon receives a further relaunch from the introduction of OS X, developed on a Unix basis.

In 2002, Apple decides to tackle the digital music market as well, introducing the player that has revolutionized, more or less consciously, this market: the iPod . Linked to this player, the iTunes platform is also developed, which becomes the largest virtual music market, effectively creating a real revolution.

In the following years, from the house led by the CEO of Cupertino, other successful models are released: the iBook (2004), the MacBook (2005) and the G4 (2003/2004), which reaches the considerable share of 20% of the market. of the hardware sector .

The fervent mind of the Californian programmer never ceases to revolutionize other markets: the new product is called iPhone , a mobile phone that, beyond the multifunctionality, is in fact the first completely touchscreen phone: the real big news is the cancellation of the presence cumbersome keyboard, which thus leaves the device more space for images and functions. The product, launched on the market on June 29, 2007, met with enormous – albeit expected – success, with more than 1,500,000 pieces sold in the first five months. It arrives in Italy in 2008 with its version 2.0, faster, equipped with gps and even cheaper: the declared goal is to ” be everywhere”, thus replicating the success of the diffusion of the iPod. With the diffusion of applications, made available on the online platform called AppStore, and the introduction of the” 4 “model, the iPhone continues to grind record after record.

Steve Jobs was struck in 2004 by a rare but treatable form of pancreatic cancer from which he had recovered. Signs of a new disease show up after four years, so in early 2009 he leaves his powers as CEO to Apple ‘s CEO Tim Cook .

Get back to work and hit the stage again in June 2009, when he introduces the renewal of the entire iPod range. He appears in better condition than the last time he showed himself to the public and on the occasion he thanks the twenty-year-old boy, who died in a car accident, who gave him the liver, inviting everyone to become donors.

At the end of January 2010 he presented his new bet: the new Apple product is called iPad and introduces a new category of products, called “tablet”, to the market.

Steve Jobs Wife And Kids

Steve Jobs married in 1991 – in a Buddhist ceremony with Powell Jobs and  they have three children Eve, Erin and Reed – and sisters Patti Jobs and Mona Simpson.

Steve Jobs had a daughter with Chrisann Brennan – his high school sweetheart – in 1978 when she was 23. The little girl was named Lisa after the first computer in the world with a graphical interface and mouse. The boss of the nascent Apple did not want, at first, to recognize the child by declaring that she was sterile. Instead, the court ruled that she was his biological father. Lisa Brennan-Jobs spent much of her childhood alone with her single mother and only reconnected with her father in adulthood. She lived with him for a few years and her father paid for her studies at Harvard University. Lisa Brennan-Jobs now works as a journalist and writer.

Steve Jobs Death

Disappeared on October 5, 2011 at the age of 56, the co-founder of Apple has become a symbol of innovation and creativity. And her myth of him remains alive ten years after his death . Many argue that her vision of him produces long-term benefits. And that the legacy of Steve Jobs still allows the Cupertino giant to be a point of reference in various sectors. From smartphones to computers. In the next ten years the company could prepare itself again for a change of leadership . 

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