His real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III . As a young rapper, he adopted the name M&M, a play on his initials, and he later evolved into Eminem.

He started rapping when he was just a teenager and became a fixture in Detroit’s fight rap scene, regularly entering contests at venues such as the Hip-Hop Shop.

Eminem Biography

He was born on October 17, 1972, in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Raised by his mother, the little boy arrived in Detroit at the age of 12. Truly tortured, her mother struggles to bring balance to the family.

As a teenager, he discovered a passion for rap.Rubbing shoulders with “black” rappers from his neighborhood, the young man dropped out of high school to devote himself full-time to his new passion. 

Along with several small jobs, he joined various local rap groups, such as The New Jacks or Sole Intent. He then developed his talent for writing and worked on his attitude.

While he was born in St. Joseph, Mo. , he still claims Detroit as his hometown. He is a big fan of Detroit sports teams and he supports the Rams in Super Bowl 56 because Matthew Stafford played for the Lions from 2009 to 2020.

“We think the closest [the Lions] will get to the Super Bowl is thanks to Matt Stafford,” he told Calloway . “So it’s a perfect scenario where I can cheer on a team that I love through Matt Stafford and the Detroit connection.”

Eminem Career

In 1996, he abandoned collective projects to concentrate on his solo career. In collaboration with FBT Productions, he released a first album, entitled “Infinite“. 

Not yet famous, he is struggling to make himself known. He then went on to many shows and “freestyle” competitions.After several months of trouble, he returned in 1999 with the single “The Slim Shady“. 


A real triumph in the American rap community, the singer was noticed by Dr. Dre who made him sign a contract with his label Aftermath Entertainment.In collaboration, they will refine the character of Slim Shady and offer the clip for “My Name Is…”, taken from the album “The Slim Shady LP”.

A true phenomenon all over the world, he sees himself subject to controversy. His committed lyrics, sometimes raw, provoke the anger of certain purists, and in particular of his ex-wife, whom he insults without restraint in his songs.

In 2000, the rapper released his opus “Marshall Mathers LP”. Now sold over 20 million copies worldwide, this record remains his greatest success. The singles extracted, “Stan”, “The Way I Am” or even “I’m back”, triumph. 

Despite this success, he experienced some legal setbacks during the year 2001. His wife dragged him to court.

In the spring of 2002, he released a new album, “The Eminem show“. The singles extracted “Cleanin’ Out My Closet” or “Without Me” are meant to be more serious. Despite dropping his whimsical Slim Shady persona,he sold millions of copies of this fourth album.

At the end of 2002, a biopic on Eminem, “8 Mile“, was born in the cinema. He recounts the struggles that he experienced before fame. Between odd jobs, fights, love affairs and betrayal, this film is a real success wherever it is shown. 


The title “Lose Yourself“, taken from the soundtrack of the film, triumphs to such an extent that the singer even gets an Oscar for it.

Having become a producer of D12 and 50 Cent in the meantime, he is slow to release his fifth album. “Encore” was released in 2004.

A mixture of two last opuses, he mixes delirium and seriousness with genius. The titles “Like Toy Soldiers” and “Just Lose It” are real successes. The rapper then embarks on a huge world tour.

Storming concert halls around the world, he cancels dates and he is rushed to the hospital for an addiction to sleeping pills. 

Thus begins a sordid year for the artist, who sees his best friend, leader of the D12 being killed in Detroit, and three other of his friends condemned or injured during shootings.

In May 2009, he still came out of the shadows and distinguished himself with his new opus, “Relapse”, from which the first single “We Made You” was extracted. His commercial success is less important than in the past but the rapper is back and even offers at the beginning of the following year a successor to “Relapse”, “Relapse: Refill”, a reissue including several unreleased titles.

Far from stopping there, he reveals in early 2010 that there will be no “Relapse 2” as previously announced. Instead, the public discovers “Recovery” in June 2010. A seventh studio album carried by the extracts “Not Afraid” and “Love The Way You Lie” in duet with Rihanna.


Absent from the music scene between 2011 and 2013, heuses these many months to record a new solo project, supported by Dr. Dre and producer No ID, as well as Rick Rubin, known for mixing rap and heavy metal with brio. A first title, “Survival”, was released at the end of the summer to promote the video game “Call of Duty: Ghost”.

From his collaboration with Rick Rubin results “Berzerk”, the first powerful single released at the end of August 2013 characterized by very rock guitars and above all, the comeback of his alter ego Slim Shady, yet neglected on his opus “Recovery”.

The album “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” thus stands out as a return to his roots for the rapper, also presaged by the title of the disc. 

The album went directly to the top of the Billboard 200 ranking in the United States, and at the top of the UK Albums Chart. On November 3, the artist receives the distinction of Artist of the Year at the first YouTube Music Awards.


2015 sees the release of a box set of 10 vinyls which covers most of his career (7 of his eight studio albums, but also the soundtrack of “8 Mile” as well as two compilations). Later that year, he produced the “Southpaw” soundtrack. 

We then find he featuring on “Kill For You”, by Skylar Grey, which was released in September 2016. A month later, he returned with a song on the theme of the American elections: “Campaign Speech”.

Silent for a few months, he came out of his silence in early 2017 to participate in Big Sean’s “No Favors”.

In October, during the BET Awards, he hits hard with an 8-minute freestyle titled “The Storm”, which details his criticisms of US President Donald Trump, criticisms already made in “No Favors”.

We also had the opportunity to enjoy the rapper’s flow on “Revenge”, taken from Pink’s new album.

But his comeback really came in November 2017, with the single “Walk On Water,” which also features Beyoncé, and is the first track from his forthcoming album, which fans are speculating is will call ‘Revival’.


The long-awaited opus is finally released on December 15, 2017. There are many collaborations on this new album, including Ed Sheeran, Alicia Keys, Pink, Skylar Gray and X Ambassador. 

Eminem’s Projects In Music And  Cinema

In 2018, he released his tenth studio album: “Kamikaze“. This incorporates the song “Venom” which is included in the soundtrack of the eponymous film starring Tom Hardy. 

Without preamble, he surprises his fans and the international scene with the unexpected release in 2020 of “Music To Be Murdered By”, a studio album which includes “Godzilla” featuring Juice Wrld , and “Those Kinda Nights” where he sings alongside Ed Sheeran. During the year 2021, he lands a role in the series “Black Mafia Family”.

Eminem Songs
  • “You lose”
  • “Love the way you lie”
  • “Not afraid”
  • “The Real Slim Shady”
  • “Without me”

Eminem Net Worth

His net worth is $230 million , according to Celebrity Net Worth . He amassed his fortune primarily through his music career, but he also appeared in films, wrote books, and opened a restaurant.

Eminem Private Life

His biological daughter is Hailie Jade Scott Mathers . She was born on December 25, 1995. He has mentioned her in his lyrics throughout his career, including on “Hailie’s Song” and “My Dad’s Gone Crazy” from his 2002 hit album “The Eminem Show.”

He also has two adopted daughters: Alaina Marie Mathers and Stevie Laine Mathers .


“When I think about my accomplishments, that’s probably the thing I’m most proud of is being able to help my kids growing up,” he told Mike Tyson on the “Hotboxin’” podcast in 2020.

He is currently single, but he had an on-going relationship with Kimberly Anne Scott for several years. They had their daughter, Hailie, in 1995, and they finally married in 1999. They divorced in 2001, remarried in 2006, and divorced again later that year.

There were rumors in 2010 of him and Kim getting back together, but he dismissed the speculation.

“Contrary to false rumors spread by unreliable tabloids, Marshall and Kim Mathers are by no means romantically reunited, nor are they expecting children together,” he added. a rep for him said in 2010 . “They are a divorced couple who share custody of their daughter and have a friendly relationship.”

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