Kate Elizabeth Winslet was born October 5, 1975 in Reading, Berkshire, England and she is a British actress and producer.

Kate Winslet Biography

Kate Winslet belongs to a family of artists since her maternal grandparents and her parents were actors.English and proud of it, Kate Winslet also has Irish origins on her father’s side and Swedish origins on her mother’s side.

She is the second child of Sally Ann (Bridges) and Roger John Winslet; her two sisters Anna and Beth are also actresses and she has a younger brother named Josh.Her parents run the Reading Repertory Theater Company but despite having few means, Kate lives in a united and supportive family.

From an early age, she took part in amateur performances at the kindergarten and the local theater Foundations.

At the age of 11, she entered the Redroofs Theater School which trains its students but also functions as an artistic agency which allows her to participate in commercials and to do dubbing of foreign films and to participate for the first time in a television series when she is only 15 years old.


Kate Winslet Career

She therefore began a real career in 1991 in the series Dark Season then she participated in three other series including Get Back in which she had a recurring role before debuting in 1994 at the cinema in the film Créatures Célestes in one of the two main roles.

The following year, she starred in the film Heavely Creatures , which offered her her first Best Actress Award, then with the role of Marianne Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility alongside Hugh Grant and Hugh Laurie , she won a first BAFTA.After Kenneth Branagh ‘s film , Hamlet,it was obviously, in 1997, that she shared the screen with Leonardo DiCaprio in the mythical film at the 11 Oscars, Titanic by James Cameron.

Kate Winslet Filmography

-2022 Avatar 2 … Ronal (post production)

-2020 Ammonite … Mary Anning

-2019 Blackbird … Jennifer

-2017 Wonder Wheel … Ginny

-2017 A Mountain Between Us … Alex Martinet

-2016 Hidden Beauty … Claire

-2016 Triple 9 … Irina Vlaslov

-2015 Haute couture … Tully Dunnage

-2015 Steve Jobs … Johanna Hoffman

-2015 Divergent 2: Insurrection … Jeanine

-2014 The King’s Gardens … Sabine de Barra

-2014 Divergent … Jeanine

-2013 Last Days of Summer … Adele


-2013 My Movie Project … Beth

-2011 Contagion … Dr. Erin Mears

-2011 Carnage … Nancy Cowan

-2008 The Rebel Wedding … April Wheeler

-2008 The Reader … Hanna Schmitz

-2006 Les Fous du Roi … Anne Stanton

-2006 Little Children … Sarah Pearce

-2006 The Holiday … Iris

-2005 Romances & Cigarettes … Tula (musical)

-2004 Neverland … Sylvia Llewelyn Davis

-2004 Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind … Clementine Kruczynski

-2003 Pluge: The Movie … Clare

-2003 The Life of David Gale … ​​Betsey Bloom

-2001 Enigma … Hester Wallace

-2000 Quills…Magdalen

-1999 Holy Smoke… Ruth

-1998 Marrakech express … Julia

-1997 Titanic … Rose Dewitt Bukater

-1996 Hamlet… Ophelia

-1996 Jude… Sue Bridehead

-1995 Sense and Sensibility … Marianne Dashwood

-1995 The Kid and the King … Princess Sarah

-1994 Heavenly Creatures … Juliet Hulme


Kate Winslet is on the list of nominations for these famous Oscars making her one of the youngest actresses ever nominated. She also receives many other awards.

She therefore acquired her star status on this occasion and made several films a year which brought her numerous awards such as Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind in 2004 or the following years Romances & Cigarettes alongside Susan Sarandon and The Holiday with Jude Law .

Finally in 2008, she received an Oscar and a multitude of awards for her interpretation of the role of Hanna Schimtz in The Reader with Ralph Fienes .

The same year, she found Leonardo DiCaprio in the film directed by Sam Mendès , Les Noces Rebelles then she took a break from her life as an artist. She returns 3 years later with the main role in the series, Mildred Pierce , which earns her an Emmy Award.

She continues her artistic career and again in 2016, she receives a Golden Globe for her role in the film Steve Job.The following year, she met Idris Elbain the middle of nowhere in the snowy mountains in the romance, A Mountain Between Us  and she also stars in the Woody Allen film , Wonder Wheel .

In 2019, she reunited with Susan Sarandon in Blackbird with also Sam Neill , which is about the end of life and in 2020, she is alongside Saoirse Ronan in the film Ammonite which deals with homosexuality .

The following year, she returned to television in the main role of the Mare of Easttown series , her performance bringing several awards and an Emmy Award nomination.She has also done many dubbings of animated films and documentaries throughout her career and she has read several audio books, mainly for children.

Kate Winslet is one of the most important English-speaking actresses today, capable of interpreting all kinds of characters and during her three-decade career, she has received 94 Awards and 160 nominations, including 6 Oscars; she was also nominated in 1994 by the Manchester Evening News Awards as Best Supporting Actress in the play What the Butler Saw.


Kate Winslet is part of this movement, the “body positive”, which encourages women who do not correspond to current beauty canons, to love themselves as they are despite the diktats of Hollywood and she refuses that her image be retouched.

She will be showing 4 new productions in the next few years.

Kate Winslet Awards

-2021  Prime Emmy Awards – Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries (Mare of Easttown)

-2021 Gold Derby Awards – Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series (Mare of Easttown)

-2021 Women Film Critics Circle Awards – Outstanding Couple Award on screen with Saoirse Ronan (Ammonite)

-2020 Toronto International Film Festival – Honorary Award

-2018 Alliance of Women Film Journalists – EDA Special Mention Award (Wonder Wheel & The Mountain Between Us)

-2018 Sant Jordi Awards – Best Actress Award in a Foreign Film (Wonder Wheel & The Mountain Between Us)

-2017  Hollywood Film Awards – Actress of the Year (Wonder Wheel)

-2016  BAFTA – Best Supporting Actress Award (Steve Job)

-2016  Golden Globes – Best Supporting Actress Award (Steve Job)

-2015  Elle Women Hollywood Awards – Woman of the Year

-2014  Star on the Walk of Fame (March 17, 2014, 6262 Hollywood Bvd)

-2012  Golden Globes – Award for Best Actress in a Mini-Series (Mildred Pierce)

-2011 Primetime Emmy Awards – Outstanding Actress Award (Mildred Pierce)

-2011  Gold Derby Awards – Outstanding Actress in a Mini-Series Award


 -2010  Gold Derby Awards – Guest of the Decade Award (Extras)

-2009  Academy Awards – Best Actress Oscar (The Reader)

-2009  BAFTA – Best Actress Award (The Reader)

-2009  European Film Awards – Best European Actress Award (The Reader)

-2009  Gold Derby Awards – Best Actress Award in a Supporting Role (The Reader)

-2009  Golden Globes – Best Supporting Actress Award (The Reader)

-2008  Alliance of Women Film Journalists – Best Actress Award (The Reader and Revolutionary Road)

-2008  Alliance of Women Film Journalists – EDA Special Mention Award for Best Nudity or Sexuality Performance (The Reader)

-2006  Gold Derby Awards – Best Guest Award (Extras)

-2005  Empire Awards – Best British Actress Award (Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind)

-2002  Empire Awards – Best British Actress Award (Enigma)

-2002  European Film Awards – Best European Actress Award (Iris)

-2001  Golden Camera, Germany – Best International Actress Award (Titanic)

-2000  Grammy Awards – Best Read Children’s Album Award (Listen to The Storyteller)

-1999  Empire Awards – Best British Actress Award (Titanic)

-1998  Empire Awards – Best British Actress Award (Hamlet)

-1998  European Film Awards – Best European Actress Award (Titanic)

-1998  Jupiter Awards – Best International Actress Award (Titanic)

-1996  Empire Awards – Best British Actress Award (Heavenly Creatures)

-1996  BAFTA – Best Supporting Actress Award (Sense and Sensibility)

Kate Winslet Net Worth

Kate Winslet is worth $65 million and still has plenty to work on in 2021.

No other actor could have played Rose better than Winslet. So how much did she earn for playing the lead role? According to The Matters, she earned around $2 million for the award-winning film.


It wasn’t an easy route to getting the part though. Winslet shared with Rolling Stone the struggles she was facing, according to Cosmopolitan.

And his passion for the movie started long before filming. “I closed the script, cried streams of tears and said, ‘Yes, I absolutely have to be a part of this. There’s no two ways about it,” Winslet said.

Kate Winslet Private Life

Kate Winslet was married three times and had a child with each of her husbands. Between 1998 and 2001, she was married to assistant director Jim Threapleton with whom she had a daughter named Mia, born in 2000.

She married director Sam Mendes in May 2003 but they divorced in 2010 after welcoming, in December 2003 , a little boy Joe Alfie Winslet-Mendes.

Since December 2012, she has lived with her new husband, businessman Edward Able Smith , also known as Ned Rocknroll, with whom she has a baby boy named Bear Blaze in 2013.


Since the filming of Titanic , Kate Winslet has remained very close to Leonardo DiCaprio, whom she finds a few years later in The Rebellious Wedding .

Kate Winslet is proud to be English and says she loves England because she learned her trade in England with English actors but she had never dreamed of such success. She would rather do theater and British films than move to Los Angeles in hopes of getting small roles in American films.

In 2009, she created the Golden Hat Foundation which helps the integration of autistic people and she fights with the association PETA against the consumption of foie gras.Kate Winslet is the face of the Lancôme brand, Longines watches and the Haute Couture brand St John.

In 2012, she was awarded CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) for her services to the theatre.

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