Jennifer Aniston is an actress from America. A successful girl was created by her heroine in the popular TV series Friends. Either way, Jennifer isn’t a one-shot actress. There are many different projects in his filmography.

The popular actress was born in 1969, on February 11. It happened in the family of an actor and a model. From her earliest childhood, she showed great talent. No one even doubted that in the future the girl would become a Hollywood star. As a child, she lived in Greece for a year. This is due to the fact that his grandfather was Greek. However, the family still returned to New York.

Jennifer Aniston Biography

Jennifer’s parents decided to divorce when she was only 9 years old. The mother was engaged in raising the future actress. But the girl often traveled to Los Angeles, where she met her father. Jennifer does not like to remember childhood years.

She began her studies at the Rudolf Steiner School. During her school years, it turned out that she was very good at drawing. One of his works even stayed in the museum for a while. However, painting did not attract the girl as much as her career in the film industry.

The future actress began to develop her talent at the age of 11. Jennifer entered the school of fame. At the age of 18, she successfully received her acting education. However, the roles were given to him reluctantly. 

Therefore, in addition to participating in various and unpopular shows, she began to study psychology. And if she had not been offered a good role in the play, perhaps she would have started a career in the field of psychotherapy.

Jennifer Aniston Career

Inspired by her acting career, Jennifer moved to Los Angeles, where she began working, in small roles, on such series as Molloy (1990), Smart Boy (1991), The Edge (1992), and Muddling Through (1994). Although after her participation in the horror film, Leprechaun (1993), the actress briefly considered retiring from acting.However, her fortune was about to catch up with her. Jennifer auditioned for a new comedy series, then called Friends Like Us ., trying out for the role of Monica Geller. Although she did not get the role, the producers were charmed by the girl’s charisma, so they offered her another starring role, that of Rachel Green, which would become her most emblematic role. Aniston premiered in the series, now called Friends (1994-2004), in which she participated throughout 236 episodes.

The sitcom became one of the biggest hits on television, making her and the rest of the cast the most popular faces of the ’90s and 2000s. It wasn’t just her charisma as an actress, Aniston also became a figure of fashion, where all the girls wanted to imitate their different styles, presented in the series. For the series, the actress won a Golden Globe, in 2003, for best actress in a comedy series.

Friends Stage

Jennifer Aniston auditioned for a television project called Friends , not knowing that the role she would play would catapult her to world fame. 

Originally, the show’s producers wanted Aniston to read the script for the role of Monica Geller, but actress Courteney Cox blew everyone away in that role. Jennifer was chosen to embody Rachel Green , a spoiled and self-centered woman. 

The series lasted 10 seasons in which the daily lives of six friends who always met at the Central Perk cafe in New York City were narrated.

The recognition of Friends made Jennifer Aniston and her co-stars receive a salary of one million dollars per episode in the last season.

The performer earned five Emmy Award nominations  for her performance on Friends.

Jennifer Aniston’s Other Characters

After completing a decade of Friends, Jennifer Aniston participated in an episode of 30 Rock, a performance that earned her an Emmy Award nomination in the category of Best Guest Actress.

The actress had played some characters in the cinema during the 90s, but her highest grossing film would come in 2003 with  Bruce Almighty ,  where she played the role of the girlfriend of the character played by the comic actor Jim Carrey .

In 2004, Jennifer Aniston starred in the movie My Girlfriend Polly. A year later, she participated in feature films such as They Say Around There and Without Control .

The artist participated in other films such as Friends with Money, which was an independent film and premiered at the Sundance Film Festival; and Separated, a romantic comedy in which she worked alongside Vince Vaughn.

A Couple of Three  would be the next film by the Hollywood star , which achieved great acceptance among the public, which positioned it as one of the highest-grossing films of 2008.

In 2009, Jennifer Aniston starred in the movie What’s Up with Men? alongside Ben Affleck . The feature film was a box office success in the United States.

In 2010, Jennifer Aniston played the leading role in Just Go With It , opposite Adam Sandler.

I want to kill my boss was another of the films in which the star participated , which is about how a group of workers come together to kill their supervisors.

“Like God” (2003)“Without Control” (2005)“They Say Over There” (2005) , a romantic comedy directed by Rob Reiner“The Break-Up” (2006) , a film with the co-starring of Vince Vaughn.

In “Love Happens” (2009) he became intimate with Aaron Ekchart , an actor who plays a self-help expert in this film.

In the comedy “The Bounty Hunter” (2010) she played Gerard Butler’s wife.

The same year she appeared in “A Little Change” (2010) , a comedy co-starring Jason Bateman and Patrick Wilson in which she was a woman whose artificial insemination did not go as well as she thought.

He returned to coincide with Jason Bateman in “Office Christmas Party” (2016) .

In the comedy set in Hawaii “Follow Me ” (2011) he shared credits with Adam Sandler .

Three years later he took part in the sequel “How to End Without Your Boss 2” (2014) .

In “Wanderlust” (2012) she was married to Paul Rudd and they both left New York to live in a commune.

In the theatrical comedy “ She’s funny that way ” (2014) she played a therapist.

Later he was part of the ensemble cast of “Happy Mother’s Day” (2016) , a film directed by Gerry Marshall.

In 2019, he premiered in the cinema “Murder Mystery” (2019), a comedy co-starring Adam Sandler ; and she starred on television in the series set in television journalism “The Morning Show” (2019-2021) , co-starring Reese Witherspoon. What is Jennifer Aniston preparing? She is currently preparing the movies “Murder Mystery 2” and “The Fixer”.

In addition to her incredibly successful acting career, Jennifer Aniston has appeared in various commercials and music videos. From Heineken and Microsoft Windows 95 to L’Oreal hair products and Aveeno Skincare, her image also brings her big bucks. She has also created four perfumes, one of them named after her, if that’s not enough for you.

In 2015, Aniston became the new face of the Emirates airline, bringing in around $5 million. Following the huge success of her first marketing campaign for the brand, which made Emirates the most popular brand in the UAE, she launched a second campaign in October 2016.

Jennifer Aniston Net Worth

In addition to acting and endorsements, Aniston is also making big moves in real estate. The renowned actress is changing homes as she changes her shoes.

In 2006, he bought a luxurious $13.5 million estate in Beverly Hills, CA and put it up for sale in 2011 for a substantial $42 million. He also spent $7.7 million on two apartments in West Village, New York, planning to combine the two, and before that, he had sold another apartment in Gramercy Park, New York.

Jennifer bought another incredible mansion in Bel Air in 2012, for $21 million. The 8,500-square-foot mansion is tucked away from prying eyes of neighbors and features 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and a separate guest house. More than that, she has a private vineyard with a winery. The lush backyard has a pool with a spa and plenty of nice romantic alleys to walk with her husband Justin Theroux.

As for the cars, Jennifer drives a luxurious Bentley Continental GT, which cost her $220,000. She also drives a Mercedes S-Class, a Range Rover, and even a Toyota Prius. We assume that she is more interested in beauty products than cars.

In 1994, when he started Friends, he had an annual salary of $20,000. Fast forward to today, and she is one of the richest actresses in Hollywood.

His final season of Friends earned him $24 million and with each film he earned several million, the lowest being $2 million for Picture Perfect in 1997 and the highest $10 million for Just Go with It in 2011.

In 2007, Forbes rated Aniston as one of the 20 richest women in entertainment and estimated her net worth at around $110 million. A year later, her earnings were $27 million and in 2013 she earned another $31 million, increasing her net worth even more.

While 2015 placed Aniston fifth on Forbes’ Highest Earning Actresses list, earning $16.5 million, in 2016 she ranked fourth on the same list, earning $21 million and increasing her net worth to a staggering $ 220 million this year.

She’s been on Forbes’ Highest Earning Actresses list for 15 years, basically every year since 2001, and there’s no sign she’ll stop anytime soon.

Jennifer Aniston Personal Life

Actress revealed that for a long time she didn’t want to go out with anyone and she preferred to be alone. “I loved being my own woman. Without being part of a couple. I’ve been part of a couple since I was 20 years old, so there was something really nice about taking the time, “she acknowledged.

The last time she was seen as a couple was her with Justin Theroux, with whom he had a long relationship. They started dating in 2011 and in 2015 they got married. Two and a half years later they announced their separation.

Previously, Aniston was married to Brad Pitt between 2000 and 2005. After the actor’s separation, she had a brief relationship with  Vince Vaughn , then dated the British model  Paul Sculfor and in 2008, she began an affair with the musician John Mayer .

Although Jen is willing to meet someone new, she acknowledged that she will do it the old school, without dating apps involved. As if that weren’t enough, she listed the most important qualities she looks for in a man and first and foremost: a good first kiss!”It’s very important,” she assured. “That, and also the ease with which the conversation flows the first time. 

That is a good indicator. Confidence, but not arrogance. Humor, please I beg you, I beg you. Generous. Kind to people”, listed the actress who gave life to Rachel Green on the small screen.A few months ago, rumors were revived that Jennifer Aniston had started dating David Schwimmer , her Friends co-star. However, the actress quickly dismissed it, taking with humor the speculation that arose from a confession that both actors made during the Friends special.

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