She was born on June 9, 1981 in Jerusalem , Israel and she is an actress, producer and film director with dual American and Israeli citizenship. 

She awarded an Academy Award and two Golden Globes.

– Being famous does not mean being exceptional –

Natalie Portman Biography

She is the only daughter of Shelley Stevens, an American housewife, and Avner Hershlag, an Israeli gynecologist.Her maternal grandparents were Jewish immigrants from Austria and Russia.

Her grandparents from her dad side, also Jewish, immigrated to Israel. The grandmother, Mania, from Romania, had the maiden name Portman .In 1984, when she was three years old, the family moved to the United States. 

She has dual nationality, Israeli and American. She and her family was living in Washington, DC, and after this they moved to Connecticut in 1988, and then to Jericho, Long Island, New York, in 1990.

Natalie Portman Studies

In Washington, she attended the Jewish Charles E. Smith Day School. She learned Hebrew, and while living on Long Island, he attended the Solomon Schechter Day School. 

She finished from Syosset High School.Then she studied ballet and modern dance at the American Theater Dance Workshop, in New Hyde Park, New York, where she attended the Usdan Creative Center and the Performing Arts in Wheatley.

In 2003, she graduated from Harvard University with an AB degree in Psychology . She returned to Israel and took graduate courses at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the spring of 2004.

In March 2006, she was a visiting professor at Columbia University. Additionally, she studied the French, Japanese, German, and Arabic languages.She worked as a model after being discovered while eating at a pizzeria.

Natalie Portman Awards

Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for “Closer” (2004, nominated)

Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for “Closer” (2004, WINNER)

Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for “Anywhere Else” (1999, nominated)

Natalie Portman Career

Already twelve years old, she had his debut in Luc Besson’s film, “León”, which would be released in 1994. During the holidays he shot all the scenes of the film, which allowed him to continue his educational training without problems. 

Subsequently, and throughout her career, she has been able to maintain this behavior, managing to study and graduate in psychology. Surely, this is due to the conservative education that his parents gave him. 

This was demonstrated when they cut from the final cut, a scene in which she was shown completely naked, and modified a script that described the premature actress fascinated with violence.

Years later, she participated in “Beautiful Girls”, with the help of Ted Demme; she also in “Heat” (1995), sharing the ring with Al Pacino ; in Mars Attacks (1996) by the controversial director Tim Burton , starring Jack Nicholson and Glenn Close , and with the special participation of Pierce Brosnan and a great cast.

And finally, in “Everyone Says I Love You” (1996), the film by director Woody Allen. Like any Allen film, it was a litmus test for the actress, giving her a huge share of experience and additional credit, since the woody chooses not to structure the scenes, giving the actors a margin for improvisation; a particularity that is repeated in all her films.

Unfortunately, she had to abandon the filming of “Romeo and Juliet”, which Baz Luhrmann performed in 1996, due to the great age difference with the protagonist, Leonardo DiCaprio .

On another occasion, he said “NO!” to the role of Lolita, in the film of the same name by Adrian Lyne, in 1997. The rejection was due to the high sexual content that the film showed. The same thing happened with “The Ice Storm” (1997), by Ang Lee, since the character that she played for Portman was of a sinister character and this disturbed the actress.

In 1999, she forced to delete some scenes from Wayne Wang’s film “Everywhere Else”, in which she appeared nude. This made the producers of the film try to replace her, although they had to desist from her attempt, given the refusal of the protagonist, Susan Sarandon, that she wanted Natalie as her partner.

The jury of the Golden Globes nominated her for the award for best supporting actress, although finally, it crowned Angelina Jolie as the most suitable.

Reaching the end of his adolescence, at the age of 18, she became independent from his family and his personal advisers. Definitely this change was reflected in her next project, “The force of love” directed by Matt Williams, since it was the first in which she participated in an adult content scene. 

She also played, for the first time, the role of her mother. The critics were harsh when referring to the particular southern accent that she imitated in the film.As one of the most relevant events of her career, she has participated in the last three released episodes (I, II and II) of “Star Wars”, the great saga created decades ago by George Lucas. 

In 1999 she signed a millionaire contract for the three films. She must have been one of the 22 North Americans who had not seen the old films of the saga, so she was slow to accept the proposal; although time later, she accepted without hesitation. 

She shot her first episode when she was 16, the second two years later, and finally, at the age of 21, she shot the third and last episode. 

In 2003, going through her last years of university study, she participated with a role in the filming of “Cold Mountain”, the film by Anthony Minghella, where she played a woman abandoned by her husband along with their little son.A year later, her career would evolve to a higher level professionally speaking, carefully selecting her projects, and participating in productions with more content and through more serious roles

She made “Something in Common“, which was, surprisingly, a box office and critical success in North America, proving that the more mature actress had the ability to work in independent film productions. 

She definitely rises as a big star when the Mike Nichols film “Closer” is released.Due to her splendid work in the film, with the role of Alice, she finally won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress.

Although her fortune would not end here, since she also earned an Oscar nomination for the first time, thanks to the same work, and in the category of Supporting Actress. Despite the fact that this time she did not win the award, it was a huge step for her career, and if she continues as she has done so far, without a doubt, she will win the statuette in the future.

In the middle of the first decade of the new millennium, she would premiere “Free Zone” an independent production made by Amos Gitai, in addition to the blockbuster “V for Vengeance” by James McTeigue. For this role she had to fulfill the requirement of shaving her head completely.”

Ghosts of Goya” was his first foray into European cinema. The film was filmed in Spain in 2006 and was directed by Milos Forman, with the collaboration of Javier Alcázar. 

She plays Goya’s inspirational muse, who is persecuted by the Spanish Inquisition after becoming pregnant by the genius painter. The feature film was released in late 2006 in the United States.

Natalie Portman Filmography

2022 Thor: Love and Thunder

2019 Lucy in the Sky

2019 Avengers: Endgame

2018 Dolphin Reef

2018 Annihilation

2018 Vox Lux

2017 The Death and Life of John F. Donovan

2017 Song to Song

2016 Jackie

2016 Planetarium

2016 Weightless

2016 Pride and Prejudice and Jane Hammond

2016 Jane Got a Gun

2015 A Tale of Love and Darkness (directora)

2015 Weightless

2015 Jane Got a Gun

2015 Knight of Cups

2013 Thor 2:The Dark World

2011 Thor

2011 Your Highnessn

2011 No Strings Attached

2010 Black Swan

2010 Hesher

2009 Brothers

2009 Love and Other Impossible Pursuits

2009 New York, I Love You

2008 The Other Boleyn Girl

2007 Mr. Magorium y su tienda mágica

2006 Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium

2006 V for Vendetta

2006 Goya’s Ghosts

2005 Star Wars: Episode III

2004 Closer

2003 Cold Mountain

2003 Garden State

2002 Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones

2000 Where the Heart Is

1999 Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

1999 Anywhere But Here

1996 Beautiful Girls

1996 Mars Attacks!

1996 Everyone Says I Love You

1995 Heat

1994 The Professional

Natalie Portman Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth magazine, she not only has great talent, but she also has a great fortune. and she is one of the highest paid actresses in recent years and adds around 90 million dollars in her net worth.

Despite having a good fortune, in 2015 it was revealed that his income would be lower than that of other actors. That year, Sony files showing the salary of many Hollywood stars were hacked and leaked.

Having so much money, the ideal is to invest it. That is why she decided to create a women’s soccer club in the United States, seeing it as an opportunity to generate income and above all to make an impact in the community.

Natalie Portman Couples And Sons

She was related to actors Lukas Haas , Gael García Bernal and Liron Levo , model Nathan Bogle , and singer Devendra Banhart . 

In December 2010 it is announced that she  engaged to  Benjamin Millepied , whom she met while filming Black Swan. They were parents on June 14, 2011 to Aleph,  and to Amalia on February 22, 2017.  

They decided to say yes I do and celebrated their wedding in absolute privacy on August 4, 2012 in a Jewish ceremony in a private residence near from Big Sur, Calif.

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